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Welcome to 'Mortgage Mindset: A Series By Your Mortgage Matchmakers,' the go-to podcast for real estate professionals seeking to sharpen their skills and excel in their careers! Every week, join us for a laid-back yet professional dive into the latest in mortgage trends, from FED predictions and market analyses to personal branding and mastering complex loan scenarios. Whether you're a loan officer, realtor, or another key player in real estate, our insights on building strong client pipelines, navigating regulatory changes, and leveraging technology will empower you to stand out in this dynamic industry. Tune in for actionable strategies, expert advice, and the inside scoop on creating a successful career in the mortgage world, all delivered with a fun, approachable vibe.
15 Episodes
Don't miss this inside look with mortgage powerhouse Sherry Riano!  We'll unpack: Her "school of hard knocks" beginnings and how it shaped her success The secret to building a top-performing team from the ground up Delivering the "true partner" experience to agents and clients Lessons learned from 2+ decades navigating the mortgage world Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Sherry's story offers valuable takeaways for anyone in the real estate industry.
Join us on our latest podcast episode featuring Eric Schirmer, the Director of First Impressions at The Sherry Riano Team, whose remarkable journey from North Carolina to Alaska to Arizona and back again embodies a story of resilience and growth. A veteran who has seamlessly transitioned into the civilian workforce, Eric's role is pivotal in shaping the initial interactions between clients and our team, ensuring every first impression counts. From his roots in Fayetteville, NC, to the challenges and triumphs of building a new family while embracing continuous learning, Eric’s experiences offer invaluable insights. Whether you're interested in the dynamics of customer service, the journey of a veteran, or the blend of personal and professional development, Eric's story is sure to inspire. Tune in to discover how he navigates the diverse everyday challenges and opportunities in the mortgage industry and life beyond.
Syracuse roots, an unexpected career twist, and a knack for numbers – meet Chris Brazell,  our Director of Operations! Discover his wild journey into mortgages, how he landed on The Sherry Riano Team, and why having a data-driven brain behind the scenes is a game-changer. Buckle up for insider tips and inspiration!
Buckle up real estate pros, because Episode 12 of the Mortgage Mindset Podcast dives deep into the power of Non-QM loans! This series finale unlocks the secrets of Non-Qualified Mortgages, specifically Asset Qualifier and ITIN mortgage options.  Join hosts Hunter Boyd and Chris Brazell as they break down eligibility requirements, down payment options, and the strategies you need to help more clients achieve their homeownership dreams. This episode is your roadmap to mastering Non-QM and expanding your client base. Don't miss out!
In this must-listen episode of the Mortgage Mindset, we delve deep into the world of non-qualified mortgage (Non-QM) options with a focus on the 1099 and Profit & Loss (P&L) loan programs. Whether you're a real estate professional, a lender, or a self-employed individual navigating the mortgage landscape, this episode is tailored just for you.
Tired of seeing self-employed clients with solid businesses get turned down for mortgages?  There's a solution! Join us as we break down bank statement loans – the key to unlocking homeownership for entrepreneurs.  We'll cover eligibility, requirements, and how to make it work for your buyers. 
Attention Realtors, Loan Officers, and Investors! DSCR loans offer a unique financing option specifically designed for real estate investing, but many haven't unlocked its potential yet. This episode is your key! We'll break down everything you need to know, including: Demystifying DSCR: What it stands for and how it works. Navigating the Process: From application to approval, we guide you through the steps. Loan Limits: Understanding the financial boundaries. PITI Explained: Unpacking the acronym and its components. DSCR Guidelines: Unveiling the minimum down payment requirement. Non-Warrantable Condos & Condotels: Understanding the impact of Florida's condo crisis. Equip yourself with the knowledge to empower your clients and unlock investment opportunities!
In this eye-opening episode of the Mortgage Mindset Podcast, join Sherry Riano, Hunter Boyd, and special guest Mike Wolgin, a top realtor from Apex, NC, as they dive deep into the recent tax evaluation shockwaves through Wake County. Discover firsthand accounts of how these changes have impacted local homeowners, including our hosts and guest. Mike, known for his dynamic personality and extensive real estate expertise, sheds light on the reasons behind the tax hikes, what you can expect moving forward, and how to navigate the ever-evolving Raleigh area real estate market. Whether you're a homeowner feeling the pinch or a realtor looking for insights, this episode is packed with valuable information and personal experiences that you won't want to miss. Want the link that Mike mentioned? Where you can search for property tax information within Wake County, North Carolina? Go here: 
Dive into the world of non-QM loans with Episode 7 of the Mortgage Mindset podcast! Uncover the essentials of non-QM loans, including their history, how they operate, and who benefits from them. This episode is a treasure trove for realtors and loan officers looking to expand their client base with alternative financing options. Don't miss out on this insightful session that could open new doors for your business and your clients. Tune in to bridge the gap for unique borrowers and explore the possibilities beyond traditional mortgage solutions!
In Episode 6 of the Mortgage Mindset podcast, join Hunter and Sherry as they unpack the latest Federal Reserve update and dissect the recent jobs report. Discover why mortgage rates are on the move and the outcomes of the latest Fed meeting. This episode is a must-listen for realtors and real estate professionals looking for insights into the current financial landscape and strategies to navigate the evolving market. Tune in to stay informed and ahead in 2024!
Blast off into success with 'Mortgage Mindset: Episode 5'! Unpack 3 game-changing strategies to turbocharge your real estate business in 2024. Perfect for realtors and loan officers seeking a competitive edge, this episode is packed with insider tips and savvy tactics to skyrocket your success. Tune in, level up, and transform your approach to business with us this year!
Tune in to the latest Mortgage Mindset episode as we unpack the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting. What's in store for interest rates and the real estate market? This episode is a crucial listen for realtors and mortgage professionals, offering expert insights on potential rate changes and their implications. Stay ahead of the curve in the property market with our analysis and actionable advice. Listen now for a clear understanding of how these decisions could affect your business and clients.
Episode 3 of 'Mortgage Mindset' is here. Dig into 'Conventional Versus FHA Loans - Facts, Misconceptions, & Eligibility'. This episode is a deep dive into understanding the nuances of these key loan types. We discuss the strategic reasons for choosing each, dispel prevalent myths, and cover essential details about down payments and credit criteria. This knowledge-packed episode is designed to empower you with the expertise to guide your clients more effectively. Perfect for staying ahead in the dynamic world of real estate, tune in for insights that will enhance your professional toolkit!
Understanding the CPI Report - For Real Estate Professionals delves deep into the intricacies of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and its profound impact on the real estate industry. This episode is a must-listen for professionals eager to stay ahead in the market, offering insightful analyses and projections that are crucial for informed decision-making. We unpack the latest CPI data, explore its implications on mortgage rates, and discuss strategies to adapt to the evolving economic landscape. Tune in for an enlightening session that equips real estate experts with the knowledge to navigate market fluctuations confidently. Don't miss out on this essential industry intelligence! 
Dive into the dynamic world of mortgages with our inaugural episode of 'Mortgage Mindset!' This episode offers an insightful journey into the 2024 mortgage landscape, exploring emerging trends, rate predictions, and smart refinancing strategies. We'll also unravel how these elements interplay with the real estate market, equipping you with knowledge to navigate the year ahead with confidence. Perfect for real estate professionals and anyone interested in the mortgage industry, this episode is packed with expert analysis and tips, all without spilling the most sought-after secrets. Tune in to stay ahead in the mortgage game!
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