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Author: Nocturne Hall

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An original full-cast audio drama by Nocturne Hall. WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF CRIME. 1936. Torsten Somersby is a private investigator with a deep knowledge of the occult and a dubious reputation because of the strange cases his expertise attracts. When a handsome tobacco heir dies mysteriously, Torsten agrees to assist Nigel Clemmons, an out-of-town insurance investigator, in uncovering the truth behind the young man’s fate. Torsten and Nigel discover the heir’s troubled past and obsession with an ancient occult conspiracy. They must navigate a dangerous landscape to thwart the plans of those responsible. Learn more at
9 Episodes
Nocturne Hall presents an original full-cast audio drama intended only for adult audiences. Dupont Investigations: The Scourge of Carthage premiers on November 21st, 2023. 
Nocturne Hall presents an original full-cast audio drama intended only for adult audiences. Dupont Investigations: The Scourge of Carthage premiers on November 21st, 2023.
Nigel Clemmons arrives in Washington to investigate the death of a tobacco baron’s son and heir, Phillip Steeples. The odd circumstances of Phillip’s demise leads him to consult and recruit a local investigator and occult expert, Torsten Somersby.
While investigating Phillip Steeple’s room at the Cairo Hotel, an unexpected visitor, Calder Evans, interrupts the investigators. They share their odd encounter with Phillip’s sister, Lilah Barr, who arrived from Manhattan to oversee the investigation from the luxury of her suite at the Mayflower Hotel.
Nigel Clemmons’s disturbing dream causes Torsten Somersby to suspect an evil force is at play. They track down a suspect, Irma Krause, whose parents owned the home where Phillip Steeples died. They find her presenting to a crowded room at the Washington Lodge of Theosophy—where Phillip was an active member.
The investigators discover why Calder Evans sought to retrieve his diary from the First World War from Phillip Steeples’ room—it contains his ghostly encounter with an ancient Christian Martyr on the battlefield.
After encountering Abe Rhodes in the lobby of the Mayflower Hotel—seeking an audience with Phillip Steeples’ sister—the investigators discover Phillip’s attempt to kick his morphine dependency and his belief in the occult as a means to accomplish sobriety.
The investigators uncover an unsettling truth behind Phillip Steeples' death. They must act quickly and decisively before Calder Evans sacrifices Irma Krause to an ancient evil lose in Washington. 
Be sure to check out these two brilliant audio dramas: Mortis Maledictum and Your Horror Show.   Devils of Dupont (moistbreezy Remix) will stream anywhere you listen to music on June 7th. Until then, enjoy this bonus episode with the whole track!    Narrator:    Hello everyone, this is Bryce Bowyn, co-creator of Dupont Investigations. Marc and I are incredibly grateful for your support as our debut season attracted over seven thousand downloads and counting. We've just begun production for our second season, and we can't wait to share it with you. The story will pick up as Dupont Investigations looks into an elusive creature preying on the innocent public from the skies. I’ve already recorded a new theme song for it, but beware. The category is vengeance.   LGBTQ themes are essential to Dupont Investigations. To celebrate pride, I’m dropping a new remix of season one's theme song, Devils of Dupont. The amazing hyperpop artist Moistbreezy transformed the song into an anthem you’ll be dancing to all summer long. The song will follow my message; you can find it wherever you stream music.   Before I go, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to our fellow showrunners of Mortis Maledictum and Your Horror Show. They have been instrumental in sharing their wisdom and cross-promoting Dupont Investigations. Mortis Maledictum features dark fantasy and cosmic horror stories. Your Horror Show is a full-cast horror anthology currently premiering its second season. You can find their links in the episode description.   Alright, it’s time to dance. This is Bryce Bowyn. And I wish everyone safe, happy, and fun pride.   Music Plays: Devils of Dupont