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Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Author: BBC Radio 4

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A frank look behind the scenes with broadcasters Jane Garvey and Fi Glover as guests from Radio, TV and podcasting share stories they probably shouldn’t. Released every Friday.
105 Episodes
Jane takes a break from a very interesting event to join Fi on the BBC piazza. This week their guest is the BBC News presenter and recent podcaster Ros Atkins. Ros details what it's like to be texting a Titan of the US airwaves, skin care techniques and how a drive down the M4 led to a landmark broadcasting project.
Fi and Jane are joined by Newsnight's Kirsty Wark who describes filleting squirrels, making whisky and living with only one working nostril.Producer: JP Devlin
Fi and Jane head to BBC Radio 2 to see former car hire salesman and failed accountant Ken Bruce who describes how to deal with cheats on PopMaster, how to hit the news on time and how to sex a tortoise... after they've bumped into Steve Wright on the way.Producer - JP Devlin
Fi and Jane are joined by comedian, actress, writer and host of the Griefcast podcast Cariad Lloyd to talk death, Jane Austen, celebrities in pet shops and famous people called Dick.
Fi and Jane are joined by BBC Radio 3 presenter Suzy Klein as they try to talk embroidery, bloated sheep and odd-shaped forearms despite a noisy crisp eater at the next table.
Fi and Jane are joined by author and broadcaster Anita Anand who recalls writing to Mikhail Gorbachev and sitting on Jimmy Carter.Producer: JP Devlin
Fi and Jane are joined by writer Frank Cottrell Boyce in the Green Room at the Hay Festival where he reveals the question he's most commonly asked by his young audience. Also, actress Maxine Peake drops by to talk about her whippet.Producer: JP Devlin
More of the random and unconnected musings of old broadcasting friends Fi Glover and Jane Garvey. This week broadcaster Dotun Adebayo talks about the highlights of his night-time radio career, including Fi's PVC cat suit.Presenters: Fi Glover and Jane GarveyContributor: Dotun AdebayoProducer: JP Devlin
More of the random and unconnected musings of old broadcasting friends Fi Glover and Jane Garvey. This week, polymath Gyles Brandreth offers a guide to Stockport, Copenhagen and erotic fiction.Presenters: Fi Glover and Jane GarveyContributor: Gyles BrandrethProducer: JP Devlin
More of the random and unconnected musings of old broadcasting friends Fi Glover and Jane Garvey. This week actor, comedian, TV presenter and marketing graduate Adil Ray offers advice to Fi and Jane on how to sell themselves.Producer: JP Devlin
Comments (27)


lots of great conversation!

Jul 7th

Paul Billington

FGM is one of society's dirty secrets. Mutilating any child is wrong and primitive like rape and murder and must be exposed and stopped. Thanks for this great and informative podcast. Well done!

Jun 27th

Anu Paajanen

The fat shaming in episode 98 wasn't nice to listen to. Otherwise it's just a joyful show!

Jun 20th

Janet Reygan

BBC pizza? really? Can't imagine there's much room to move!

Feb 15th

Marta Grzelka

We love you Fi and Jane! merry Xmas

Dec 14th

Cherine Maskill

Are c m

Dec 9th

Stew Cooper

funny and entertaining as ever.

Dec 8th

Jacquie Shanahan

A tip for Jane for reading in the bath - multifocal contacts are the the thing (and I'm not an optician, honest, just a committed bath reader)

Nov 25th

Stew Cooper

soooo funny

Oct 14th

david saunders

Best bbc podcast.

Oct 12th

Stew Cooper

Love, love, love the unrelated and random Fi and Jane.

Oct 7th

Connie Harvey

this is my favourite thing to listen to at the moment. It always makes me smile and often makes me laugh. thank you x

Oct 6th

Peter Malcolm

really enjoy these podcasts great company on Manchester Euston run

Aug 28th

Robin Richardson

it always makes me either smile or laugh out laugh

Jul 18th

Sharon Baker


Jul 16th

Robin Richardson

simply brilliant. thank you

Jun 17th

Lucy Coutts

A true gem of radio. Great for the daily commute, or any time!

May 1st


Nice to hear your back ladies .

Apr 24th

Amanda Carroll


Apr 21st

Perry Spicer

radio at its best!

Mar 29th
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