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Severance - The Lorehounds & Properly Howard
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Severance - The Lorehounds & Properly Howard

Author: The Lorehounds & Properly Howard

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Properly Howard's Steve and Anthony recap Season One of the Apple TV+ Sci-fi series, Severance.

Then, David and John from The Lorehounds will join Properly Howard to break down Season 2.

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11 Episodes
Steve and Anthony cover the final episode of what could be the best first season in recent memory.
The one with the waffle party.
What's the difference between a gala and a soiree? Do actors barf their own barf? Steve and Anthony talk about these important topics and more!
Anthony and Steve discuss the most arresting reveal so far in the season for Dylan.Check out and consider becoming a Patreon member!
Steve and Anthony discuss the weirdest episode of the weirdest show.
Steve and Anthony discuss their most recent trip to NYC and why Anthony can't be horizontal with another man. Then they discuss Anthony's favorite episode of Severance.
David talks with Elysia about the new Hugh Howie TV adaptation, Beacon 23 airing on MGM+ starting November 12, 2023. Elysia sets up the premise for the book and talks about her coverage plans on the Wool-Shift-Dust podcast feed. Watch the official trailer here: Beacon 23 on MGM+ Subscribe to the Wool-Shift-Dust feed here Wool-Shift-Dust Find all of the Lorehounds Affiliate podcasts here: Join the discussion on discord: The Lorehounds Server Discord
Steve and Anthony discuss museums and muscle shows alongside episode 3 of Severance.CHECK IT OUT:
Steve and Anthony discuss work incentives, office-place personalities, and melons.Please visit to discover other quality podcasts.
Anthony and Steve begin their rewatch Severance (Apple TV+).Check out our friends at
Steve and Anthony from Properly Howard and David and John from The Lorehounds announce their joint venture to cover Severance on Apple TV+. Contact Us Questions, comments and/or theories? Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you on the next episode. Find us on Twitter @thelorehounds, on YouTube at, or join us for further discussion of all things Severance over on our Discord Server Listen to Steve and Anthony's Podcast*1dljs6b*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE2OTM4Mjk2MjkuQ2owS0NRandnTmFuQmhEVUFSSXNBQWVJY0F1dHV4UnVrQUxVSWVoRE84eE5BMHV4TUFOU1Y4QzNyclpibWZMaFVOd0pUM3gyakwwTG1SMGFBa2tKRUFMd193Y0I.*_gcl_au*MjEwNzgxMTI2Ni4xNjkzNDg0NTEz*_ga*ODA0OTA0OTE5LjE2OTM0ODQ1MTM.*_ga_KVZ47LYJWW*MTY5NzQ2MTUxNi41LjEuMTY5NzQ2Mjc5MC4wLjAuMA.. Listen to David and John's Podcast Listen to Elysia's Podcast*i3ab95*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE2OTM4Mjk2MjkuQ2owS0NRandnTmFuQmhEVUFSSXNBQWVJY0F1dHV4UnVrQUxVSWVoRE84eE5BMHV4TUFOU1Y4QzNyclpibWZMaFVOd0pUM3gyakwwTG1SMGFBa2tKRUFMd193Y0I.*_gcl_au*MjEwNzgxMTI2Ni4xNjkzNDg0NTEz*_ga*ODA0OTA0OTE5LjE2OTM0ODQ1MTM.*_ga_KVZ47LYJWW*MTY5NzQ2MTUxNi41LjEuMTY5NzQ2Mjc5MC4wLjAuMA.. Any opinions stated are ours personally and do not reflect the opinion of or belong to any employers or other entities.