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In this second episode of the "Why" series, we take a look at some more important "why" questions and dive into discussion about the importance of growth in a company and why now is the perfect time to start your journey as a business owner.
Join us for this 3-part series as we unravel the concept of "Why." We've touched on the importance of "why" in past episodes, but now we're here to dig deeper into what that entails. Why do you do what you do? What drives your motives? It's the exploration of these fundamental questions that lays the groundwork for understanding the driving force behind your actions. You have to have a good why to have the willpower to do what you want to do.
Join us for an engaging Q&A session in our latest podcast episode, where Matt and Jason sit down with Ren - MDS Director of Operations and HR - and delve into discussions on leadership, passion, and the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.
Join our hosts, Matt and Jason, as they discuss the core driving forces that played a role in propelling them and their companies to success.
Matt and Jason take you through the genesis of their business ventures. In this episode we dive into the crucial foundations for their achievements, and what the future looks like for them in their respective stages of business ownership. Discover the entrepreneurial journeys, learn from the foundational insights, and get ready to be motivated by their stories of determination, innovation, and growth.
 Introducing "The Foundation is Everything" podcast, where we dive deep into the core principles of success in business and in life. Join us for inspiring insights, thought provoking interviews, and strategies that build lasting legacies. Stay tuned for our first episode!
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