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Fractal Bitcoin is a daily show covering the latest news on Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, the collapse of fiat, and occasionally the Nostr protocol. Newbies and growing Bitcoin fans will learn a ton from the information, insights and education presented daily.

Hosted by fractalchris, a Bitcoiner since 2018, the show conveys more than just news — it provides a deeper understanding of the massive potential, promise and impact that Bitcoin can have in YOUR life.

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Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin’s price jumped above $59.4k but is now hovering around $57.7k. If we can get above and stay above $58.5k we should continue higher. In terms of the daily chart: bulls have work to do. Currently looks like a bearish retest of the 200-day EMA & the May lows. ~7 hours to until the daily close. #Bitcoin. POST: WTF: 🇩🇪The german government is now left with only $750M of Bitcoin after dumping 8,853 coins today! After having $3.6B of Bitcoin last week, they've now sold over 80% of their Bitcoin.🤯. The fact that Bitcoin has just absorbed $3B of sell pressure this week is MASSIVE!🚀. POST: German Government is selling. But Blackrock is buying. POST: BREAKING: The RNC Pro-#Bitcoin platform, influenced by the '#Bitcoin Rights' bill, has passed into law in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Montana, and Arkansas! 👀. POST:𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 #𝐁𝐢𝐭𝐜𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐏𝐞𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐨 𝐏𝐢𝐞𝐫. In an initiative led by Vice Mayor Lana Negrete, the Santa Monica City Council unanimously votes to pilot a Bitcoin Office, to be coordinated with Proof of Workforce. POST: Looks like it's all going to zero against #Bitcoin! 📉. POST: Block to supply Core Scientific with ~15 EH/s worth of its 3nm ASICs. Block announced an agreement to supply Core Scientific with its 3-nanometer (3nm) mining ASICs representing approximately 15 EH/s (exahashes per second) of hashrate. ARTICLE: NONSENSE: Inflation is theft. POST: Jerome Powell on US debt: "The path we're on is unsustainable.” #Bitcoin 💡. POST: Bipartisan senators propose a congressional stock trading ban. Sound money eliminates these shenanigans. #Bitcoin. POST: Swann @TheGuySwann: GM, The government isn't a system for serving the people. It's a giant PR system to sell...
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin’s price has risen to the $58k range. If we can get above and stay above $58.5k we may keep going up, or else we will cruise down to $52k probably. Germany dumping 50,000 #Bitcoin ...but the price keeps bouncing back up. 😅. POST: NEW: #Bitcoin can get to $100,000 by end of this year - Anthony Scaramucci. POST: IN; People should consider a 2-5% allocation to #Bitcoin - CNBC. POST: JUST IN: 🇦🇺 Australia approved a second #Bitcoin ETF. It starts trading on Friday. 🙌. POST: NONSENSE: JUST IN: 🇷🇺🇮🇷Russia and Iran to officially ditch US dollar for trade after connecting their national payment networks. POST:🇺🇸 2024 Republican Party Platform: ✅ Defend the right to mine #Bitcoin ✅ Defend the right to self-custody✅ Transact free from Government Surveillance & Control ✅ End unlawful Crypto crackdown  ✅ Oppose Central Bank Digital Currency creation.THIS IS HUGE! POST: ANDROID v1.0.3 RELEASED: Primal is a free and open source nostr client focused on seamless user experience. Available on Android, iOS and the web. ARTICLE: Hey my name is Lucy and I was born with a selfie on my left ear. POST: admit it! I broke a treat in half and pretended it was a whole one! POST: to Fractal Bitcoin for your daily Bitcoin news! …and share our channel with that one friend you have that would probably love quick Bitcoin news every day ;) Join our Locals community (free) —
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin’s price is still hanging around $56k. It’s been there for 3 days now. #Bitcoin bottom to top. POST: FOR THE PRICE GOING DOWN: 🚨 The German government transferred $56M in #Bitcoin to exchanges, stirring market volatility as Mt. Gox creditors receive payouts. Since June, Germany has moved $390M in #BTC, signaling a potential liquidation strategy. POST: TRANSFER: NEW: Scott Galloway says, 'The average 70-year-old is 72% wealthier than 40 years ago, while those under 40 are 24% less wealthy. Almost every major policy is a wealth transfer from young to old.’ #Bitcoin is this generation's greatest opportunity. POST: NONSENSE: BRICS Intra-bank Payment System Launched: What next? VIDEO: Winklevoss: Thank you @brian_armstrong and @coinbase for doing this. @GaryGensler has been talking out of both sides of his mouth for years. His positions on crypto have been totally inconsistent and the public deserves this transparency. POST: realizing this unbacked paper now buys me half the groceries it used to. POST: scam to enslave mankind - bankers charging interest for something created out of thin air while devaluing it at the same time. POST: Nostr sets you free. POST: PODCASTING APP INTEGRATING NOSTR: Oscar Merry: I'm looking for a few people to help beta test Fountain's new nostr integration - ideally you already use Fountain but not a strict requirement! POST: Walker: I LOLed at this. POST: animals. POST:
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin’s price wicked all the way down to $53,499 before bouncing back up to the $56k range. We could potentially test $52k or even $47k. Hang on to your hat and stay strong! Mood today. POST: Enjoying 4th of July. Bitcoiners: I can’t feel anything anymore! POST: hit 1776 sats per dollar on July 4th and people still think we’re not living in a simulation. POST: IN: #Bitcoin fell below $54,000 for the first time in 129 days. POST: is officially the deepest retrace in the cycle. Bitcoin has retraced -25.6% thus far. POST: finished Q2 above the old major resistance, successfully retesting it as support. Now in Q3, Bitcoin is dipping below the key level but this may end up as a volatile retest by the end of the Quarter. $BTC #Crypto #Bitcoin. POST: this the new trend line we are supposed to watch for #BTC? You can see we had a similar one in 2019. POST: you zoom in really closely at the bottom left, you'll see that this is officially the worst performing #Bitcoin halving cycle (so far). POST: The #bitcoin 200 week moving average has never gone down from one week to the next. NgU (number go up) still doing its thing. POST: & Greed Index. WEBSITE:’t be that person. 😂. POST: one-two punch. #Bitcoin. POST:“You don’t need to learn how to trade #Bitcoin. You need to learn how to not trade #Bitcoin.” - @knutsvanholm. POST: MAIN REASONS THE PRICE IS DROPPING: 🚨 Mt. Gox has started distributing billions in owed funds, likely causing #Bitcoin selling pressure and a 6%...
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today the price of Bitcoin fell down to $56,709 but is now hovering in the $58k range. JUST IN: Bitcoin down -9% today, liquidating $113m in leveraged positions. This is #Bitcoin's biggest single daily fall in 320 days. POST: POST: crashed. POST: is where we buy the dip… POST: when the price dips… ⚔️ 🤑 ⚔️. POST: POST: yes, German government is selling 50,000 btc (10,000 already sold), and Mt.Gox is giving 142,000 btc back to investors (some may sell) ... however I see nothing in the data that indicates structural weakness in bitcoin markets. POST: ANALYSIS: DAY: 💥🇺🇸Happy Independence Day🇺🇸💥. POST: holiday was made possible by citizens with guns. POST: 4th of July. POST: NONSENSE: They fooled you about the real story of Robin Hood. POST: changing my name to “government” so I’m not held accountable for any of my actions. POST: WEBSITES: Beautiful nostr-based websites for creators. Easy setup. Self-hostable. Just works. Pick a theme to start… WEBSITE: RELAXING...
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today’s Bitcoin price dipped below $60k briefly and is now hanging around just above $60k. SUPPORT: #Bitcoin Bull Market Support Band. POST:, is the #Bitcoin bull market still in the room with us right now? POST: The definition of insanity is selling your #bitcoin right now. POST: reaching out asking what to diversify into to see greater short term returns in this chop. Just accumulate more #Bitcoinlower your time preference. Study more. POST: AND ENERGY: THREAD — 10 images that forever changed our perceptions about Bitcoin and energy. FIRST POST: world's largest #bitcoin mining facility is being built in Texas by @RiotPlatforms. 200 MW of the 1 GW total capacity is already operational. POST: NONSENSE: When Commercial Fishermen were recently Forced to PAY the salaries & costs of having Federal Observers aboard their fishing vessels, they had ENOUGH! This young Lady explains what the Supreme Court decision overturning the "Chevron Doctrine" means for ALL Americans. POST: IN: 🇦🇷 Argentina dissolves the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity, sacking 85% of staff. There is "no room for excessive spending of the taxpayers' money.” POST: free speech has one benefit: Once you start to demand borders you then need an authority to patrol them. This moves the issue into the arena of subjectivity, which is a centralised powers dream bc THEY get to define what is and isn’t permissible. Shortly after, it is the truth that is deemed to be hate speech and prohibited. POST: you can now bet on the US Presidential Election. WEBSITE: DRIVE: Introducing Docs in Proton Drive – collaborative document editing that’s actually private. ARTICLE:
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin’s price has dropped a tiny bit into the $62k range. Patience. BULLISH: JUST IN: #Bitcoin price will still hit $150K this year - Fundstrat's Tom Lee. POST: is my favorite bitcoin metric and it tells me that I should be open to $300,000 BTC in 2025… POST: is the King 👑. POST: FORGET: Bitcoin price: $80. Today, everyone who didn't listen is up 80,000% ✨. POST:, 3rd 2009 is the World's 4th of July. POST: NONSENSE: JUST IN: 🇦🇷 Argentina's President Milei says the nation will no longer print money: We are going to the zero issuance stage....what we aim for is that the broad monetary base does not vary.” Inflation in Argentina is was 64% in the first 4 months of 2024. POST: New York Times: The first Amendment is out of control. Max Keiser @maxkeiser: No. Money printing is out of control. The people who control money printing are blaming free speech for their collapse. #Bitcoin kills fiat money & central banks. #Bitcoin guarantees free speech. POST: all the productivity gains of the last centuries are distributed to a few through government money printing. R.I.P. Europe. POST: bar: 2000 vs 2024 #shrinkflation. POST: OpenSats Announces 5th Wave of Bitcoin Grants. OpenSats, a non-profit organization that supports the development of free and open-source software and projects, has announced its 5th wave of Bitcoin grants for 10 more Bitcoin projects. ARTICLE: AND NOSTR: 🧡 #Bitcoin #Nostr 💜. POST: to Fractal Bitcoin...
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin’s price is hovering in the $63k range after this weekends rise from $60k. Are we gonna push up further or continue lower? Historically, when #Bitcoin has had a negative June, it tends to rebound strongly in July. In fact, $BTC has shown an average return of 7.98% and 9.60% during the month of July. POST: - We are here (green circle). POST: does this make you feel? #Bitcoin. POST: price of #Bitcoin on July 1st for the last three years: '22: $23,464 '23: $30,535 '24: $63,162 🤯🚀. POST: #Bitcoin. POST: of last year's summer. #Bitcoin. POST: #Bitcoin is a response to the injustices of the current centralized and dishonest economic system. POST: is the most important thing. POST: Portnoy @stoolpresidente: The only crypto anybody should be involved in is #Bitcoin. POST: JUST IN: SONY to launch #Bitcoin and crypto exchange in Japan after buying the Amber platform. Amber will be renamed as S.BLOX. POST: 38,000 #Bitcoin ATMs now installed worldwide, approaching a new all-time high! POST: public company Metaplanet buys another 200 million yen worth of Bitcoin, POST: NONSENSE: When will politicians, or at least the intern who runs their account, learn that lying on this platform doesn’t work anymore? POST:
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today’s Bitcoin price is again steady in the range between $60.5k and $62k. This is the 4th day with almost the same exact minimal price action. Patience :)BREAKING: #Bitcoin miner sell pressure is easing as $BTC withdrawals from miner-affiliated wallets have dropped 85% since the April halving. We are getting ready for Omega candle. Supply shock is getting real. Fasten your seatbelt and don’t get shaken out. POST: think they’re late to the first and only finite asset humans have discovered because it has absorbed $1.2T/$450T = 0.26% of all global store-of-value. They are in for a face melt pretty soon. #bitcoin. POST:“You gotta be patient. Markets are a game to learn patience.” #Bitcoin. POST: JUST IN: Dave Portnoy says he will put #Bitcoin on Barstool Sports balance sheet if the price dips to the 40k range 👀. It’s time in the market, not timing the market 😂. POST: Check out this #Bitcoin ATM in Dubrovnik, Croatia! Is this what a satscraper looks like? 😂. POST: IN:🇧🇴 Bolivia Central Bank lifts decade-long ban on #Bitcoin allowing banks to transact with #BTC. POST: NONSENSE: NOW: ‼️ SCOTUS overrules the judicially created Chevron doctrine - which has for years given federal executive agencies authority never congressionally delegated to them. The Court holds that the “Administrative Procedure Act requires courts to exercise their independent judgment in deciding whether an agency has acted within its statutory authority, and courts may not defer to an agency interpretation of the law simply because a statute is ambiguous.” This is a massive shift in judicial dynamics that will curb the advances of the administrative state. It also portends the possibility of ultimate victory in the 9 federal legal challenges to the Biden Administration’s interpretation of Title IX and whether “sex” also means “gender identity.” Once agency deference goes, the clear language of the statute remains the decisive arbiter. POST: tide is turning, first ESG, now Chevron & #bitcoin fixing the money is a natural force bending the world back toward sanity, still need to completely replace the corrupt political class with principled men and women + pardon Assange/Snowden but the tide is definitely turning. POST: case you missed it: Trump demolished...
Bitcoin is a natural phenomena: Proof of work is the law of life. Examples: Living in the woods by yourself — food, water, shelter, education, etc. Gaining skills in order to earn money. Self-sovereignty is the natural state of a human being. (In general, sovereign refers to the highest level of authority or independence, whether applied to a person, state, or entity.) What is unnatural? When people control, abuse and steal from you under the guise of authority. You already know it… If your parents control, abuse and steal from you, you definitely feel stifled, stunted, caged and demoralized — you definitely feel it is unnatural. If your school controls you too much, forcing you to learn too many things you’re not interested in, you definitely feel stifled, stunted, caged and demoralized. If your spouse controls you too much…If your government controls you too much, you definitely feel stifled, stunted, caged and demoralized — you definitely feel it is unnatural. As an adult human being, you have the divine right and duty to NOT allow anyone to unnaturally control you, abuse you or steal from you. Subscribe to Fractal Bitcoin for your daily Bitcoin news! …and share our channel with that one friend you have that would probably love quick Bitcoin news every day ;) Join our Locals community (free) —
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin’s price is hovering around $61k. It would be good if it backtests and holds $60.7k as support since that is the lower boundary of the range we’ve been in for 4 months. MINING: A U.S. Senator 🇺🇸 is mining #Bitcoin in Texas ✅. POST: ASSANGE: JUST IN: Julian Assange and his wife finally reunited following his release from prison. An anonymous Bitcoiner donated 8+ #Bitcoin to pay for his private flight to Australia. 🧡. POST: NONSENSE: RIP The First Amendment (1776-2024). In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the government *IS* able to pressure Big Tech platforms to remove content. This won't end well for us. POST: endangers innocent people. Civilized countries should abolish it. POST: when CIA Director Mike Pompeo proposed assassinating Julian Assange and never got in trouble? POST: “#Bitcoin is too complicated.” Fiat: Hold my beer. POST: who did this 😂. POST: can't we make politicians pay for their mistakes? Why can't we hold them accountable? Serious question! The world would be so much better. POST: THREATENING MANY DEBATE COMMENTATORS: CNN is now threatening any social channels that provide commentary on the debate stating they will not allow the use outside of CNN. Commentary on a presidential debate is the epitome of fair use and we fully intend to provide insight and real time fact checking Thursday LIVE. POST: isn't just going after @Timcast or @scrowder, they're going after all independent media. Even super middle of the road Breaking Points w/ @esaagar and @krystalball. They are canceling their planned live stream portion of the Presidential Debate. POST:"DMCA Does Not Apply": Musk
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin’s price has recovered a bit from yesterday’s low of $58.3k. It’s now hanging around $61-62k. #bitcoin leverage and weak hands are washed out. Hedge Funds are closing their shorts. Morgan Stanley is ready to list ETFs for their customers. Ready for take off🚀. POST: Monthly Range has been preserved (blue). In fact, Bitcoin is forming a Higher Low relative to May lows, both in downside wick and candle-body low. POST: is scraping a trend line that started in 2016. A bull market has never ended without breaking the third line, at least! That’s at $311,000 right now. $560,000 in June 2025. POST: mayer multiple a cool 1.07 🥶. POST: "#Bitcoin is an economic psychedelic." - @IoniAppelberg. Peer through the veil of reality, beyond our biological aperture, #Bitcoin lies in that deeper truth, leading to something that's even deeper. POST: Announcing Strike UK. VIDEO:⚡️🇧🇷BREAKING: Warren Buffett-owned Brazilian bank Nubank to integrate the #Bitcoin Lightning payments! Nubank has 100 million customers in Latin America! 😱. POST: IN: 🇺🇸 Morgan Stanley expected to approve #Bitcoin ETFs on their platform for all clients by the end of August (at the latest), according to a very senior source. 🫡 @AP_Abacus. POST: NONSENSE: The goal is to use [insert country] to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through [insert country] and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war. POST: ASSANGE IS FREE ❤️. POST: THOUGHT WE WOULD SEE THE...
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: 😂😂😂 Too real. POST: of the most well-aged videos on #Bitcoin 😂. Originally posted in 2015. POST:'s daily RSI has not been this low in nearly a year. In fact, the last time we saw oversold conditions was when BTC traded at $26,000. Summer shakeout? POST: last time #Bitcoin RSI was at this level on the daily chart the price was just $26,000. Every time Bitcoin RSI has hit these levels in the last 2 years it has bounced back STRONGLY within days/weeks. #BuyTheDip in bull markets... 👀. POST:📉 #BTC balances on exchanges continue to decline steadily. US Bitcoin #ETF's began trading on January 10th. Since then, about 250,000 BTC have left exchanges. POST: GOX: 🚨 Mt. Gox will begin repaying victims of the 2014 hack in July 2024. After years of delays, 142,000 #Bitcoin, 143,000 B-Cash, and 69 billion JPY are planned to be distributed to 127,000 creditors. POST: - Mt.Gox to start paying back bitcoin in July. Not your keys, not your coins. Find a hardware wallet in my guide and hold your own keys. POST: BREAKING: #Bitcoin miners sold over 30,000 $BTC (~$2 billion) in June, the highest amount this year, dropping reserves to a 14-year low. The recent #Bitcoin halving cut profits, causing especially smaller miners to sell off #Bitcoin to cover operation costs. POST: FOR DEVELOPMENT: OpenSats Announced Long-Term Support for Calle & William Casarin. Bitcoin and freedom tech focused non-profit OpenSats announced long-term support (LTS) for two more developers - Cashu protocol developer Calle and Damus and Nostr developer William Casarin. POST: Louisiana Passes Bill To Defend Bitcoin Rights And Ban CBDCs. POST:
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today has descended into the $63k range. This irritating 2-week long slow descent (12% drop from $71k) is quite normal during this part of the bull run. ALERT: Bitcoin is nearing its rising channel support. If this holds, then a move up to the mid-$80k region is what we're eyeing. POST: are two types of bitcoiners right now at 63K #Bitcoin 😂. POST: Daily Bitcoin spot ETF flows. POST: Day of Outflows for US #Bitcoin ETFs With $140 Million on 6/20. POST: VS THE INTERNET ADOPTION: We are so early. POST: DELL ORANGE PILLED?: The 10th richest man in the world just reposted this comment by Michael Saylor. 🤯 Michael Dell is worth a whopping $120 billion. The billionaires are coming. #Bitcoin. POST: TWEET THAT MICHAEL SAYLOR COMMENTED ON: FACT: @MichaelDell's net worth is $113B, equivalent to 2 million #Bitcoin. That's 4x MicroStrategy's market cap. A 5% allocation would be 100,000 #Bitcoin. 🚀. POST:’s up next, Michael Jordan? He loves the taste of winning… POST: ✨ CNBC holds a "#Bitcoin Funeral" at $6,000, exactly 6 years ago. It's up $60,000 since 💀. POST: NONSENSE: Hyper inflation in Zimbabwe, 2008. POST:“Mao attacked farmers. Stalin attacked farmers. Now, world governments are attacking farmers. Same group throughout history. It’s a play book, it’s not a chance happening. Wake up.” ~ Jason Christoff. POST:
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin has been hovering in a range between $64,500 and $66,500. Lots of smart people are buying the dip! The trend is your friend. POST: tends to form Re-Accumulation Ranges after the Halving. But we've also seen Bitcoin form a similar-looking range in this cycle already as well (blue circle). POST: vibe on #Bitcoin as mid-2020. Back then, $BTC hovered around $10k for 6 months with high on-chain activity, later revealed as OTC deals. Now, despite low price volatility, on-chain activity remains high, with $1B added daily to new whale wallets, likely custody. POST: #Bitcoin god candle once the price manipulation stops and USD crashes⚡️. POST: BTC MOVES: BREAKING: MicroStrategy just bought $786 MILLION #Bitcoin at an average cost of $65,883. POST:🚨German Government appears to be selling #Bitcoin right now. They sent 1,000 Bitcoin ($65m) to exchanges earlier today. 🇩🇪 Germany currently holds ~ 43,000 #Bitcoin. POST: Jack Mallers @jackmallers: One small step for #Bitcoin, one giant leap for mankind. POST: NONSENSE: Ex-CDC Director: "We Will Have a Bird Flu Pandemic... Just a Matter of Time”. ARTICLE: IN: Swiss National Bank cuts interest rates again, from 1.50% to 1.25%. Bullish for #Bitcoin? 🚀. POST: IN: Protestor advocates for #Bitcoin during ongoing mass protests in Kenya against new tax hikes 🇰🇪. "I PROPSE BITCOIN A PEER-TO-PEER ELECTRONIC CASH SYSTEM" 👏. POST: Download the #Bitcoin Standard and the Fiat Standard for free with permission from @saifedean himself. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD PAGE: a...
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: So far today Bitcoin’s price is a bit stagnant in the $64k-$65k range. All is well with regards to the ongoing bull run! #BTC back at its bull market support band (surprise surprise). POST:🇺🇸 Banks and stock market are closed today. #Bitcoin never closes. POST: your cleverness and purchase bewilderment. POST: SATS: Sentiment check: my wife who blindly DCA's weekly on @strike said on our walk the other day "wow bitcoin is up a lot, I last checked in January, I'll check again around Christmas" It's that easy folks, she's better than me lol 🤙🏻. POST: 2ND WAVE COMING: JUST IN: #Bitcoin ETFs to be approved at major wirehouses and large private bank platforms in Q3/Q4 THIS YEAR - Bernstein. Second wave is coming…🌊🌊🌊. POST: Yesterday, 9 businesses (2 in @TootingMarket and 2 local restaurants) decided to step up their payments game and accept #Bitcoin for their fine products - from chicken swarmas and Indian Pale Ales to classic vinyl records. *9* businesses. Is that a new orange pilling record for one single day? Kudos to @Jcastweet and those who were there last night to cap-off a remarkable day of moving honest businesses into honest money. POST: IS GERMANY DOING?: NEW: The German government has transferred approximately 6,500 #BTC ($438M) to exchanges. These #BTC were seized from the operators of the film piracy website POST: NONSENSE: Over 2b people have experienced an average fiat devaluation of 45% over the last 4 years - from @aghosn9. These people need alternatives. POST: now spend more on taxes than food and clothing combined. Taxation is theft. POST: Obama made it legal for the media to “purposefully LIE to the American people”. In 2012, he signed H.R. 4310 which allowed PROPAGANDA to be used on US citizens by its’ own government. Essentially repealing...
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin’s price has dropped even more into the $64k range. Very normal price action. We have support around $64k and $60k. Bitcoin $60k-$72k range. POST: RULES OF BITCOIN (PRESENTATION): JUST IN: Michael Saylor gives a must see presentation on the 21 Rules of #Bitcoin. @saylor. POST: JUST IN: Large nonprofit org that helps families build homes, Habitat for Humanity, now accepts #Bitcoin donations 🙌. POST: How Bitcoin Goes Carbon Negative by 2028. VIDEO: BIG DOG: NVIDIA BECOMES WORLD'S BIGGEST COMPANY — OVERTAKING APPLE, MICROSOFT. POST: PROTECTS BITCOIN: JUST IN: The Idaho Republican Party will protect the right to use #Bitcoin and oppose the creation of a CBDC. @BennettIdaho 👏. POST: CENTRALIZED PLATFORMS HAVE TOO MUCH POWER: Guy Swann: Every time you think that these huge centralized platforms have too much power, remember that almost none of them provide direct services anymore. Facebook doesn't create its posts, Uber doesn't drive its customers around, Airbnb doesn't wash the linens in your rental, Youtube doesn't film their video library. All of these platforms only have the power of the content and engagement that WE give them. Without us, they are worthless. Never forget that the simple act of leaving and taking our creations, media, engagement, and our value somewhere else, will turn them into nothing overnight. This is why decentralization is the only path forward. There is no alternative. POST: NONSENSE: BREAKING: the Biden Administration is cancelling the fake #Bitcoin mining "emergency" declaration and destroying the data that it illegally collected. The government is going to restart the process the legal way: with public notice and comment. The government is also paying attorneys' fees for #bitcoin miners. POST:"Year after year, there are more laws and regulations passed and more regulatory bodies created. Eventually, everything will be illegal" -- Elon Musk. POST:
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin’s price is now in the green up to $67k after bouncing off $65k. That’s the second Tim win 4 days we have bounced off of $65k. Going up?? The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest. POST: love this part of the bull market, where some people become impatient, and others even think the bull market is over, 2020 vibes😅 #patience. POST: 16 of #Bitcoin chopping around the previous cycle highs. 16 weeks of chop, before price finally broke out in 2017, and now 16 weeks of chop in 2024. Breakout soon? POST: daily ascending triangle is still in play. Red Monday, green week? Target: $100,000 / #Bitcoin. POST: can’t wait for #Bitcoin to defeat the diminishing returns FUD this epoch. POST: #Bitcoin being mined from a backpack, spotted at @BTCPrague 👀. POST: Only 51 years ago — 1973 map of the entire global internet with 46 connected computers. POST: NONSENSE: Stagflation is here. … Auto insurance rates in the US have increased by 42% over the past 2 years. That's the biggest 2-year spike since 1977, per Charlie Bilello. POST: chance he works for one of the entities he previously regulated. … SEC's Chief of Crypto Assets has left his role 👀. POST: 🇺🇸 Biden to announce ‘mass-amnesty’ for illegal immigrants this week, as NYP reports they are being given voter registration forms in 49 states. POST: COUNTY, MARYLAND: In an effort to combat the 300% spike in youth crime, police are giving tickets for free slush to well-behaved kids. POST: catches looters stealing trillions. POST:
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin has dropped further into the $65k range. The next significant support range below us is around $64k plus or minus. There's only one other time in #Bitcoin's existence when it had tighter 5D compression. It was 12 years ago and price was $5. POST: “.. We revise up our #Bitcoin price expectation to $200K cycle-high by 2025E (vs. $150K earlier). Our base case estimates: Bitcoin at $200K by 2025E .. .. $500K by 2029E .. and $1Mn by 2033E.” POST: 💥DAILY ETF FACTS💥. Bitcoin ETF Flow (US$ million) - 2024-06-13. TOTAL NET FLOW: -226.2. POST: BREAKING: Deutsche Telekom/T-mobile to start mining #Bitcoin. They are already running a Bitcoin node! 🫡 @JoeNakamoto. POST: Since the #halving, #Bitcoin mining costs have soared. On average, it now costs about $77,000 to mine a single $BTC today. This spike in expenses has led to a wave of capitulation among #BTC miners in the past month. POST: NONSENSE: Former head of NSA joins OpenAI board. Paul M. Nakasone stepped down as NSA director in February and will now join the company’s Sam Altman-led safety team. ARTICLE:'ve gone full mask-off: 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 trust @OpenAI or its products (ChatGPT etc). There is only one reason for appointing an @NSAGov Director to your board. This is a willful, calculated betrayal of the rights of every person on Earth. You have been warned. POST: Court strikes down Trump-era ban on gun accessories used in 2017 massacre. POST: all over the world committed crimes against humanity with lockdowns and coerced injections, but not a single person will go to jail. Yet, you still say “we can’t get rid of government because criminal gangs would take over!” Wake up, government is the most successful criminal gang ever because it has duped you into believing it’s legitimate and necessary. POST:
Today’s Bitcoin news! PRICE UPDATE: Today Bitcoin’s price has drifted down to the $66k range from around $68k. Bitcoin has been consolidating inside this ReAccumulation Range for three months now. And history suggests this could still go on for three months more. It shouldn't be surprising therefore if price rejects from the Range High Resistance. POST: is undergoing the equivalent of a DDOS attack (ironically) with massive quantities of naked shorts. This only means we’ll see a God Candle to $150,000 in one day sooner than later. POST: JUST IN: MicroStrategy to raise $500m to buy more #Bitcoin. POST:"Volatility is God’s way of proving who is worthy of owning #Bitcoin." - @hodlberry. POST: BREAKING: 🇦🇺 Australia’s largest bank just put the #Bitcoin ETF [IBTC] onto its trading platform! 🙌 Commonwealth Bank of Australia has 17 million customers! HUGE! 💥🚀💥. POST: read The Bitcoin Standard and decided to propose legislation to end the Fed! You're welcome, America! POST: @RepThomasMassie know that his colleagues ALL already have a copy of The #Bitcoin Standard by @saifedean from last year when we and @Dennis_Porter_ gave one to EVERY member of Congress! POST: Bitcoin ETF was our AOL moment and it's just now dawning on society that Bitcoin has silently become the most powerful political movement in the world. We are the new internet. POST: For your bitcoin folder. POST: NONSENSE: Elizabeth Warren’s anti-#Bitcoin crusade might single-handedly cost Democrats the election now that Trump is PRO-Bitcoin. Liz made herself de facto Dem spokesperson on Bitcoin. So here’s a tribute to Fauxcahontas from @carlabitcoin to start your day. POST: found this meme yesterday, love how it visualises who the enemy is and how simple it is to resolve. I find it amusing how true the Monopoly board game mirrors our current monetary system: The Banker always wins....