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Author: William Lane Craig

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Reasonable Faith is a conversational program dealing with the most important apologetic questions of our day.
300 Episodes
Former atheist and Ex-Muslim Aayan Kirsi Ali discusses her new-found faith in Christ with Richard Dawkins.
Dr. Craig discusses the history of this fascinating question and draws some conclusions.
Dr. Craig reflects on the legacy and views of atheist philosopher Daniel Dennett.
Dr. Craig comments on the media uproar surrounding the football player's speech.
Do numbers exist? Dr. Craig explores a variety of questions he's received on mathematics and numbers.
Questions About Molinism

Questions About Molinism


Dr. Craig fields questions related to his study of Molinism.
Answers to questions on personal causation, God and time, and Dr Craig's current study on the nature of Christ.
Dr. Craig takes questions on the necessity of evangelism, how God sustains everything into existence, and how sins were atoned for by Christ before his crucifixion.
Questions from listeners about visions in the Bible, the origin of sin, and whether Young Earth Creationism is an embarrassment.
Fantasy of the Gaps

Fantasy of the Gaps


Secularists often have their own version of the "God of the Gaps".
Dr. Craig reviews an article by William Dembski on the relationship between Scientific Materialism and Woke ideology.
Dr. Craig interacts with excerpts from Dr. Craig Keener's massive book on the historical reliability of the Gospels.
What questions are people all over the world Googling about God and Christianity?
Why would God create someone whom he knows will reject him? Will we be bored in heaven if everything is perfect? These and other questions are discussed by Dr. Craig.
Dr. Craig continues commentary on a conversation between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Sean Carroll which includes the existence of God.
Dr. Craig interacts with a dialogue between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Sean Carroll on the history of physics, quantum mechanics, and the arrow of time.
The Blackwell Companion To Natural Theology is reviewed by a Lutheran commentator.
Popular atheist spokesperson Sam Harris is very troubled by what he sees in current society.
Richard Dawkins talks about Dr. Craig in the conclusion of this series.
A recent interview with Richard Dawkins which includes Ayaan Kirsi Ali and evolutionary theory.
Comments (26)

Robert Lee

imagine a minnow criticizing a great white pretending that it knows what the whales of academia are doing and thinking.

Nov 1st

Scott Anderson

Lol, I can not believe Mr. Craig himself believes in a billion some year old earth!! If he has seriously been dooped by the masons and isn't one himself, then ...well either would be a surprise and a sad one. Yes ok, Mr. Craig, you seriously don't know why and when the word "Dinosaur" came into our vocabulary??? Yes sir! Trust the masonic science. Next, you're going to tell us NASA is legit!

Aug 2nd

BJ Murrey

wow Craig missed all the marks on this one! stay in your lane dude! lol literally every point was wrong

Mar 14th

Edison Magararu

I des s

Jan 10th

Edison Magararu

I des s

Jan 10th

Marcel Werner

worst Podcast of RF I have heard so far!! What about all the political racism of Trump and the republicans? Trump ist the worst testimony of american christianity, which can be imagined...

Jun 2nd

Jerry Hannasch

if you don't believe God created the universe in six literal days but you still believe in God, then you are not worshipping the god of the Bible. You are worshipping a puny God that doesn't have the power to do so.

Nov 25th
Reply (5)


sad to see people supposedly "evangelical Christians" promoting lies and gossip. pretending to be fair minded, and speaking for christ, when really promoting their rich old boy network and their culture of greed and racism.. you bring shame to the name of Christ and His Church.

Jul 10th
Reply (1)

Jon Morrissette

it makes a difference, don't despair

May 20th

Adam Perry

Amen, Thank You William

Apr 29th

Jonathan Rhodes

I just finished listening to the transgender discussion podcast. It is weird how they are basing some of their theological views on right-wing pop-psychologist Jordan Peterson's thoughts and our man made, but not god made, bill of rights. This discussion is more about American law and politics and not biblical scripture. It's like they forget there are other places in the world that is not the US and forget that the US law is not the end all be all law for how things can be run or how people should live, nor should it be used as part of a authoritative reference in a spiritual and faith based discussion. They also fall for trap of the paradox of equality thinking their free speech is being taken away if they are for discrimination against transgender people but society tells them not to discriminate against others. As in, how dare society tell them to treat people equally in a business setting? Oh the horror... At the end they start going on about how important supreme court justice pi

Mar 13th
Reply (1)

Lester Long

Amazing thinker and debater. Worth your time.

Feb 14th

James Rijken

that intro song though

Jan 30th

Lester Long

one of the greatest minds around

Aug 19th

Kevin D. Alvarado

Thank you for your incredible work Dr. Craig! I'm now a strong believer in Santa 🎅

Feb 21st

Steve Harris

Mythology. Supernatural nonsense. Why are you people so gullible?

Feb 14th
Reply (3)