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Author: Erin and Max

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A podcast about prairie rap. Including those outside the Canadian prairies that are connected to this scene. 
9 Episodes
Send us a Text Message.We talk to Kitz regarding his recent projects. Including discussing his newest album with Rob Crooks. Kitz lets us know he is excited that he took second place in the most recent beat battle. We discuss the Kingston, Ontario rap scene briefly. We also go off topic and discuss when he attended a show from the legendary Mike Laad outside Paris.
Send us a Text Message.We deep dive into the Mycelium Culture album "Microdose". This is an outstanding one producer album (7th Galaxy) available on cd or bandcamp files via El Gran E records. Staplemouth really opens up on this one. From Plague Language to the present. A true legend and one of the best mc's to ever do it.
Send us a Text Message.Maki is a producer from Kamloops British Columbia. In the early 2000s he was a producer for Clothes Horse Records. He worked on early Epic albums such as Local Only and Aging is what friends do together. He was also the producer for the Epic and Nomad album. After the Clothes Horse Era, he joined Endemik Music and began producing for Soso as well as making instrumental projects. He has continued this in recent years as he has continued with instrumental projects as well...
Send us a Text Message.This episode we deep dive into the new Inky and Emotionz album flow states. Emotionz discusses his travel to Kurdistan, Monday Night Live (historic Vancouver rap night(, a book his working on as well as the legendary Fourth World Occupant tours of 23 years ago. Inky talks about early inspiration from working a day job with members of the Sweatshop union, his first performances and past projects. The best discussion however is reserved for the making of this amazing albu...
Send us a Text Message.In part 3 of our discussion with Thomas Quinlan we touch on Conspiracy of Supreme Being Unit. RIP to Conspiracy (Khari Stewart). Thomas discusses the recent collaboration between Conspiracy and Primordial MC prior to his death. Thomas also discusses the Irish Hand'Solo rapper Mickey O Brien. We also finish off our talk with the "Aging is what friends do together" album. Please support the Hand'solo records bandcamp in 2024.
Send us a Text Message.A chat with Label head of Audiorecon (and the End shoppe) ID Obelus. We approach this interview on two fronts. We discuss his music career, including the early years. We touch on the 2002 scribble Jam in Cincinnati. We also discuss various entities he has owned/managed, including the highly influential Audiorecon. Please support the Audiorecon bandcamp.
Send us a Text Message.Episode 3 is part 2 of our Thomas Quinlan interview. We talk more about the Halifax rap scene. Thomas recommends the Dirty Sample record "Joshua's Dreamixes". We also chat about putting out cassettes and discuss an album that the host put out "Aging is what friends do Together". The episode ends with a certified banger. The new Ol'Gorilla Bones single "Red Rum".
Send us a Text Message.In episode #2 we travel to Toronto, Ontario (Via Zoom), to talk with rap community organizer Thomas Quinlan (Hand Solo Records). We discuss the early years of the label with TQ. Including the Basement of Badmen series. We discuss the classic mid-nineties split vinyl with Sixtoo and Moka Only and then touch on Tachichi, The Wordburglar and more. This is part 1 of the discussion with part 2 forthcoming.
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