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Taking his cue from Bill Maher, Ryan Painter hosts hour-long conversations with a varied array of guests, with the sole aim of discussing the importance of leadership in today's society.
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Ryan sat down with Kevin Vuong, Member of Parliament for Spadina - Fort York, to discuss his experience being an Independent MP, his fight against antisemitism, what his constituents are concerned about, and his plans for the next election. Ryan also monologues on the state of the BC Conservative Party, why they are polling so high, and what it might mean for BC's October election.
Ryan and Jewish National Fund (JNF) Executive Director for the Pacific Region Michael Sachs sit down to talk about the work undertaken by JNF in support of Israel, the rise of antisemitism, and how the Jewish community is holding together as the war with Hamas and hostage sitution stretches on. You can learn more about JNF's campaigns here. I also monologue on the need to increase support for seniors during a time of staggering unaffordability.
Ariella Kimmel joins Ryan to discuss the rise of antisemitism and her work elevating the stories of Jewish women. Ryan also monologues on his experience in School Board Politics and his recent entry back into local advocacy. Check out the petition to reinstate ⁠School Police Liaison Officers here⁠.
Today's episode is my first SUPER EPISODE. We talk about Alberta Premier Danielle Smith's newest policies regarding transgender people and trans youth in particular with Blaine Badiuk and Adam Zivo. Then I to North America wide to discuss the US election, Canadian politics, and the rise of antisemitism with political analyst and columnist Warren Kinsella. I also monologue about how a lack of leadership has led to the resignation of one of Canada's highest-profile Jewish cabinet ministers (Selina Robinson) and a more general permissiveness of radicals taking over public space.
Ryan and a friend of the show Elena Lawson discuss Elena's autism advocacy and the results, and why she decided to leap from private citizen to political candidate. Elena tells us about her experience during the election and what she learned that she wants to pass onto others.
Ryan and National Post columnist Adam Zivo sit down to talk about politics, housing, 'safe supply', and what it's like to move from a once 'progressive' ideology to a more moderate (in my case) and conservative (in Adam's case) alignment. You can find Adam's columns here: You can find the Times Columnist article I mentioned in my monologue here:
Ryan sits down with counsellor Vikram Saggu ( to talk about counselling methodologies, what methods he prefers to use, what artificial intelligence (AI) means for the counselling world, and what superheroes can teach us about life and therapy. To donate to the Till They All Come Home fundraiser at Learn more about The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs: If you live in Victoria or on Vancouver Island, donate to the Jewish Federation of Victoria and Vancouver Island:
Ryan and BC United MLA for Surrey South Elenore Sturko sit down to talk about her time as an RCMP officer and spokesperson, her transition to life as an MLA, what differences and similarities exist between the two roles, and how her work in the RCMP helped prepare her for her role as an MLA.
Ryan speaks with Dr. Julian Somers, Simon Fraser University Distinguished Professor of Health Sciences, about BC's approach to the overdose crisis, why we're taking a different approach to every other successful country, and why we should be hopeful about a way out of this crisis. To learn more about Dr. Somers's work, check out his website and his most recent blog post Are BC's failed Drug Policies fueling addiction demand? You can check out the CBC article I refer to in my monologue here.
Ryan and Blaine Badiuk talk about the challenges with discussing trans rights, the push towards the parental rights movement, how to have a nuanced conversation about trans issues, and why having these conversations is so important. Monologue: Why I regret trying to cancel Jenn Smith.
Ryan and Joe Roberts, Chair of the Board of JSpaceCanada, talk about the rise of antisemitism, how the war between Israel and Hamas has bled out into mainstream society, and whether or not the left is more antisemitic than the right. You can learn all about JSpaceCanada here: You can check out the two latest JSpace policy papers Post-War in Gaza: A Blueprint for Recovery and Peace and Israel's Immediate Next Steps: Making the Best out of Bad Options. If you want to support the work of JSpaceCanada, please donate today:
Ryan (not SHAWN PAINTER) and Allie Blades dig into whether or not there is a conservative renaissance in Canada, what it means for BC, and how Allie navigates the busy holiday season.
Ryan and Gail Robertson talk about what good curiosity is, how to channel curiosity into your life, and how we've become too used to binary thinking and discussions and have gone away from having difficult but good conversations. Gail Robertson is a publicist, public speaker, recovering journalist, and panel moderator. If you want to learn more about Gail, check her out at
In today's episode I talk about getting off Twitter, a rally I helped organize in support of the Jewish community (with interviews from three rally attendees), and I interview the founder and creative director of Madame Premier Sarah Elder-Chamanara about feminism, antisemitism, ideological alignment, and her very successful brand. Check out Madame Premiere here.
Ryan and Renu Bakshi talk about virtual work and whether or not we should continue with remote work, identity politics and how it's destroyed our ability to talk to each other, how parents just want to feel like they know what's going on with their kids, the state of journalism today, and Renu gives her advice to on how to shut out the noise and do important work.
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