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Geeks of Azeroth - A Podcast for Blizzard Gamers
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Geeks of Azeroth - A Podcast for Blizzard Gamers

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We're a Blizzard gaming and community podcast, covering the latest news and discussions in Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, Hearthstone and Starcraft.For more updates, check us out on: Twitter: @GeeksofAzerothEmail: geeksofazerotheg@gmail.comWebsite:
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Shadowlands is here! Its our final preview episode recorded just before the expansion went live! 
We have a release date! Join us as we discuss! 
Just like the prepatch, Britzza had a hard time staying connected this episode, sorry for the poor audio quality! 
Title says it all
Another episode. 
Episode 251 - Too Soon?

Episode 251 - Too Soon?


This week, we discussed the Shadowlands release, state of beta, and ms flight sim. 
Long episode, big talk, many memes. join us
In this episode, Britzza and Zul take the time to cover the recent developments in WoW Classic, Blizzards Financial Results, and the struggle on Blizzard Employees in getting fair pay.The background music during 20 Questions was:Study And Relax by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Hey friends, we've been gone a while. Lets catch up and talk shadowlands beta
Episode 246 - RIP Reckful

Episode 246 - RIP Reckful


You knew we were going to talk about it. The biggest thing to happen to our community. We give our thoughts on the whole situation surrounding Method Josh and all the other instances being reported on. Thank you to all the brave souls for speaking out. You are changing this community! 
Episode 244 - Playstation 5

Episode 244 - Playstation 5


This week we talk PS5, Shadowlands alpha, and HOTS newest hero!
In this episode we discuss all the changes to the shadowlands alpha.
In this episode, the guys are feeling a bit of cabin fever, but that doesnt stop us from talking about video games! Join us
In this weeks episode we discuss Revendreth on the Alpha, Torghast, Fortnite concerts, and more!
We're late with the upload, but we're finally here with our longest episode to date! Lets dive into that shadowlands alpha!
In this episode of GoA, we discus the motives behind Sylvanas' move to the Shadowlands, games we're playing, and of course 20 questions! Join us
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