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Author: Kevin Kline

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After retiring from a 30-year, major market morning radio career, I'm often asked what I miss the most about the job. I miss 3 C's...camaraderie, creativity but most of all, conversation.

The Fuzzy Mic is built around creativity and conversation to develop camaraderie. The 4 focus areas are: Mental Health, True Crime, Music and Sports.

So, while The Fuzzy Mic allows me to fill some professional voids, it's my sincere hope that maybe you'll find something personally fulfilling in it too.

88 Episodes
It's good to be back!Segment 1: We find out my new most detestable phraseSegment 2: I took a new job recently. Here, you'll find out what it is.Segment 3: We debut a feature that's going to sound somewhat familiar, but, really, it's different, trust me.Interview: My former radio boss and agent, John Lenac went on to be the head of music programming for Yahoo, magazine columnist, author, guest lecturer at UCLA, teacher at Berklee School of Music and he's now at the forefront of merging music w...
Two GOATs have retired in consecutive weeks from their respective sports and we recognize both of them...Although, one of them has angered us with his announcement.Football also takes us into a controversial topic about dinner guests and we reveal our answers to the question and, it could SHOCK you!
Maybe the saddest This Week In Sports episode...EVER!The fabric of America is torn as we report not one, but two, dare we say..."deaths", of the greatest the Good Ol' US of A had to offer.Grab your tissues. You just may need them.
This Week In Sports couldn't just sit by without recapping the weekend's unbelievable NFL Playoff Action.As great as the games were, they were topped by something only I witnessed.You'll feel like you are there in this BONUS episode.
We take a look at last week's Super Wild Card WeekendI explain away what actually happened in Jacksonville on SundayI defend Bruce AriansAnd, I may lose some of you with my final topic and while you may not understand me or agree with anything I say, I'm willing to bet, and I don't gamble, that you'll be riveted.
The first This Week In Sports episode of the new year.We look at the wacky way the year has started and the definitive way we KNOW the sports world is upside down.We make our case for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.A new running world record was set last week and we put it into perspective.Another high school coach got their feelings hurt, and we look at the Antonio Brown saga.
We share some Christmas wishes from the lists of the sports world.Plus, we welcome a new holiday season sponsor to This Week In Sports.
We start off with a non-sports story that leads us into the most talked about story of the past week.Normally, we don't cover what everyone's talking about. By this time, you've likely heard everything there is to say about something dominating the news.But this time, there are angles I haven't heard anyone mention regarding this widespread story about Penn swimmer, Lia Thomas.
On the heels of the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy and JJ Watt once again doing what he does to help a community in need, we at TWIS offer up another way that JJ Watt, along with his brothers TJ and Derek could help this situation.Australian tennis player, Nick Kyrgious has a reason for his on court struggles and it could surprise you.And, Deshaun Watson has a new puppy and the name might have you scratching your head.
Athletes Say The Darndest Things!Sound clips provided via the internet through:ABC TVMe Gustan Los Deportes PodcastTalkin Yanks on TwitterShowtimeESPNThe Dan Patrick ShowGQ SportsWGN Morning NewsCBS Sports
Penalties for profanity and criminal children are in the spotlight this week.
On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, the United States Marine Corps celebrates its 246th birthday.Our guest is a member of the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame.In a 43-year career, he climbed the Marine Corps ranks, working his way up from Infantry Platoon Leader in Vietnam, through 3 wars and 5 combat tours, to Senior White House Military Aide for President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter as well as Vice Director for Strategic Plans and Policy Joint Staff at the Pentagon, in Washington, D.C. under Gen. Coli...
Tom Brady sets a new historical mark for an NFL quarterback, but how does that lead us to take jabs at Patrick Mahomes, Ben Roethlisberger and Tony Romo?We introduce you to the toughest player in Major League Baseball.Oh, and we crack on Tony Romo...a little bit more.Sound clips taken via YouTube from CBS, FOX and ESPN.
Why were lap dances the order of business in England last Sunday?We get a Ted Lasso reference and some bad Deshaun Watson puns this week.We learn how a real professional takes getting fired.And, we discuss the tragic death of a collegiate lacrosse player.
The Week In Sports:How did Deontay Wilder lose TWICE in his trilogy fight against Tyson Fury?Why couldn't the NFL come down on Jon Gruden even if he hadn't resigned?Those questions, and another reason why the world hates Americans are answered this week.
After a successful career as a journalist in Moscow, ALYA left her native Russia nearly a decade ago, for a new life in the United States. Turning to music as a vehicle for her storytelling, she chronicled her struggles and triumphs as an immigrant and evolving artist on her well-received 2019 debut album Ten Years of Solitude, and its subsequent single, "American Beauty." Now, the multi-talented singer/songwriter returns with her new single, "Pleasure Is Mine.""Pleasure Is Mine” is a steamy,...
The Week In Sports looks at the Urban Meyer video, the NWSL misconduct scandal and the start of the NHL season.
In high school, my dream job was to write for Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. I loved Dennis Miller and Norm Macdonald in the anchor chair. As time passed, I let go of that dream. When the news broke that Norm had died on September 14, 2021, I felt a hole in my heart.What does all of this have to do with today's episode? Well, as I was sitting in The Fuzzy Mic studio researching voice coaches, not actually voicing anything, I got sick of researching. I decided I wanted to do my ow...
Dylan Scott had already reached #1 with “My Girl” when this conversation happened. It was recorded during a live Up Close and Personal Performance. The songs have been removed.Listen as Dylan puts fame into perspective, as he describes how marriage gave him a level of understanding he didn’t have while dating and as he reveals who it was that kept him in Nashville when he thought about leaving.
You probably know his #1 single, “Dust On The Bottle” and his song with Kenny Chesney “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” that won a CMA Award in 2018, but do you know what other songs David Lee Murphy has written?If you know country music, then you’ve definitely heard these songs.Want to know what songs these are and who recorded them?Listen to David Lee Murphy talk about them and how he became friends with the guy who inspired him to pursue a career in music.
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