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Author: CrossBridge, Inc.

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Unpolished Recovery fearlessly dives into the raw and unfiltered tales of triumph over addiction and alcoholism. We believe that true healing begins when we embrace our stories' messy, imperfect aspects. Whether you're someone seeking inspiration on your path to recovery, a friend or family member supporting a loved one, or simply a curious listener, this podcast offers eye-opening and uplifting insights.

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Discover the real-life challenges and victories of overcoming addiction as Deidra shares her story of relapse and recovery. Addiction’s deceitful nature can make individuals feel invincible even as they spiral downward, but Deidra’s experiences emphasize the importance of a strong support system. From confronting legal consequences to utilizing resources like those at Restoration House, Deidra provides valuable insights on maintaining sobriety and achieving personal transformation.In this hea...
Welcome to the latest heartfelt discussion at Unpolished Recovery, where the gritty realities of sobriety's journey take the spotlight. Our guest today, Brittany, offers an inspiring message of hope as she recounts her transformation from the grip of addiction to a source of support and inspiration at Restoration House. Her story is not just a tale of overcoming struggles but a powerful testament to the joy and laughter that can be rediscovered in life's daily moments. Through her experiences...
Navigating the tightrope between personal recovery and facilitating the growth of others can be a precarious balance. At the heart of our conversation, we explore Kevin's evolution from a participant to a beacon of leadership within the recovery program. He opens up about the delicate process of maintaining a healthy, supportive environment, addressing the complexities of drug testing and the profound sorrow that accompanies witnessing relapses. Yet, through these trials, Kevin illustrates th...
The Power of Community

The Power of Community


Jonathan reminds us that community is the lifeline of sobriety. Staying connected means more than just a phone call or a shared coffee—it's about remembering the early battles and using that recollection as armor against complacency. Join us to uncover how your own story of recovery can unfold, inspired by the power of transformation and the strength of community.
Elliot's journey from the depths of addiction to the peaks of recovery embodies the very essence of transformation. Join us as we follow the footsteps of a Restoration House graduate whose tale of reconnection with his family through sobriety and divine grace unfolds. During our conversation, it became evident that trusting a higher power and the recovery process enables one not to cope with life but to engage with it. Elliot illustrates that our most significant challenges often s...
Brian's raw and inspiring journey from the depths of addiction to over three years of sobriety offers an intimate look at the resilience of the human spirit, a theme we're honored to share with you. As he recounts his experiences of redefining his identity and safeguarding the well-being of others in his roles at Crossbridge and as a behavioral health technician, you'll find yourself rooting for his triumphs and moved by his dedication to aiding those at the start of their recovery.
This episode of Unpolished Recovery is an exploration of the gritty realities of battling addiction and the transformative power of recovery. We welcome Andrea, a fearless warrior of sobriety and a graduate of our support program, who shares her battle with alcohol addiction and the perils of withdrawal. Listen as she reveals the challenges of being a functioning alcoholic, the necessity of finding purpose, and the irreplaceable role of community in recovery. Tune in to this episode to b...
Imagine if you could play a part in breaking the generational cycles of poverty, addiction, and incarceration. Picture the impact of providing a second chance and a fresh start to those trapped in these crippling cycles. This week, we're joined by Tina Mitchell, the unstoppable force behind Crossbridge, who shares her journey from starting the organization in 2006 with just one house and six beds.Throughout the conversation, Tina's steadfast belief in the transformative power of hope sh...
Join us on an incredible journey this episode, as we introduce you to Frank, a beacon of hope and a testament to the transformative power of recovery. He shares his grueling odyssey through addiction that started in his teenage years, a path that led him to an eight-year prison sentence, yet ultimately, to a life of sobriety and service. With unflinching honesty, Frank reveals his struggle with methamphetamine, the darkest periods of his addiction, and his moment of realization in prison that...
Have you ever wondered what the path to recovery looks like for someone who has triumphed? Meet Caitlin, a resilient person who graduated from a recovery program and works tirelessly at a treatment facility. Her journey is inspiring and illuminating for those seeking a similar path to sobriety and healing.
Why did you leave me?

Why did you leave me?


Caitlin shares how God intervened in her life when she was ready to end it. When calling out to God, “Why did you leave me,” God responded. Caitlin shares how her recovery started when she got honest with her family and allowed others to help her begin her recovery story.
Timothy shares his addiction story and how addressing guilt, shame, and anxiety is essential to his success in staying clean and sober. Timothy shares how his perspective of progressing in recovery requires him to tackle on day at a time.
Chris Casey, Unpolished Recovery's co-host, shares his recovery story from being told there is no hope for him to find hope. Chris is the Operations Manager of a recovery program called Restoration House.
Join us in an amusing conversation with Chris as he marks his fifth year of sobriety - a hard-fought journey with peaks, troughs, and countless lessons. From the emotional tempest of his first year in recovery to the eventual acceptance of his addiction, Chris's story is one of resilience and fortitude. As we journey deeper into Chris's past, hear his compelling transition from a life shackled by drug dependency to a life in recovery. Tune in to this episode for an authentic look at...