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Author: Anika Bodden

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grab your favourite face mask, a glass of water or wine and listen to me chat about everything and anything under the sun.

Anika is an esthetician, content creator and social media influencer on Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube...

35 Episodes
In this episode we are discussing probably the spiciest topic...Anika has not yet had a boyfriend at 28 which seems to be a shock to some people who asks...Lots of friends are in long term relationships, getting engaged, married and a lot of us are out here barely getting a freaking text back.It is funny what are considered ~ red flags ~ , having a ritual to meet your soul mate and a little bit in - really hoping Momma B doesn't listen to this podcast episode
In this episode we do some deep dive reflections....The giggles should really be the new introduction to the podcast but alas not every episode is sunshine, rainbows and fun.Reflecting on personal growth within the last 2 years, how much better situations have been handled, taking accountability on why things didn't work out and ownership of the problems.
In this episode we are really exposing some major crimes committed which are all things skincare related....Who allowed the chokehold of a "miracle toner", Aztec Healing Clay Mask, purchasing and using way too many actives and not an ounce of sunscreen in sightLearn from the past mistakes that all things DIY and quick fixes are a terrible idea if you are someone who is getting into skincare - consult an esthetician and dermatologist.
In this episode we are delirious and discussing the times before...Memorizing the bus schedule in highschool instead of your school work is a different kind of times... Remembering how resourceful being a teenager in a smaller town was which was pretty damn good.Missing Zellers, sneaking in snacks and drinks into the movie theatre because you were not allowed to.
In this episode we are exposing a lot mainly due to lack of sleep....Moving out of the country? temporarilyPre-pre-pre packing? yesShould more episodes be recorded upon being sleepy and delirious? We think so..
In this episode we take things back well over a decade...Recalling a time as a girl, coming of age and learning how to do makeup (going to be fully exposing so many cringey things), the era of beauty gurus on youtube, becoming a makeup artist and some very very ~ between the lines of dreams ~Welcome to a truly wild season ahead
In this episode we really get spiritual about some things you may never have never even thought about or crossed your mind...Anika's experience with crystals, tattoos, the universe and signs of things happening before they do and what does it really mean.This was probably a fav episode to record other than giggle fits and the sole reason why the podcast exists.
In this episode we have our first special guest of the new season and year...MOMMA B is back! Everyone seems to love the energy between us so you knew we had to bring it back and start off everything with a bang, high & all of that.Discussing all things about aging gracefully, skin secrets, water boarding and far too many giggles that you will definitely end up giggling too.We out here and look out for the first trips (yes multiple) in January
In this episode we have made it to season 2...A recap of everything with the cats year, what is in store for the podcast, changes that are being made and why you won't see the wins and failures from last year.Thank you so much for sticking around the poddy and we got this
In this episode which happens to be a BONUS...We discuss because let's be honest the podcast episodes sort of feel like a discussion between friends on where the heck the holiday spirit went to, what time do these really get recorded at and of course singing because what else do we expect!Thank you for the listens, shares, support and look out for 2023 wrapped episode too!
In this episode we are wrapping up the year by preparing for the Holidays..The cats are currently pawing at me so I'll keep things sweet and to the point - listen to some Parang because it will change your life and give you a taste of the caribbean.Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from all of us at Beyond Sheet Faced
In this episode we are covering some wild topics..I went on bestie date downtown, it is my brothers birthday and I am pretty sure some tea is spilled because what is a good episode without it.You can find more updates on the podcast via Instagram ⁠
In this episode we spill some teaaaaa...A recap of last weeks episode because it was an emotional rollercoaster, intentions for the next little while when it comes to travelling and a brief heavy on the BRIEF dating wrapped of what happened.I appreciate all of you tuned into the podcast because WE are doing the damn things!Do not forget to check out the December Giveaway ;)
In this episode we (aka I) am going through a friendship breakup & complicated dangerous waters...I'll be honest this is definitely an episode I recorded a few times since I kept crying and didn't want to be so vulnerable talking about what happened.We talk about all things closure (since Beau was here for this and even typed some of the title however I had to delete since it didn't make sense)Where you can find us?Instagram - ⁠⁠Anika's Instagram - ⁠
In this episode we went through it so lettuce all say a moment of thanks for troubleshooting, Brianne for telling me there was no audio and patience for reflecting on how things normally go.We survived November.
In this episode we have an incredible special guest who is hopefully someone you have watched or come across on social media round of applause forSAMANTHAAA!!!!We chat about being your own aesthetic, money being a contributing factor to success, some of our fav holy grail red lipsticks and how cruel keyboard warriors can be!Where you can find us?Samantha's Instagram ⁠⁠Samantha's Tik Tok⁠⁠Samantha's YouTube⁠⁠Anika's Instagram⁠⁠Anika's Tik Tok⁠⁠Podcast Instagram⁠⁠Thanks so much for listening and look out for part 2 dropping on Friday
In this episode we have our special guest on to discuss all things relationships, sex, hookup culture, putting out and more...A huge thank you to Bridgette for coming on the podcast, being vulnerable and really keeping it real for all of us listening in on this.Don't forget to check out some of the video footage (alas the camera died part way through) and hopefully more episodes in the future.For anymore information you can check out the podcasts instagram ⁠⁠Anika's socials - ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Bridgette's socials:⁠⁠⁠⁠
In this episode we have a super exciting guest joining the podcast with Bridgette Vong!It was super exciting to chat all things content creation, how to get started, tips and tricks, failure, what success looks like, how to work with brands...(*queue drumroll* because there is now VIDEO FOOTAGE from these coming so I'll be sure to link this over on Instagram and plug the youtube channel as well)Don't forget we now have a special instagram for the podcast so follow there for any updates about guests, giveaways, new episodes and more here:⁠⁠Anika's socials:⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Bridgette's socials:⁠⁠⁠
In this episode it's a mix of randomness and the background chatting of everyone's fav Momma B....Won't lie this whole episode was centred around my brothers 40 minute showers, wondering what takes some straight cis men so long in the bathroom whenever many of them do not have long hair and the best part of my day is my long bougie shower routineCannot wait to have MVM on because getting a male opinion is always an interesting perspective to haveDon't forget to follow our instagram -
In this episode I talk about some of the wins and exciting things about...It's been a really busy month but that doesn't mean the grind or work hasn't been put in so let's chat about what has been accomplished and the plans for the future.Dedicating this episode to Ty Bodden, Beau Skipper Bodden & Stella Bella Bodden because they are my biggest motivators and cheerleaders