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Hey, ya’ll! Today I’m excited to welcome Katie Davis Majors back to the Happy Hour! Katie was on episode 208 and we always have the best conversations!In today’s episode we covered some important topics including her transition to living back in the United States after living in Uganda, dealing with anxiety, and a few practical ways she stays grounded when her anxiety is in full force. Katie also shares all about Amazima Ministries, a nonprofit dedicated to providing basic needs and school attendance to the people of Uganda. Katie’s latest book Safe All Along: Trading Our Fears and Anxieties for God’s Unshakable Peace, releases on March 28th – make sure to grab a copy!I hope today’s episode reminds you that if you struggle with anxiety, you are not alone, and God is with you every step of the way! SHOW LINKS:The Happy Hour Episode 208 with KatieAmazima MinistriesSafe All Along: Trading Our Fears and Anxieties for God’s Unshakable PeaceRuthless Elimination of HurryHinds’ Feet on High Places Ivey.Media/Partner
Hey Friends! Welcome back from our little Spring Break! We missed you! Our family rested well and spent quality time together outside, around the dinner table, and in downtown Austin! I had a great conversation with author of Redeeming Your Time: 7 Biblical Principles for Being Purposeful, Present, and Wildly Productive, Jordan Raynor. This was the first book my team and I read for our Lunch & Learn in January and February, and I highlighted a ton of stuff! This book isn’t only for those in the workplace but for anybody with time to manage, so ALL OF US!Jordan Raynor is a leading voice of the face and work movement. Through his bestselling books, podcast, and devotionals, Jordan has helped missions of Christians in every country connect the gospel to their work. In addition to his writing, Jordan serves as the Executive Chairman of Threshold 360, a venture-backed tech startup which Jordan previously ran as CEO following a string of successful ventures of his own.In today’s episode, we talked about how this book is different from any other time management book published, how people can make their workplace sacred, and Jordan’s three-step method on taking control of your emails and texts! I hope this conversation is as encouraging to you as it was to me. Grab a copy of Jordan’s book and let me know which methods you’re incorporating into your life! SHOW LINKS:Redeeming Your TimeWord before WorkThe Lego StoryDopesick on Hulu
Question for you. If the enemy was going to try to take you down today, how would he do it? Today I sit down with friend, pastor, and author JP Pokluda to discuss his new book, Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want to Do?: Replace Deadly Vices with Life-Giving Virtues.JP Pokluda is the lead pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. JP became a Christian in his early twenties and has a passion to inspire young adults to radically follow Jesus and unleash them to change the world around them. In his new book, JP challenges his readers to survey their life and recognize their vices. He reminds us that as we pursue Christ and holiness, we are not striving to not do certain things, but instead we are striving to become Christ-like. In today’s honest conversation, you’ll hear how JP has overcome addiction, how we can identify the idols in our life, and how all of us can grow and change.Click here for all show linksIvey.Media/Partner
Ya’ll, grab your sweet tea or coffee or whatever it is you drink and get comfortable for a possibly very uncomfortable conversation with our guest today, KB! I am thrilled to have him on the show and discuss his new book, Dangerous Jesus: Why the Only Thing More Risky Than Getting Jesus Right is Getting Jesus Wrong.Kevin Burgess, aka KB, is a husband and father of three children. He is an award-winning rapper, winning a Dove Award for Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year in 2020. KB is also a speaker, host of the popular podcast Southside Rabbi, and author. He is a studier of the Word and in his latest book, KB challenges us to look at Christianity as being more than our traditions, perceptions, and denominations, and look more like Christ!With a published study recently revealing that with every one person who joins the church, four leave, KB and I sit down to talk about the hard topics Christianity in America is facing. We discuss topics surrounding pro-life, race, success and wealth, and what it means for Christians to be dangerous. I want to encourage all of us to enter into the challenging spaces of this conversation because I truly believe there is goodness on the other side! Click here for show linksIvey.Media/Partner 
Happy Friday ya'll! On today's episode my husband, Aaron Ivey, and I sit down on the anniversary of our book Complement: The Surprising Beauty of Choosing Together over Separate in Marriage. In all honesty, this book was written in one of the toughest seasons of our marriage. But nonetheless, we love marriage, value marriage, and have a passion to teach others how to have a healthy view of marriage! In today's episode we break down four tips to have a healthy view of marriage:Who and how you date matters to God.Don't act like you're married before you are.There is no such thing as casual sex.Your relationship should look different than the world's dating relationships.We dive into boundaries, sex, how to recognize red flags, and how contentment is key to healthy relationships. So buckle up and get ready for some real talk! Click here for show notesIvey.Media/Partner
Happy March friends! We have an amazing lineup of guests on the show this month and I'm so excited for the episodes ahead. Today I sat down with Jinger Duggar Vuolo and discussed her new book, Becoming Free Indeed: My Story of Disentangling Faith from Fear. Truthfully, when I first heard of this book, I didn't think I would be interested. After several friends encouraged me to give it a read, I was shocked! This is no "tell all", but instead Jinger does an amazing job of pointing us to Jesus as the Gospel is woven through every page! Jinger Duggar Vuolo grew up on television from the young age of ten years old. For almost 18 years she appeared on TLC's reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. Jinger has always been vocal about her faith, even as she entered into adulthood and began the terrifying process of detangling everything she had ever been taught. As Jinger watched lifelong friends leave God and christianity altogether due to church hurt and leadership abuse, Jinger felt compelled to share her story of how detangling her rigid childhood teachings actually led her to freedom in Christ. In today's episode you'll hear more about Jinger's journey, what she's still learning to let go of, and how every morning she reminds herself of how loving and gracious our God is. I hope you're encouraged by listening and remember to go grab yourself a copy of her new book!Click here for all show notes.Ivey.Media/Partner
Happy Friday, friends! Cancel your plans and head to the theater TONIGHT for the release of the movie “Jesus Revolution.” I had the opportunity to view this movie and you can trust me when I say you don’t want to miss out! As someone who didn’t have the privilege of living through the Jesus Movement during the 60s and 70s, it was an honor to hear first-hand testimony from someone at the very center of this film, and today’s guest, Cathe Laurie. Cathe Laurie was raised overseas and her family moved to California during the hippy era. In searching for something more, Cathe looked in all the wrong places; that is, until a friend introduced her to Jesus. From there, Cathe and her husband Greg courted, married, and began a church in 1974 that they still pastor to this day! Cathe and her husband have been married for almost 50 years, have three children, and multiple grandchildren. This woman has lived a full life and remains faithful in finding ways to point people to Jesus! Cathe brings an honest and refreshing perspective on Christian life and ministry. On today’s episode, you’ll hear more about her thoughts in making the “Jesus Revolution” film, her conversion to Christianity, her prayer for revival, and how no one is outside the possibility of Jesus changing their life!Click here for show notesIvey.Media/Partner
Y'all, I am THRILLED to have Beth Moore on today's episode! This will be Beth's 4th time as a guest on my show, and I swear each time gets better and better! Beth Moore was an inspiration to me as a young believer and her teachings continue to challenge and encourage me. Beth's memoir, All My Knotted-Up Life, released yesterday, and let me tell you, you want to run, not walk, to pick up your copy! Even after following Beth for decades, I learned so much about her that I never knew.Incase you're unfamiliar with Beth, she is an author, speaker, and founder of Living Proof Ministries. Her dynamic teaching and conferences take her all over the globe. She's authored several bestselling books and Bible studies and was Lifeway Christian's first official published Bible Study. Beth has been married to her husband Keith Moore for 45 years, and she's a mother of two daughters. Beth has faithfully served her local community and church for decades!As I finished Beth's memoir, tears rolled down my face. Today you'll hear how Beth knew the timing was right to author a memoir, the struggles their family has endured with mental illness, and how Beth looks back on hardships with the perspective that "surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever" (Psalm 23:6). I pray the vulnerability of today's episode encourages you. Thanks for listening!Click HERE for show notes.Ivey.Media/Partner
I am so excited to introduce ya’ll to a new podcast joining Ivey Media! This podcast is special to us as this couple went through our podcast course where we team up and support people who have a passion for podcasting. At the end of the course we chose one student to be part of Ivey Media and that leads us to Chelsea and Layton Boeve with Liberator Podcast. Chelsea and Layton currently reside in Michigan where they love their dog and are avid hikers. Layton lives and dies with Michigan football while Chelsea loves a strong black coffee! Chelsea and Layton are passionate about healthy relationships and strong marriages. Their podcast aims to bring the perspective of both men and women who have engaged with or been hurt by the use of pornography.Liberator Podcast has a goal of making people feel safe, find community through brokenness, and to equip people who have been hurt by or who struggle with pornography. Chelsea and Layton break down the science of addictive behaviors and how to find freedom. Chelsea and Layton’s goal is to help people break free from the stigma of pornography and create a new narrative of finding freedom. This podcast is for everyone and anyone. Whether you have personally been affected by pornography, or know someone who is, this podcast is a great tool to learn from and share with your friends!Click HERE for Show Links
Not too long ago a friend asked me, “Jamie, what is your assignment? What are you pouring your heart into?” and those questions changed my life. Today I sit down with that friend, the amazing Dr. Alicia Britt Chole.Alicia is a people grower who walks alongside people in the health of their soul and their nearness with Christ. She believes that reality is a friend (and denial is an enemy) of intimacy with God. She is a wife of 32 years of Dr. Barry Jay Chole and mom of Jonathan (25), Keona (19), and Louie (16), all through the miracle of adoption. Alicia is passionate about offering others a framework for processing spiritual pain as a friend of--not a failure of--intimacy with God.Buckle up for today’s episode because we dive in DEEP! We discuss how less is more, reality is our friend, the observance of Lent, and how we walk alongside the disciples in their most delusional space in their entire life. Alicia challenges us to break free from the “God if you do this, I’ll do that'' mentality and allow God to be the good Father He is.Click here for all show notes
Happy Friday friends! Today we are diving into Part 2 of my conversation with Jasmine Holmes. We've been discussing women from her book, Carved in Ebony, and learning about remarkable women who changed the lives of the people in their corner of the world. Today we cover two more women who couldn't have come from more different backgrounds. Charlotte Forten Grimke, a born-free woman from the north, and Maria Fearing, a woman from the south born into slavery, lived lives that remind us that God can use anyone in BIG ways! Jasmine L. Holmes is an educator, research assistant, and the author of Carved in Ebony and Mother to Son. She creates public history resources for teachers and lifelong learners. Jasmine and her husband Phillip live in Jackson, Mississippi with their three sons. I am so grateful for the work Jasmine is doing and the way she encourages us to remember our past. Her resources and books help us remember that God can use anyone no matter who they are, where they're from, or what their past is. Charlotte and Maria were women who faithfully followed God and made a difference with whatever they were given! I hope you enjoyed this two-part series as much as I did! If you haven't yet, make sure to go back and listen to Part 1 of this amazing conversation!Click for all the  Show Links Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram  // YouTube
Every month is a good month to learn about Black History, and in the special month of February I'm sharing with you some amazing people who have incredible resources we can learn from. Today I am SO excited to have Jasmine Holmes on The Happy Hour for the very first time! I'm so excited about it that I've actually invited her to be on TWO episodes this week!Jasmine L. Holmes is an educator, research assistant, and the author of Carved in Ebony and Mother to Son. She creates public history resources for teachers and lifelong learners. Jasmine and her husband, Phillip, live in Jackson, Mississippi, with their three sons. I am so grateful for the work Jasmine is doing and the way she encourages us to remember our past. Her resources and books help us remember that God can use anyone no matter who they are, where they're from, or what their past is. On today's episode we talk about Black history in America and two incredible women that changed the future for generations to come. Elizabeth Freeman and Frances Ellen Watkins Harper were courageous, smart, bold, and understood the dignity of people who were born in God's image. Don't forget to come back Friday for part 2 of this amazing conversation! Click for all the  Show Links Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram  // YouTube
Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Like you don’t have a seat at the table? Have you ever felt lost? If you have, this is the episode for you. Today I sit down with Ann Voskamp as we remember that we all need to sing a brave song over ourselves and our children. Ann Voskamp is a wife to The Farmer and a mother of 7 children. She is a New York Time’s Bestselling author and speaker. She has authored multiple books including One Thousand Gifts, The Greatest Gift, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, and her newest children’s book, Your Brave Song. Your Brave Song is really for all ages as we all need reminding that we are chosen not for what we do, but for who we are… for WHOSE we are!Click for all the  Show Links Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram  // YouTube
Today we’re celebrating Angie Elkins' 1 year Anniversary with The Happy Hour. For those of you who don’t know, Angie is The Happy Hour’s editor and Director of Podcast for Ivey Media. She resides in Florida with her husband and three kids where she loves studying God's Word, serving in the local church, and visiting Disney World. Angie is also the host her own podcast, Chatologie, a faith based podcast that invites guests to share how God has been present in their lives, what they are currently working on, and how their ministry is going out into the world.Today Angie sits down with singer/actress, voice of The Little Mermaid, and now author, Jodi Benson. Jodi challenges us to lay down comparisons and discover your own giftedness and passions. She shares about how one small decision changed her life forever!GO SUBSCRIBE TO CHATOLOGIE!Click for all the  Show Links Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram  // YouTube
This week we have a special episode with a fellow podcaster, Paul Hastings, who has a unique way of immersing listeners into people's life changing stories. He is the host of "Compelled", a podcast sharing stories about God transforming Christians around the world. Paul is an award-winning podcaster, filmmaker, speaker, entrepreneur, and proud husband and father.On this episode we remember the Space Shuttle Columbia crew and talk more about Compelled Episode #46 with Evelyn Husband Thompson, the wife of the shuttle Commander. Evelyn's story moved me deeply and was a great reminder that because we have hope in Jesus, there is life after tragedy.Listen to the rest of the Evelyn's StoryClick for all the  Show Links Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram  // YouTube
Tiffany Daniels is the Founder and Director of THERE{4} Teen Gathering. Tiffany has a passion to see the hearts of high school girls transformed by the gospel of grace. Since 2016, God has used THERE{4} Teen Gathering’s 11 conferences (nine in the US and two in Kigali, Rwanda) to reach tens of thousands of girls in all 50 states and upwards of 30 countries worldwide via livestream.Tiffany lives in Arlington, Texas with her husband, David, Lead Pastor of Central Bible Church. Their three grown children are spread out between Fort Worth, Seattle and Nashville and she has 2 amazing little grandkids!Tiffany is as genuine as they come. One of those people who if she says she’s praying for you, you better believe she means it! In today’s episode we talk all things raising teenagers, a few upcoming trips we have together, and how no season is waisted by God! Be ready to be challenged in taking your next best step as you listen!Click for all the  Show Links Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram  // YouTube
Collectively, we can look back on the year 2020 and remember how tough it was for everyone! But one thing I look back on with joy is how Carlos Whittaker emerged as a hopeful and steady voice online, walking us through tough conversations and being a true leader for many in what felt like a dark time. I am THRILLED to have Carlos back on the show today as we reflect on his journey over the past few years. Plus, we talk all about his new book, How to Human: Three Ways to Share Life Beyond What Distracts, Divides, and Disconnects Us.If you aren’t familiar with Carlos Whittaker, let me introduce you! Carlos is a podcaster, author, global speaker, and a follower of Jesus who desires to make people feel seen and cared for. His motto in life is, “Don’t stand on issues. Walk with people.” He lives in Nashville, Tennessee where you can find his family farming and dancing to Beyonce (seriously, Google it!). In How to Human, Carlos takes us through a three-part journey: “Be, see, and free.” BE fully who God created you to be. SEE humans around you, particularly those who feel invisible. Lastly, FREE humans through service! Through looking at the example of Jesus’ life, we can gain a fresh vision of exchanging a culture of division for real relationships. This book is for everyone and anyone who needs reminding that we can navigate hard times with grit, kindness, and a good joke or two!Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
We are THRILLED to announce today the newest member of the Ivey Media Podcasts collective, Debra Fileta, and her show Love & Relationships!Debra is a licensed professional counselor who believes that “healthy people make healthy relationships.” Love & Relationships is a hotline-style show where listeners call in with questions about dating, marriage and singleness. Debra also focuses a lot of her show on mental and emotional health so that each of us can become healthy individuals. Love & Relationships is impromptu, raw and unedited, just like a counseling session. The beauty of Debra’s podcast is that we can learn and grow through hearing other people’s growth. In today’s episode of The Happy Hour, you’ll hear a clip of Debra’s “Are you really okay?” series where she talks with Christine Caine about her journey of mental and emotional health. If you love it, also go check out similar conversations Debra has with faith leaders like Louie Giglio and Levi Lusko! Debra has her “Couples Therapy” series starting in February, and you’ll want to hang on until the end of the episode to hear about a new series of 5-minute episodes she’ll be releasing on Thursdays, too! Go subscribe to Love & Relationships, and follow Debra on Instagram! Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTube 
When Breonna Taylor was killed, her police report was virtually blank. Feeling as if she was suffocating in the initial silence and lack of public outcry, anti-racism educator and activist Faitth Brooks wondered, “Would the world care about and remember me if I was killed?”My guest today is Faitth Brooks. We don’t waste any time  jumping into why her new book, “Remember Me Now” is incredibly needed in all our lives, but is written specifically for Black women. It is a love letter celebrating and caring for the fullness of living Black Women.This love letter is celebrating and caring for the fullness of living Black Women. Faitth is honest and transparent with her experiences as a Black woman in the Christian space. She shared how often there was no celebration or care for her and how she was kept painfully silenced. I hope you will listen with a posture to learn and curiosity for celebrating the Black women in your path. Faith Brooks is a writer, speaker, social worker, activist, and co-host of the “Melanated Faith” podcast. She engages in activism to find sustainable solutions to systemicALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HEREConnect with Faitth:  InstagramListen to Faitth's podcast:  Melanated Faith PodcastBooks by FaitthRemember Me Now, A Journey Back to Myself and a Love Letter to Black Women The Anti-Racism Journal: Questions and Practices to Move Beyond Performative AllyshipWhat Faitth is Reading and WatchingLeadership on the LineWhat Matters MostListening for GodSeveranceConnect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTube
In 2020, I launched Ivey Media, the company that contains everything I do – writing, speaking, and yes, podcasting. We thought as a team, “What if we had more podcasts that we could help, supporting people as they dream about and host their shows, and find advertisers so these hosts can make podcasting their jobs?” It’s from that place that the Ivey Media Podcasts collective was created and it launched last summer! One of the shows on our network is Ministry Strong. Ministry Strong exists to strengthen and encourage ministry leaders to serve Jesus with integrity for the long haul. Ministry Strong is hosted by my friend, Lisa Whittle, who you probably know if you’ve been a long-time listener of The Happy Hour. Lisa also co-hosts our new parenting show, Launch, with me. The second half of Ministry Strong’s first season is live TODAY, and I want to play an episode for you so you can get a sense of the conversations that take place on that show between Lisa and her Season 1 co-host, Joel Muddamalle.The episode you will hear today is episode five. Lisa and Joel tackle the topic of church hurt and spiritual abuse in this episode. They talk about the importance of clearly defining these terms and how to tell the difference. As a bonus, Lisa and Joel discuss how “honor culture” and entitlement fit into the equation. Take a listen. You won’t regret it! Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE
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Grace Cook

Love this podcast so much! Been listening for 5 years and it encourages me every time. It’s almost always the first podcast I share with people when asked for recommendations. So thankful for this space!!

Dec 27th

Beatriz Arostegui

So inspiring.

Dec 18th

Katie Elizabeth

Fantastic episode! Jamie is such a wonderful interviewer. Over the last year, the Happy Hour has become my #1 favorite podcast. If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend it.

Oct 22nd

Tesia Merz Palun

This is one of the best things I have listened to in a long time!!

Aug 25th

Julianna Lea Malnar

loom journal for parent and kid

Dec 18th
Reply (1)

Lisa Williams

I am very blessed by this episode and all the topics shared.

Dec 11th
Reply (1)

Wow, and if you think it's painful to go through that empty nest phase KNOWING your children haven't lost their faith, ... you can't imagine the pain of having them drift far away! It's indescribable. REAL hard episode to listen to. 1st because I didn't have the upbringing where my Mom supported me as a mentor. I didn't have to wonder what my Mom felt like when I "left" home for marriage or college. She kicked me out at 17 years old and I had to finish high school on my own. And NO, I wasn't a problem teenager in any way. She was a constantly rebellious "Christian" that lived hedonisticly, ... me being her 6th daughter and her "constant competition with woman" didn't harbor room for a loving mother- daughter relationship. So becoming a Christian myself at 18, and doing the best I could, as I knew how while raising 5 children, ... Well, long story short. Yea, .. a hard episode to listen to. But I 100% agree with what you said. I rarely of ever had women mentors in my life, but desperately needed it. Which is sad, because most of the 2/3rds later part of my life I was surrounded by Christian women. But most were so "cookie cutter" formal, they didn't feel authentic. I picked up the book "How To Pray for Your Adult Children".

Dec 3rd

Marylou Cate

jamie you talk SO fast compared to your guests that it makes me nervous. love the sharing but can your producer please slow your conversation down? It sounds manic.

Aug 29th
Reply (1)

Marylou Cate

jamie do you always talk do fast?

Aug 9th
Reply (1)

Christa Brassart

Love this episode!!

May 31st

Yvette Corona Hall

This episode was very insightful and encouraging to me. Thank you so much!

Mar 22nd

Marylou Cate

link for the online strengths test please

Feb 24th

Christa Brassart

Love, love, love this episode!! This one hits so close to home, as we are married almost 21 years and have been through more downs than ups, but by the grace of God, it is getting better every year.

Feb 23rd

Heidi Hendrickson Brons-Aasen

Best episode ever. Lisa is such an overcomer!! God is SO FAITHFUL!! Brought me to tears.

Jan 2nd

Marylou Cate

I have loved these chats. Jamie, you keep things moving and I love the book, tv and movie recommends. You rock!

Dec 27th

Mika T

I love you both! Jamie Grace has been an inspiration to me. At 38y I'm single, never married, and her insight about singleness has been encouraging! Finally someone is saying the things I've been saying for so long!!! Great podcast ❤️

Oct 19th

Abi Hiebert


Sep 28th

Lexie Rivera

just found this on recommended podcasts and I am so happy I did find this !

Sep 27th

Alicia Allen

I look forward to Jamies interviews each week! I love that her podcast are so heartfelt.

Sep 22nd


I am a long-time listener of several like-minded, WONDERFUL, podcasts (Jamie, Jessica H., Jen H., and others) and as I landed on Jamie's episode with Rachel, I almost said, "Nope, not today," but not at all because of the content. I saw the summary first... six beautiful kids... married to her highschool sweetheart... and some days, it seems like I'm the only one in the trenches, single with two intense kids, screwing up daily but trying to do better every day. I feel like I'm the only one still trying to make it to the party. But I did listen, and I WAS BLESSED. God spoke to me through Rachel and her story. I've been focusing on what I perceive to be missing instead of what I've been blessed with. In addition, this episode actually came on while I am driving to ATX for my third session of EMDR. I was so encouraged by this episode for so many ways. Thank you for popping me back into socket, ladies!! Much love ❤️

Jul 19th
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