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A Modern Synthesist podcast about creativity in the Warhammer 40k universe. We chat mostly about sculpting and conversions, but also about painting and backstory.
22 Episodes
This is a Deepthought-style chat where Hydra and I take a deep dive on the topic of 3D sculpting and printing: what it means for the Hobby, whether it's GW's fault we're all mad for it, and whether it will deliver on every hobbyist's dream of unlimited awesome models?Though this was originally recorded as a video, it's just a conversation, so you won't be missing any reference images. If you've got thoughts about this topic, please share them with me on the Instagram post about this episode, the YouTube video ( ) , or send me an email at modernsynthesist@gmail.comAnd I'd PARTICULARLY love to hear from you about topics you'd like to see us do similar deep dives on.
Our thanks to The_Zolak for joining us on the recent episode of the Creature Conference to update us on what is going on in Iran right now, and how we can help.Here's the link to the Amnesty International petition Sam referenced: here's Sam's profile if you'd like to get additional information:
Here's a deep dive into my thoughts on the new Kroot models that were recently previewed. I talk about my history with Kroot, what I like about the kit, and where I think there could be some improvements. If you'd like to watch the video version of this review, find it here: Mentioned in this episode: If you'd like to support me on Patreon, here's my profile:
Here's a cut from our recent Creature Conference episode where we gathered together a collection of Tyranid artists to react to the reveal of Games Workshop's first new Tyranid model in nearly 8 years: The Parasite of Mortrex! We also touch on how we did with our predictions for this nid in Episode 14 of the podcast.Our commentators, in order of appearance:Bits of Bocks - Joe - - D Bag - Fleet Moloch - EvilEye - Fleet Horror - - Synthesist - can also watch the video version of this episode here:
Here's a short cut from last week's episode of the #CreatureConference, all about the Hydra/Momma Negan charity event for Ukraine: Project Arvus.If you'd like to find out more about how to support #ProjectArvus, the best place is likely Momma Negan's Instagram profile:
Here's a supercut of our discussions about Tyranid rumours from the #CreatureConference  over the last couple of months, as well as all of our hopes for what we'll see in the upcoming Tyranid release wave. If you'd like to share your own hopes and dreams for a Tyranid wave, head over to the Modern Synthesist Instagram and share them in the comments on this post.
In this short cut from the most recent #CreatureConference streams, Hydra shares a new game he's created to help his 4 year old son grasp the basics of tabletop gaming. The game's called Apple Picking 28, and he explains the collaborative design process he and his son followed to create it, as well as how you can participate from home with #ApplePicking28Challenge.If you're interested in downloading the rules Hydra came up with, they can be found on his site here:
I discuss Games Workshops recent statement about how hate has no place in the hobby with Hydra and Flynnhammer. As you might guess from the episode title, it's not much of a step forward, and we'll discuss why.Also, trying something new with this one as this episode of the podcast is lifted from a conversation we had in last week's #CreatureConference Hobby Stream. But it was a really great conversation, so I think it works pretty well for a podcast episode.Hope it works for you!
Got the chance to chat with one of our favourite hobbyists, GrimNGribbly, about what he thinks about the new reveals for Orks, how he got into the hobby, and what he's working on now. He's also the first to take our mad new Xenos Proust Questionnaire.NOTE: We also recorded the video for this episode, so if you want to see the photos we chat about, you can also check out the video version on YouTube: 
In our ongoing interest in Tyranid design, we bring together Hydra and Hive Fleet Moloch to chat about just that. On this episode, we review the more modern parts of the Tyranid line, and Mr. Pink has a special surprise for the two of them at the end. Just an FYI: this episode was made for video, so it might not be ideal for an audio format, so we wanted to be up front about that. If you're interested in seeing the video, it's up on the Modern Synthesist YouTube channel:
EP 9: Sexy Warhammer Ladies

EP 9: Sexy Warhammer Ladies


In this episode of the Xenos Alchemist podcast, we speak to hobbyists Norn.Queen, LadyDothPaints, and Hivefleet_Horror about what life is like for women in the #WarhammerCommunity. From Warhammer For Everyone to Gatekeeping, to sexy warhammer lady Only Fans accounts, our topics run the gamut, and we finish up with some suggestions on how to make the community more welcome for lady hobbyists.
To kick-off #Krootoberfest, we had a chat with That.Kroot.Guy and Ironbeak_Mercenaries, the two Kroot die hards who created the Siege of Pech on Instagram, as well as Koszkamade, who was one of the first artists to join the Siege.Though Adepticon got cancelled by COVID, the Siege of Pech project is alive, well, and growing strong. In this episode, we learn how these Kroot fans got their start, what inspired the Siege, and what's next for the group project in the form of Krootoberfest. If you're the kind of person who loves Kroot, this is the podcast episode for you!
For our next video episode of the Xenos Alchemist podcast, we speak to one of the most well-known Tyranid artists around: Hive Fleet Moloch / Marco Schulze!His conversions—featured in the Codex, White Dwarf magazines, and even the Forgeworld Imperial Armour Four: The Anphelion Project book—launched a thousand hive fleets. But never has there been an in-depth interview with this Tyranid vanguard organism. Until now!In this episode, we review Moloch's start in the hobby, his time collaborating with the Games Workshop studio, his time away from the hobby, and what brings him back today.If you're interested in reading up on Hive Fleet Moloch's history, or checking out more photos of his models, the best place to find them is Moloch's Instagram page: have also catalogued some of Hive Fleet Moloch and Hive Fleet Ouroboros' history on the Modern Synthesist website: artists we mention in this episode include...The Hydra / Simon Schnitzler: / Bits of Bocks / Tom Box: Sculpting: well as the cosplay organizations Marco is a part of:, if you're interested in watching the video version of this episode, it's available on YouTube: We recorded this episode was recorded a few months back, so there may be some temporal...inconsistencies.
In this episode we talk to Hydra about his most recent passion, Frostgrave, and how he's playing miniature games remotely in this time of Corona.There's a lot about Frostgrave and the idea of miniature liberation. However, we also talk about balancing family and hobby, why we're probably not getting into CAD sculpting any time soon, and how #Blanchitsu  and #Inq28 is the equivalent of an artistic revolution.If you're not already following Hydra, you can see more of his work here: talk a bit about the #FG28 hashtag, and you can see more about that here: featured artists from this episode can be found on on Instagram: here are the Instagram handles for the other artists we mentioned:@hivefleetmoloch@with_teatea@btwnbolterandme@thepolysmith@a_polanscak
Before there was Xenos Alchemist, there was Vestigial Twin: our preliminary attempt at exploring what we'd do with a podcast. As we've got a little more work to do on our next proper episode, this is meant to tide you over. In terms of subject matter, it focuses mostly on our thoughts on sculpting and our modeling histories. As this was one of our earliest attempts at podcasting, please excuse the weird audio. If we had a Patreon, this would be a filler episode. However we don't have a Patreon, so you get to enjoy this weirdness FOR FREE. LUCKY YOU!
This one's a love letter to one of the best xenos races out there: the Kroot! In this episode we catch up on The Siege of Pech: a group project to stage a Krootvasion of the Adepticon 2021 Team Tournament, and we talk a little about what makes the Kroot so interesting. Also known as the episode where Mr. Pink repeatedly name drops Kroot bois and Hive Fleet Moloch. #SiegeOfPech #Krootvasion
We interview Tyranid visionary and multi golden demon award-winning artist Simon Schnitzler, also known as Hydra. This was meant to be about sculpting, but it's also a lot about how we all started collecting miniatures with action figures, and how "Schnitzler" is a really hard name to say.Be sure to follow Simon's work on instagram: on his hobby blog: We recorded this episode years ago, but it's still a goodie. We're looking forward to whipping up some more new episodes soon!
We complete our Games Workshop's Inner Circle 2017 weekend coverage with interviews with each of the 5 grand prize winners who flew to GW HQ in Dallas to take part. Our questions are half serious and half ridiculous, so here's hoping you enjoy them.
Canadian Inner Circle champion Nick Jones / Mr. Pink reports on the Inner Circle 2017 competition grand prize weekend at Games Workshop North America headquarters in Dallas, TX.
The Brothers Pink take a meandering journey through the history of Tyranid design, from Rogue Trader to the present day
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