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Author: Mike O'Connor

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I'm an aging hippy radio, systems, Internet geezer type guy who's having a great time thinking about what I want to tell my unborn grandchildren in a podcast.
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I’m returning with a podcast to my unborn grandchildren that puts me on record in opposition to the Charlottesville protest.  This is a reflection about the paradox of tolerance and the need for speaking out against hatred and violence.  It’s been four and a half years since the last episode, so there are more stories … Continue reading GC071 – Enough is enough: back after four and a half years →
A rainy Sunday morning inspired me to blow the dust off and update my unborn grandchildren on the elections this week, comment about how cool Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog is and relay the improving news on the frac sand battle. Click HERE to listen to this 10 minute podcast.



The second in a double-header day of Geezercasting.  This is a really brief discussion of ICANN, where I’ve been volunteering a fair amount of my time over the past 7 years or so.  ICANN manages the domain-name and numbering systems that glue the Internet together and I helps wid dat.  My unborn grandchildren may get … Continue reading GC069 – ICANN →
GC068 – Frac Sand

GC068 – Frac Sand


 Hi all, a somewhat gloomy (not grouchy, just gloomy) Geezercast that started off perky but got dragged off into Frac Sand Land by accident.  This issue has soaked up a lot of time for Marcie and me over the last several months.  So my unborn grandchildren need to hear about it. Definitely click on Jim … Continue reading GC068 – Frac Sand →
This time I explore the real-life embodiment of “the parting on the left is now parting on the right” lyric by the Who (bonus points for the name of the song).  Y’see, I’m starting to think that the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street people could actually find themselves agreeing with each other if … Continue reading GC067 — A 1-year anniversary “Best Darn Government Money Can Buy” podcast →
A friend of mine asked that I explain my latest parlor-trick approach to music making.  There are lots of different ways of making tunes on computers, but I’ve been fiddling around with a sortof “live layered jam” approach where I cycle through a loop, adding an instrumental part each time through.  Loads of fun to … Continue reading GC066 — A “layered” tune, annotated →
All kinds of news from the farm (big new-bird news for Marcie, big new-fiber news for me).  Plus the big story of the last few weeks — online privacy.  Which then morphs into my personal story of moving myself off of Google services as much as I can.  I tell a bit about what’s been … Continue reading GC065 — What if Google turns evil? →
Richard, and the rest of the crew of the tall ship Bounty, are heading out in a couple days.  They’re leaving from San Juan Puerto Rico with a destination of St Petersburg, Russia — so this is a two-way crossing of the Atlantic. I decided to dedicate this little tune to the Bounty.  It’s long, … Continue reading Geezercast Special — the Bounty Boogie →
This Geezercast is a reflection on my recent trip to the ICANN meetings (in San Francisco this time), the huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan that happened just as I was flying out there and the continuing hijinks of the Republican governor and legislature here in Wisconsin. Click HERE to listen to this 13 minute … Continue reading GC064 — ICANN .XXX and Japan Tsunami →
This Geezercast focuses on the giant labor protests in Madison, WI over the last week.  Takes me back to the days when I lived there (early ’70’s) and all the community organizing stuff that was going on. Click HERE to listen to this 14 minute podcast. Photo Credit
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