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Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our founding fathers had a great idea, but it takes a lot of work to maintain a republic…. if we can keep it. The Hardcore Patriot not only focuses on politics, but fitness, survival, and living the good life in America! Throw in a little humor and each show promises to entertain as well as educate!

Allen Ray dwells in the cornfields of Southeast Michigan. A musician, writer, speaker and businessman, Allen offers a unique perspective on life from a "flyover state". With an unapologetic commitment to the ideas of individual liberty and freedom from government overreach, Allen dedicates his years of experience and education to help restore America back to the Land of the Free, one person at a time!
122 Episodes
Oh, just listen....
From 09/10/21 live episode. Hey....listen, dangit!! :p
Biden's massive Afghanistan failure and what it means to YOU.
Episode 120 - The Science?

Episode 120 - The Science?


Oh, just listen already!
The Biden administration wants to control what they deem "facts" and what they declare "misinformation"....on this #HardcorePatriot
The Democrats are on the fast track to taking this nation down. Police are walking away, debt is spiraling, cost of living is surging, and Psaki is lying. On this HCP.
The Problem Activists Are Creating. Biden's Disastrous Summit, and More....
Fauci has been exposed. Lancet has been discredited. Is it time to get over the COVID panic and move on?
Listen and learn!
Here we go again! The Biden narrative is unravelling, the WHO is looking foolish, and the "scientists" behind the CDC's school mandates have been revealed. Listen!
When did it happen? How did it happen? Why did it happen? The Great Disconnect is real, and we will explore it on this Hardcore Patriot!Listen in!
Can the Biden Administration hide their catastrophe any longer? And who's running this clown show, anyway?Listen in!
Press conference? That was a narrative-fest. On THIS Hardcore Patriot, we tear into some of the flat-out lies and ignorance of the Biden press conference.
China is America's biggest threat. America is one of China's biggest customers. Is our current leadership strong enough to keep the peace? What would spark a war? What would a major conflict look like? All discussed on THIS #HardcorePatriot.
Co-host Anthony sits in for a discussion on "Unexpected Emergency Mindset", cancel culture, and more!
So many questions about Impeachment 2.0! The Hardcore Patriot explains the history behind what we are seeing in 2021, and WHY the D.C. establishment feels it MUST impeach Donald Trump!
Class warfare, political hypocrisy, unconstitutional government activities, COVID lies, social media blackouts....2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year.
The narrative is changing once again. Democrat leaders, their media cronies, giant tech, and big businesses have combined forces to create a new era of systematic oppression...and YOU are the target!
The title says it all!!
Merry Christmas! Listen in!
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