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The Relentless Success Chronicles

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Relentless Magazine is a dynamic podcast that highlight success stories and lifestyle success through entrepreneurs, business people and celebrities that are featured three times a year in our spring, summer and winter issues of the magazine. 

This includes fashion, marine, automotive, business, space travel, luxury destinations, glamorous events, the arts, beauty and giving back. Hosted by Louise Prieto
5 Episodes
A Meningitis survivor to motorsport manager, Ludovic chats with us about how he views success and how he kept going in the dark moments of his life.  Get in touch with Ludovic here:  ⁠⁠ Upcoming highlights to look forward to this year is kicking off F1 in French schools for the 2024 season starting in February, plus much more that would be revealed soon! 
Raquel Reno is a bubbly, talented, and ambitious singer/songwriter, recently returning from Nashville and Monte Carlo performing to some of the world's most influential people. Raquel joins Louise on the Relentless Success Chronicles Podcast to chat about her career, her dreams of becoming a singer from a young age and what success means to her, and plans for the future, including an exciting performance coming up in central London! Instagram: @raquelrenomusic TikTok: @raquelrenomusic  Raquel Reno @pizzaexpresslive January 13th 2024 in London, buy tickets here:
James loves nothing better than a morning coffee, and joins Louise for a chat and laughs in the Relentless Success Chronicles Podcast. With over 25 years in corporate life, in magazine and book publishing, and marketing compliance and regulation in financial services, James began his journey as a business owner in 2014. Navigating the ups and downs and challenges along the way with a relentless drive to succeed, sometimes in the face of huge adversity, facing the naysayers and experiencing incredible moments along the way!  
Today we discuss the ins and out of success in the health and wellness industry with massage therapist and business owner Amy-Elle. She tells us about purpose that started almost 20 years ago to help people to live their longest, healthiest happiest life, free from pain & health limitations and that every single time she achieves to fix, heal, or help someone’s body & wellness she feels a sense of success. If you wish to get in touch with her for business opportunities or a beautiful massage in the London area here are her details: Instagram: amy_elle_global Facebook: Amy-Elle  LinkedIn: Amy-Elle Robinson   
In this episode we learn more about the Relentless Success founder James Philips and his vision on success.
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