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Author: The Aloft Group

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If you have questions about the aviation noise in the skies above you, this podcast has answers. Noisy Skies explores the complex issues governing aviation noise now and into the future.  

Airplanes will always be part of our lives—and with it airplane noise.  Unfortunately, not all noise issues are solvable, but many can be improved.  The secret to quieter skies is moving away from classic combative relationships between parties to a collaborative effort that recognizes multiple needs can have multiple solutions.  So, who are the parties in airport noise issues?   Affected communities, airports, air operators, and both local and federal governments. In today’s environment, communicating and collaborating is how together we all achieve a better tomorrow. 

Noisy Skies is a production of The Aloft Group. With knowledge and experience in all these areas, Aloft helps communities and airports collaborate with air operators and governments to help mitigate noise, enhance safety, and embrace smart growth. Contact us at for more information. 

Noisy Skies is a periodic podcast. Subscribe or follow to be alerted about our newest episodes! Got questions? Drop us a line at

5 Episodes
Aviation noise is not just for those who live near airports. Over the past decade, many people who never had any planes flying overhead now live with airplane noise. With the coming aviation innovations like Amazon delivery drones and other technologies, the noise in our skies will only accelerate. This podcast series is a resource for the people affected by aviation noise who need to understand the complex and interconnected systems that govern our airspace and land planning.In this debut ep...
Dr. Barbara Lichman started a fight in the 1980s that changed her life's work, and ultimately helped change the aviation industry as well. This episode looks at her advocacy and work for the last 40 years, work which is still setting precedents today. Host Carolyn McCulley also talks to Airnoise founder Chris McCann in this episode, one that seeks to understand who controls aviation noise and how we got there.Noisy Skies is a periodic podcast. Subscribe or follow to be alerted about our...
Noise is not just a source of annoyance. It is also a public health crisis. Nighttime aviation noise is particularly harmful to your cardiovascular system and sleep hygiene. This episode features Dr. Mathias Basher talking about his ongoing FAA-funded research on sleep and health; Dr. Peter James discussing his just-published research on noise and cardiovascular health; and Quiet Communities founder Dr. Jamie Banks speaking about their efforts to revive the EPA Office of Noise Control and Aba...
Defining Noise

Defining Noise


The FAA is currently reviewing its civil aviation noise policy and this episode explains why that's happening, how to define noise metrics, and why it matters to you. Noisy Skies is a periodic podcast. Subscribe or follow on your favorite podcast app to be alerted about our newest episodes! Got questions or comments? Drop us a line at We'd love to hear your feedback.This episode was written and edited by Carolyn McCulley.Music by Cast of Characters, Cody Martin, and ...
Colorado's Centennial Airport is the nation's busiest general aviation airport--and the 18th-busiest airport of any kind in the nation. Which means that as both the airport and the area around it has grown over the years, aviation noise has become a bigger problem. In this episode, we talk to members of the Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable to learn more about best practices they've learned over the years to collaborate successfully with the airport and the FAA. Noisy Skies i...
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