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Click Therapy for Dogs (and the people who love them)
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Click Therapy for Dogs (and the people who love them)

Author: Vivian Zottola, MSc

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Welcome to Click Therapy for Dogs (and the people who love them).  

In this podcast,  I’ll be sharing information and practical solutions to common and sometimes complex problems related to pet dog companionship, all backed by science, professional knowledge and experience. 

Hi, I’m Vivian Zottola, an applied anthrozoologist, dog psychologist, and canine behavior modification trainer specializing in preventing and resolving behavior problems between people and pet companions. People hire me for various reasons, from providing behavior evaluations and puppy training to improving separation anxiety and reducing the risk of a bite to toddler, family member,  and other dogs.  

Expect to learn a range of dog-centric topics from animal welfare and ethics, the psychology of human-animal relations, best practices for clear communication and management, and mindful, kind, and humane training tips. 

Thanks for listening, subscribing and sharing what you learn with others, including your pet companion, who … might love you even more for it! 

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10 Episodes
K9Aromatherapy Part1

K9Aromatherapy Part1


In this episode I aim to capture the spirit of new beginnings and past reflections. I discuss embarking on changing pet companion behavior first by taking inventory on the time we have in our personal and professional lives. Learning new communication and management skills to support and improve our relationship with our pet companions requires our attention and commitment. When introducing clear communication systems with our pet companions, some unwanted behaviors may tease out fairly...
Rescue Dog Considerations

Rescue Dog Considerations


In this episode I discuss Rescue Dogs answering listener questions about what the term “rescue dog” really means, how dogs become orphaned and how they enter the “foster care and rescue system”. I provide some new information about the reality of the “honeymoon period” and share personal ethical dilemmas some of which have shaken my core. Last I share a list of considerations any potential guardian ought make prior to acquiring a pet dog companion and particularly those with an unknown ...
This episode covers various stages of a dog's life and corresponding physical and psychological changes that come with each stage. The conversation aims to provide insight, prepare you to help your dog through difficult times, to manage behavior, and plan fundamental training for your furry friend. When your dog displays sudden or concerning behavior at any stage of their life, or if any changes continue without resolution, please contact your veterinarian first for guidance. Thanks for...
Hi friends in this episode we discuss kids and dogs and reducing the risk of accidental bitesa history of the relationship changes between people and dogs that fostered family unit changes. studies in favor of relations between dogs and the alarm from pediatric community to provide more education to help reduce risk of bites. the grim reality of bites statistics in the U.S.I provided a learning framework if you live with children and dogsWe also covered challenges many f...
In this episode I cover the concept of Umwelt the notion that we perceive the world through our own limited senses. The term was first coined by German Ethnologist Jakob von Uexkull in his book published in 1934 entitled Foray Into Other Worlds of Animals and Humans. I also cover Ed Young's book An immense World, how animal senses reveal the hidden realms around us. Through an descriptive exercise we explore and imagine what it must like to be another animal and quickly recognize ...
Dog Dog Engagements

Dog Dog Engagements


In this episode we cover best practices for dog dog interactions taking into consideration best way to set up the engagement from the dogs point of view. The best we can do is try to set up the first “meeting date” so its a success starting with smell first. I’ll walk you through how to prepare for a meet up and steps during the meet up. While we cannot control how the dogs will feel about each other we can work on some positive associations before they even meet! If you enjoy thi...
In this episode I answer a listeners question about their dogs finicky eating behaviors and provide suggestions on how to improve the behavior. Check with your veterinarian first to ensure there is no underlying medical problem before changing anything including your routine. I’m a fan of feeding our pet companions high quality food ingredients that are gently cooked, or dehydrated. If you enjoyed this episode please share with others and if you have questions let me know. My email is vivian@...
Pet Loss And Grieving

Pet Loss And Grieving


As pet guardians, one of the most challenging experiences to live through is the loss and grief of our beloved companions. Death is a part of the natural life cycle of all living beings. Yet, when we acquire a pet, we intentionally, or not, sweep the notion of pet loss right under the rug facing it only and unless necessary. In this podcast we discuss pet loss, the steps of grieving and pet loss counseling which differs from other therapies. If you’ve enjoyed this episode please share a...
Today’s topic is on Navigating The Pet Dog Professional Roles. Who do you seek for help when you notice your dog’s behavior suddenly changes for the worse? Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between dog trainers, behavior consultants and behaviorists? Does it really matter what type of trainer you hire to teach you and your dog? In this podcast we’ll cover these topics and more. I’m hopeful the information provided will help answer some of these questions and more. Acoust...