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The Time Traveler's Guide to NOT Getting Caught
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The Time Traveler's Guide to NOT Getting Caught

Author: The Time Traveler's Guide to NOT Getting Caught

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This is the story of how I found a time traveling watch behind a dumpster and my subsequent adventures through time as I make the world a better place...for me...and sometimes for other people as well...I mean, I have no doubt other people also benefited from the changes I made, so in some ways, it's kind of the story of how I became the greatest hero of all well as a guide for any of you who might wind up finding a time machine and becoming a time traveler.
27 Episodes
After future me got touched by Jesus in a totally appropriate way, he decided he was ready to move on with his life and start a family, which was totally great for him, but kinda sucked for me because I lost my best friend.  Losing myself made me contemplate the big questions in life, like who left the time traveling watch behind the dumpster.  And so, I set out to discover the greatest mystery of my life!
Yes, it's true, I had wild sex with a Native American who was most definitely not super old, and it was awesome!  All in all, my trip to Plymouth Plantation was a success, seeing as how I got a free meal and had some wild sex.  But after the debauchery that took place in Puritan times, future me and present me felt like we needed to cleanse our soul, and so we decided to go back and meet Jesus.
Finally, Alvie was brought to justice!  Now, I know abandoning someone back in Ancient Pompeii before a volcano wipes out the entire town might sound cruel, but you gotta remember, this guy abandoned me on the Titanic...AND, his name's Alvie!  ALVIE!!  Anyway, even though we made our nemesis pay for his betrayal and we could've just gone home to watch iCarly, me and my future self still wanted to enjoy the very first Thanksgiving meal and also, make sweet, passionate and unselfish sex to the hot pilgrim.  And so, we returned to Plymouth Plantation!
It was time.  Time for us to go back to the very first Thanksgiving and get my watch back from Alvie.  Yes I know, it meant I had to go back to colonial America AGAIN, but despite the time period sucking, I was looking forward to a great meal and Alvie's great reckoning.  Spoiler alert: I wind up getting my watch back...oh you don't like spoilers?  Then why're you even reading these synopses?
OMG, my future self who was 10 years older came back and rescued me from a miserable life being trapped in the past.  And, if I may say, I was looking quite hot in my middle age.  Me and myself wanted to do nothing more than bring Alvie to justice and reclaim my time traveling watch, but we both decided that first, we should go to a club and pick up a hot lady!
Well, I was screwed.  Not only was I stuck on the Titanic as it hit an iceberg, but I was also feeling super emasculated being held down by the two Alvies and getting my time traveling watch stolen from me.  But all was not lost.  I could still find a way to survive this whole ordeal, but in order for me to somehow get back to the present, I would first need to get on a lifeboat.  But how...
Yes it's true, I had a threesome in 1944 Los Angeles, and it was as amazing as it sounds.  It was so great that I had an immediate urge to share my story, and so I decided to meet up with my time traveling buddy and tell him all about it which meant, it was time to go on the Titanic.  This was a doozy of a trip, and yes, I'm using the word doozy now.  Do I use a lot of James Cameron Titanic references in this chapter?  Yes.  Do the James Cameron Titanic references ever get old?  No.  Do I enjoy asking myself questions in the episode synopsis?  Yes. 
Now that I was an enlightened individual, I felt like I didn't need to do any more work on myself and should instead indulge in my sexual desires.  So I brainstormed what would be the easiest time period to get laid, and that's when I realized that most of the men in the 1940s were fighting in World War II which meant there was a super high ratio of women to men back in America, so I make my way back to 1944 Los Angeles.
After taking LSD and tripping through time, I felt like I needed some more clarity in life, and so of course, I decide to go back to The Age of Enlightenment.  After looking up when and what that actually was, I wind up back in London in 1687 where I meet Sir Isaac Newton before he was a sir.  It was also the time before he had ever gotten laid, so I do what anybody in my shoes would do...I help Isaac Newton lose his virginity.
Still reeling from my breakup with the babysitter, I decided I needed to have some me time so I travel to Woodstock because, you know, that's the best place to have me time.  While there, I wind up taking some acid and having the craziest trip of all time!
After freeing the Jews in Egypt, I was feeling exhausted, but the babysitter now wanted to free the African Americans by starting The Civil War, and because I wanted to make her happy, I agreed.  While back in 1860 South Carolina, the babysitter and I start fighting and I realize that maybe she isn't the love of my life....
Truth be told, I didn't want to go back to Ancient Egypt because I'm not a fan of getting sand stuck in my shoes, but the babysitter wanted to go there, and I wanted to continue to have sex with her, so we went back to Egypt. The babysitter and I had one mission at hand: free the Jews. So I infiltrate my way into the Pharaoh's good graces and then meet Moses and the rest is history...I mean, at the time, it was my present, but later on it became history.
I had survived my first trip with the babysitter, as well as Shakespeare's gnarly poop. Our relationship was progressing and so we decided to go somewhere sexier than Elizabethan Era...and so of course we went to The Wild West. A lot of interesting stuff happens while there, and a few uninteresting things as well (but that can be expected with any trip), but the most important thing that happened was that the babysitter and I consummated our and a half times ;).
So the babysitter asks me to prove I'm a time traveler, and so I do what any guy would do in that situation...I take her back to Elizabethan Era England...whenever that was. After I Googled when it was, I took my babysitter on the adventure of a lifetime.  While in England, I met William Shakespeare, or at least, I used the bathroom right after him, and I gotta say, it wasn't the best way to meet one of the greatest writers of all time, and also, his poop smelled really bad!  
Being a hero is exhausting, and so I decided I deserved to take a little break from fixing my buddy's mistakes and do something for me.  So I went back to 2010 to try to woo my old babysitter...and when I say my old babysitter, I don't mean my babysitter's old, I mean that she was my babysitter when I was a kid...but now we were the same age, I just needed to figure out how I was going to make her fall in love with me...
I was feeling pretty good after figuring out how to convince Napoleon to march his army into Russia in the dead of winter, and even though it resulted in a whole bunch of people dying, they were all French, know. I felt like I still had enough energy to do another task on my buddy's list and so it was time for me to go back to the 1920s and end prohibition in America. You're welcome alcoholics!
I now had a mission. I would help my time traveler buddy by fixing the mistakes he made throughout time. The first place I decided to go was back to Napoleon times to stop Napoleon from taking over the world. But I had a big task ahead of me. Somehow, I had to convince Napoleon to invade Russia in the dead of winter.
I was shocked, absolutely shocked. I had discovered another time traveler, but he disappeared before I could say anything to him. I had to figure out where another time traveler would visit, and that's when I realize that any sane person with a time machine would go to Pompeii before it got destroyed, and so I ripped off my bed sheet, made myself a toga and went back to Pompeii to find my new best friend.
After impregnating a cavewoman, I felt the need to add some culture in my life by visiting The Renaissance. While in Rome, I meet three quarters of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. But meeting the famous artists comes at a terrible, terrible innocence!
I was sexually frustrated to say the least. I mean, I had been in a sex drought for way too long, and my failure in Athens was the final straw, and that's when I got a brilliant idea. I would go back in time and make love with a cavewoman. So I did. And while there, I also killed a mastodon!