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The Jack of Hearts Podcast

Author: April Sauntry-James

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When Stillwater, Minnesota's brightest and best, Jack Anderson, disappeared on August 31, 1991, the entire town went into shock. Over thirty years later, the woman closest to him has opened up to tell the story of Jack's life, his love, his friends...and his enemies. Get a first-hand look at the brilliant young man whose eight-year disappearance stumped a town determined to find him -- and left a woman heartbroken. A fiction podcast series, told by April Sauntry-James.
2 Episodes
After a carefree summer palling around with her two BFF's, our beloved young bookworm, Kira Loomis, walks right into her future beau...a meet-cute that will change all their lives. --- Send in a voice message:
In the hope of finally getting the answers she seeks, the former homecoming queen shares memories of her first love -- Stillwater, Minnesota's town darling, Jack Anderson, a brilliant high school athlete who mysteriously disappeared in 1991. --- Send in a voice message:
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