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“You don’t win the battle by fighting the enemy. You win the battle of your mind by absorbing and embracing the truth of God.Today’s guest is Louie Giglio - Pastor of Passion City Church, and Founder of the Passion movement. Every time I get to talk to him, it is a big circle moment for me. Louie's ministry is a huge part of my story of how I encountered Jesus. His ministry has changed so many lives over the years, and in this episode we get the honor to hear about Louie’s story and what his first “Encounter” with Jesus was like.We also talk about the importance of telling yourself what is true in your life as a follower of Christ, parenting, and more.Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
Hey friends! On this episode of our “Encounter” series, we welcome back to the show our guest Bonnie Gray, author of “Sweet Like Jasmine”. Bonnie comes from a background of a lonely and a broken home, but God placed key people in her life that introduced her to the love of Christ and invested in her faith journey. She met Jesus in a lonely season and at a young age. Bonnie has always been drawn to reading and to stories. She encountered Jesus as she heard His story being told in a unique way at a church retreat. We also talk about the Asian-Christian community, the importance of sharing Jesus with the younger generation, and how we can meet Jesus in unusual places. I hope you enjoy this episode, and that you too are inspired by her story. Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE 
“Jesus, I want to believe you. I think that you are real, and I don't know what that means.”These are the bold and sincere words that today’s guest prayed at the very moment she encountered Jesus for the first time. As we continue with our “Encounter” series, today you will get to meet our guest Phaedra Taylor. She is kind, and a very talented artist located in Austin, TX. I could talk to her for hours. Her story is so incredible and so powerful. Phaedra was raised in a cult as a Jehovah's Witness. For years she lived an oppressed and controlled life, and that was the only way she knew how to live it. Until one day, when her life was completely falling apart, she had an encounter with Jesus. This encounter was a fruit of prayers and intentionality from Christian friends she met in college. Grab some tissues, go listen, and make sure to check out Phaedra’s work linked in this episode’s  show notes.Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
Our new series “Encounter” is all about how Jesus can change lives. Today’s guest is Pastor Joshua Broome, and his story reminds us that no one is too far gone from the Love of God. After years of pursuing different ways to find self validation, Joshua found himself deep into the adult movie industry, living a life of shame and isolation. Until one day, a complete stranger asked him a question that made him drop everything and run towards change. That question opened the door for different and new opportunities that lead him to meet a very important person (listen to find out who! Such a beautiful story!) that would point him to the freeing and redeeming love of Jesus. Joshua’s “Encounter” with Jesus turned his life around, and today he lives to share the Gospel and help others find freedom. His story is so unique and powerful, and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
“It is impossible to say that we love God without a growing awareness of loving our neighbors as we love ourselves because God first loved us.”Today’s conversation is with Pastor Derwin Gray, and we are talking about what it truly means to love your neighbor as yourself. Not just the ones who are part of our everyday lives, but also those whom we may disagree with, those who look different than us, and those whom we may not know (or may never come to know). This conversation is rich in knowledge, and filled with SCRIPTURE and PRACTICAL ways that we can love our neighbors everywhere, all around the world. There is so much opportunity to self reflect and to learn as you listen. I hope you enjoy this conversation and that it helps you to love God and your neighbors more.Be sure to check out Pastor Derwin Gray’s new book “How to Heal our Nation Divide”. His best book yet, and such a great resource for you to continue to learn, grow, and act in love in your day-to-day life.Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
Friends, today’s episode is all about loving God with our mind. Do you ever find yourself desiring to learn more about Jesus and His word but not knowing where or how to start? Do you ever read the Bible and find it overwhelming or confusing to understand? You are not alone! A lot of us feel this way.Today’s guest is Kristie Anyabwile, and she beautifully explains and helps us understand how ALL of the Bible goes together and points to ONE BIG STORY. Kristie breaks down how we can use Bible genres to help us understand what we are reading, and how to interpret it. We also talk about the importance of discipleship in the church, and how the Holy Spirit helps us understand God’s word.Kristie loves God and loves studying His Word. She recently released a book called “Literarily: How Understanding Bible Genres Transforms Bible Study”, and I highly recommend you pick it up. Check out the link below to order your copy today!Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
Do you find yourself wondering what it looks like to love God with your body? Does loving God with your body mean finding time to work out more or implementing a diet to be a certain weight? Today’s guest is Alisa Keeton. She is such a voice of encouragement to me. In this conversation, we talk about what it truly means to love God with our body and how you don’t need to do a certain number of “jumping-jacks for Jesus” to get there. Culture teaches us a lot about our bodies and the way it should look, but God’s Word teaches us how we can use our bodies to walk in freedom and in love by partnering with our community - the Body of Christ - as we share the Gospel and serve together. Alisa Keeton has a deep desire for people to love God and teaches a lifestyle of loving Him with all of our bodies. She started her personal wellness journey in 1985 and today it has become her ministry. Alisa is the founder of “Revelation Wellness”, a nonprofit ministry that uses fitness as a tool to spread the Gospel.Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
“Sometimes we lose sight of the value of actually working on the hard things”Today’s guest is “soul expert” Trina McNeilly, author of “Unclutter Your Soul: Overcoming What Overwhelms You” and founder of the popular La La Lovely blog. We will be talking about how we can love God with our Soul- your mind, your will, and your emotions. Trina shares wisdom and insight on how choosing vulnerability can be hard, but when we bring things to light, it can open the gates for us to experience healing and freedom. This topic is so important and I am so glad that we get to have real conversations like this one to remind us that we are not alone. Loving God is courageous work and we believe that you can do it!Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
It takes a lot of courage to love God with all that we have. How can we truly love Him with ALL of our heart, when our heart is occupied with so many other things that we love? Today, we are kicking off the first episode of our new five-part Summer series “Love The Lord”. This series is inspired by the passage in Luke 10:27, and we got some super fun shirts to go with it too. You are going to love them!In this episode, we are bringing back one of our favorites, Scott Sauls. He is the Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, and a dear friend of my husband and I. We talk about what it looks like to love God with all our heart in the highs and lows of life, through our emotions, and the example that the Apostle Paul sets for finding joy through disappointment. Scott’s new book “Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen” comes out on June 14th, so make sure to check it out and pre-order your copy.Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
Hey Friends! Welcome to the 500th episode party! It is the big 500. Wow! What an incredible milestone. Today, we are bringing you an amazing, surprise filled, celebratory episode. You will get to hear from some very special guests (some familiar voices, some new) as we share memories and incredible stories with you. We are throwing it all the way back to the very first episode all the way to a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT of what is to come around here. Here is to 500 more and beyond!Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
Friend of The Happy Hour, Dustin Nickerson is back and he brought his super kind wife, Melissa. This conversation is all about their story, what life has been like being married to one another, as they have learned how to best care for one another, know one another, and serve one another, all while raising kids and building a career in Stand-Up Comedy. This is one of my favorite happy hours, there are lots of laughs (Dustin is cracking jokes all the way), there are deep thoughts on raising teens during an age with so much information accessible to our kids, and such an encouraging reflection on what it looks like to have a shared goal in supporting one another in their work. Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
Summer is here, our oldest son is graduating High School tonight, and we are days away from an epic family vacation adventure!! There was no one better to sit down with me for the second Tell Me About conversation than my favorite person, Aaron Ivey. Aaron is my husband, co-creator of Ivey Media, Pastor, worship leader, and my best friend. This episode is all about SUMMER. Tell me about childhood summers, plans for summer,  sabbatical, family time,  and well, things go off the rails a bit, too. This happens anytime my husband, Aaron Ivey,  joins me, but the conversations with him are always a favorite because you get a little sneak peek of what our friendship is like. Grab your koozie, pull up a backyard chair, and let us tell you about Summer!Connect with JamieFacebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE 
“When God allows us to walk [in] these hard seasons, it gives us so much compassion.”Yes and Amen to that! I am so excited for today’s conversation with my guest, Angela Perritt. Angela Perritt is the founder and director of Love God Greatly, a nonprofit online women's Bible study ministry aimed at fighting Biblical illiteracy around the world in over 40 languages. Angela is passionate about God's Word and believes one woman in God's Word can change a family, community, and ultimately a nation. Her greatest joy is to encourage her children and others to love God greatly with their lives one day at a time.In today’s show, Angela shares about a journey of learning where she stored her treasures and realizing that God’s faithfulness didn’t stop when the Bible ended. Angela also dives into all of the wonderful resources provided by Love God Greatly and how deeply women can impact communities by engaging with scripture. I just love organizations that are committed to transforming the world through the love of Christ and power of scripture. So thankful for all that Angela and Love God greatly is doing!Connect with JamieFacebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE  
Have you ever gone through seasons where you want to believe that God is good, but your circumstances are telling you that He’s not? This conversation is for you.My guest for today’s episode is Alexandra Hoover. Alexandra is a sought-out speaker, Bible teacher, and Author of "Eyes Up" How To Trust God's Heart by Tracing His Hand. She's passionate about communicating the gospel's beauty and hope, and her words spur people on to hope and healing. Also, she serves on staff at Transformation Church with Pastor Derwin Gray!Friends, there is way too much goodness in this conversation - I truly could have spent hours talking to Alexandra. She walks us through what an ebenezer is, and the beautiful biblical story of Hannah. Alexandra also dives into how we sometimes allow our circumstances to inform the way we see God. But here’s the solution: When we sit with God, we begin to trust God. Even if we don’t see hope, we know hope is near because we know who God is. We don’t always feel or see God in the way that we want because life is so hard and foggy, but we have a beautiful invitation to sit with Him and weep with Him and be reminded of His goodness.Connect with JamieFacebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
What a word from today’s guest, Rev. Dr. Angela Williams Gorrell. Angela Gorrell is a speaker and writer about Christian spirituality, joy, meaning, and the interconnected nature of mental and spiritual health. She is Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at Baylor University and author of The Gravity of Joy: A Story of Being Lost and Found.Shortly after being hired by Yale University to study and teach the beauty of joy, Angela stepped into the hardest season of her life losing 3 people she loved within 4 weeks. She went on a journey to find out joy’s place in a suffering world, and found the answer in the most unlikely of places: While volunteering at a women’s maximum-security prison. Isn’t that so like Christ to show up in unexpected places? We talk about the suicide and addiction crisis, and how to allow joy in without betraying our grief. This is such an incredible conversation and one that I hope reminds you of the beauty of joy. Connect with JamieFacebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
9 years ago, Whitney placed her son for adoptionRaised in a Christian home, she was adopted herselfShe fell away from her faith, dated someone in college for several years, after they broke up they had one more fling and she got pregnantShe wanted her son to have all of the things that she had and more, and she did not have the skillset or resources to provide thatWe talk about how a lot of times people don’t know what to say when it comes to adoptionShe now has an open adoption and she wanted to be involved in his life to correct any potential narratives that could come up about feeling unloved or unwantedShe became a believer during her pregnancyAcknowledging all members of the triadHow to be there for people who feel deep pain on mother’s day“These people are humans and they need Christ just as much as the next person - so how can we make sure that we’re honoring them and loving them and meeting them on their level?”What important words from today’s guest, Whitney Furrh. We are wrapping up our four-part series for foster care month with this conversation from a birth mother. It is so important for us to include all members of the triad and we’re so thankful that Whitney came on to share her story with us. Whitney’s story is unique because she was adopted herself, so she has a lot of personal connections to this topic. When Whitney was 21-years-old, she became pregnant and placed her son for adoption. She wanted her son to have all of the things that she had and more, and facing the reality that she did not have the resources to provide that. We talk about how a lot of times people don’t know what to say when it comes to adoption, and how important it is to acknowledge that all adoption stories involve loss. We even chat about how to be there for people who feel deep pain on Mother’s Day. Our prayer is that this conversation can help us know better so that we do better.Connect with JamieFacebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
“I surrender and trust what I desire, and walk with the Lord in what He’s calling me to do.”What would it look like if we all lived life this way? We’re continuing our series on Foster Care with the lovely, PaToya Hall. PaToya Hall is a writer, speaker, new mom and devoted follower of Jesus. She currently lives in Waco, Texas with her daughter Adelline. PaToya shares with us what her life began to look like after choosing to say the next “yes”. PaToya is a single woman who felt a calling to open her home to children through foster care. Just a few days after becoming a certified foster parent, she received a call about a 4-day-old baby named Adelline with nowhere to go. Four hours later, that sweet baby was in her home, and just six months later, PaToya adopted her. She shares some of the challenges of single parenting and navigating the assumptions people make. Something I really appreciate about PaToya is that she did not foster because she wanted to be a parent, but rather because it was true surrender. I’m so thankful for PaToya sharing her and sweet Adelline’s story with us.Connect with JamieFacebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
“I want people to see that their identities can be rewritten no matter what they’ve done or no matter what’s been done to them.”We have another great episode for you in our Foster Care Series! Ever since I found out about today’s guest, I cannot stop learning more from her, about her, and diving into her story. Tori Hope Petersen is a lover of Jesus training to be a lover of people. She spent years growing up in the foster care system and now educates, advocates, and ministers to those in the foster care community. Her first book Fostered will be released this August, and I truly had to stop myself from quoting this book 100 times in our interview.In this episode, Tori not only shares her story with us, but provides so much hope and wisdom along the way. We talk about how trauma rolls over from generations, and how important it is to listen to the voices of children in foster care. She also dives into the hope of Christ and how even when we feel unwanted and rejected, we’ve already been adopted in the Kingdom. Today, Tori is married with 3 kids and she and her husband are certified foster parents. I am so proud of the work she is doing, and I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for us to hear stories like hers. Connect with JamieFacebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
“[Foster care] is not just about bringing a child into your home. It’s about bringing your family into another family.”I could not think of a better way to say it than Jamie Finn’s words. Friends, we are kicking off a 4-part series for National Foster Care Month and I am beyond excited to welcome Jamie Finn of Foster The Family on The Happy Hour. Jamie C. Finn is the author of Foster the Family and executive director of Foster the Family. Her social media accounts offer a glimpse into the real life of a foster parent and provide encouragement to thousands of foster parents. Jamie is passionate about encouraging and equipping foster and adoptive parents and advocating for vulnerable children and families.Y’all, Jamie shared so many truth bombs so I’m giving you a heads up right now to grab a pen and paper. We talked about hard things like the joy of loving a child and the pain of saying goodbye, repenting of sinful thoughts relating to parents of foster children, and how important it is to be trauma-informed when stepping into these broken places. Anything that involves Kingdom work will have suffering, but we have to trust what God says about suffering. Foster care is God using people to play a part in families being healed. This is important work, and I can’t wait to share the rest of these conversations with you.Connect with JamieFacebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
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Grace Cook

Love this podcast so much! Been listening for 5 years and it encourages me every time. It’s almost always the first podcast I share with people when asked for recommendations. So thankful for this space!!

Dec 27th

Beatriz Arostegui

So inspiring.

Dec 18th

Katie Elizabeth

Fantastic episode! Jamie is such a wonderful interviewer. Over the last year, the Happy Hour has become my #1 favorite podcast. If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend it.

Oct 22nd

Tesia Merz Palun

This is one of the best things I have listened to in a long time!!

Aug 25th

Julianna Lea Malnar

loom journal for parent and kid

Dec 18th
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Lisa Williams

I am very blessed by this episode and all the topics shared.

Dec 11th
Reply (1)

Wow, and if you think it's painful to go through that empty nest phase KNOWING your children haven't lost their faith, ... you can't imagine the pain of having them drift far away! It's indescribable. REAL hard episode to listen to. 1st because I didn't have the upbringing where my Mom supported me as a mentor. I didn't have to wonder what my Mom felt like when I "left" home for marriage or college. She kicked me out at 17 years old and I had to finish high school on my own. And NO, I wasn't a problem teenager in any way. She was a constantly rebellious "Christian" that lived hedonisticly, ... me being her 6th daughter and her "constant competition with woman" didn't harbor room for a loving mother- daughter relationship. So becoming a Christian myself at 18, and doing the best I could, as I knew how while raising 5 children, ... Well, long story short. Yea, .. a hard episode to listen to. But I 100% agree with what you said. I rarely of ever had women mentors in my life, but desperately needed it. Which is sad, because most of the 2/3rds later part of my life I was surrounded by Christian women. But most were so "cookie cutter" formal, they didn't feel authentic. I picked up the book "How To Pray for Your Adult Children".

Dec 3rd

Marylou Cate

jamie you talk SO fast compared to your guests that it makes me nervous. love the sharing but can your producer please slow your conversation down? It sounds manic.

Aug 29th
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Marylou Cate

jamie do you always talk do fast?

Aug 9th
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Christa Brassart

Love this episode!!

May 31st

Yvette Corona Hall

This episode was very insightful and encouraging to me. Thank you so much!

Mar 22nd

Marylou Cate

link for the online strengths test please

Feb 24th

Christa Brassart

Love, love, love this episode!! This one hits so close to home, as we are married almost 21 years and have been through more downs than ups, but by the grace of God, it is getting better every year.

Feb 23rd

Heidi Hendrickson Brons-Aasen

Best episode ever. Lisa is such an overcomer!! God is SO FAITHFUL!! Brought me to tears.

Jan 2nd

Marylou Cate

I have loved these chats. Jamie, you keep things moving and I love the book, tv and movie recommends. You rock!

Dec 27th

Mika T

I love you both! Jamie Grace has been an inspiration to me. At 38y I'm single, never married, and her insight about singleness has been encouraging! Finally someone is saying the things I've been saying for so long!!! Great podcast ❤️

Oct 19th

Abi Hiebert


Sep 28th

Lexie Rivera

just found this on recommended podcasts and I am so happy I did find this !

Sep 27th

Alicia Allen

I look forward to Jamies interviews each week! I love that her podcast are so heartfelt.

Sep 22nd


I am a long-time listener of several like-minded, WONDERFUL, podcasts (Jamie, Jessica H., Jen H., and others) and as I landed on Jamie's episode with Rachel, I almost said, "Nope, not today," but not at all because of the content. I saw the summary first... six beautiful kids... married to her highschool sweetheart... and some days, it seems like I'm the only one in the trenches, single with two intense kids, screwing up daily but trying to do better every day. I feel like I'm the only one still trying to make it to the party. But I did listen, and I WAS BLESSED. God spoke to me through Rachel and her story. I've been focusing on what I perceive to be missing instead of what I've been blessed with. In addition, this episode actually came on while I am driving to ATX for my third session of EMDR. I was so encouraged by this episode for so many ways. Thank you for popping me back into socket, ladies!! Much love ❤️

Jul 19th
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