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A podcast focused on philanthropy, impact investing, and sustainability.
22 Episodes
We are thrilled to announce our latest podcast interview with Neil Heslop, OBE, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation Group (CAF). Neil shares his extensive experience from both business and the charitable sector.Since October 2020, Neil has led CAF UK, CAF America, CAF Canada, CAF Financial Solutions Ltd, and CAF Bank. Under his leadership, annual charitable contributions surpassed £1 billion, supporting hundreds of thousands of charities in over 100 countries. Neil's dedication to social progress and community impact is truly inspiring. Before joining CAF, Neil was the CEO of Leonard Cheshire and held senior roles in the telecoms industry, including at O2 and Cincinnati Bell Wireless. Despite losing his sight at 21, he co-founded Blind In Business and serves as a trustee and non-executive director for several organizations. His contributions to disability rights and the charitable sector earned him an OBE in 2002.In this podcast, Neil discusses the evolving dynamics of philanthropy, the role of professional advisors, and the impact of global collaboration. His insights are a must-listen for anyone interested in social good.
Join us for episode 21 of The Philanthropy Impact Podcast where our CEO John Pepin sits down with Peter Brach Funder, founder of Propel Philanthropy and social impact infrastructure-building advocate. Peter founded Propel Philanthropy in January 2022. With experience as a trustee and grantee for a private family foundation since 2014 and managing the Funders 2025 Fund since 2019, he supports over 35 organisations in Propel's network.Learn more about Peter’s inspiring journey and vision for the future of philanthropy!
Join our CEO, John, as he engages in an insightful with Daniel Brewer, the visionary leader behind Resonance, in our latest "In Conversation" podcast episode. Daniel Brewer leads a dynamic team at Resonance, empowering social enterprises and charities to prepare for impactful investments in diverse transactions like real estate acquisition, community share issues, and venture capital investments. Learn how Resonance's demand-led, impact investment funds are making a difference in communities.In this insightful episode, we'll explore:The journey of Resonance from Daniel's background in engineering to founding the companyHow impact investment funds are driving positive change in societyPerspectives on blending finance with social impact and advocating for meaningful causes Discover how Daniel's unique experiences and Resonance's innovative approach are shaping the landscape of impact investing and social entrepreneurship.
Join our CEO John Pepin as he sits down with Sarah Soar, Chief Executive Officer at Hawksmoor Investment Management as they discuss Sarah's career, her passion for helping people, the importance of professional advisors keeping on top of changes in the impact investment market, financial education in schools, and much more. 
In this captivating episode our CEO John Pepin sit down with Danyal Sattar, the CEO of The Big Issue Invest. As the social enterprise investment arm of The Big Issue magazine, The Big Issue Invest plays a pivotal role in managing and advising on over £250 million, driving positive change and social impact. In this insightful interview, Danyal shares his journey and vision for social finance, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of business and social good. Discover how The Big Issue Invest is pioneering innovative solutions to address pressing social and environmental challenges, while delivering financial returns.
Philanthropy Impact CEO, John Pepin, sits down with Darshita Gillies, Founder and CEO of Maanch, NED, investor and philanthropist to discuss all things philanthropy, impact investing and her career. 
Women of Wealth

Women of Wealth


During this session, our member Cristina Ljungberg, Co-Chair of Maverick Collective is joined by  Natasha Müller, a next-gen impact investor, philanthropist, mental health activist, and former Board member of Philanthropy Impact for a virtual conversation on the role of Women of Wealth in philanthropy and social investment and how they are reshaping the sector, as well as how advisors can meet their needs.
The most recent research reinforces the need for a values-based purpose-driven wealth management business, and that to be customer-centric it is essential for private client wealth advisors:• Fidelity Charitable Research - firms that offer charitable planning had 6X the median assets of those that do not offer charitable planning, 3X organic growth, and 1.3X new money; as well higher net promotor scores, and higher trust levels.• Investing for Global Good A Power for Good 2022 (Camden Wealth Limited) - research indicated for older generations there is a growing demand for and satisfaction in impact investing and that investors are seeking better services from wealth advisors. Listen as our CEO John Pepin talks to our members Ceris Gardner, Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP, Jamie Broderick, Impact Investment Institute and Sean Kiernan, Greengage about how firms can increase business and deepen client relationships with values based wealth management across all asset classes.
A shift is happening in the private client professional advisory world, and it is happening at an increasing pace. A recent article from the Financial Post highlights that over the next decade, an estimated $30 trillion in wealth will exchange from the hands of Baby Boomers to the next generations (women of wealth, millennials and gen Z).  Increasing research evidence, and the anecdotal experience of those within the Philanthropy Impact network, is showing this new generation of wealth holders have different needs and expectations of their trusted advisors and require a different approach.  This new client focus on purpose, values and instant digital access is proving to be a cause for concern for professional advisory firms, as it requires a move away from transactional approach to a relationship approach, with clients at the centre.In this webinar our CEO John Pepin is joined by Rowan Jackson, Chairman, Promising Outcomes, Stephen Wall, Founder, The Wealth Mosaic, Ajit Dayal, Founder, Quantum Asset Management Company to discuss how engaging this new generations of client means understanding their values, expectations, and the importance on delivering on these expectations, and measuring the effectiveness of the firm on meeting them.This 30minute conversation is interesting to anyone working with (U)HNWI, who want to remain a trusted partner in their wealth stewardship right, and importantly their donor and impact investment journeys. We will highlight solutions to this issue and where to seek support.
This episode focuses on B-corps and the rising interest from companies in becoming part of this ever-growing community. Chaired by Darshita Gillies, wth a panel of Oliver Hunt and Amy Clark. 
Chaired by Bonnie Chiu, Managing Director, The Social Investment ConsultancyPanel:    Ollie Pollard, Head of Enterprise Growth Funds, ResonanceDanyal Sattar, CEO, Big Issue InvestSarah MacFarlane, Senior Investor Relationships Manager, Big Society CapitalListen as two UK social investment intermediaries and the main UK social investment wholesaler are questioned by Bonnie Chiu, Founder of the recently FCA endorsed impact consultancy The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC). Discussed will be where social investment fits on the spectrum of capital and why it has such an important role in creating lasting societaland environmental change.Big Society Capital, Resonance and Big Issue Invest are tackling some of societies biggest social issues, investing in social innovations and start-ups to make sustainable and long-term change in the UK. We ask what can professional advisors learn from these organisations when supporting their clients impact investment and philanthropic journeys? How can philanthropists and impact investors work collaboratively with these organisations? How do these organisations measure impact and mitigate risk?
How charities can engage with donors in new and innovative ways(Crypto Currencies and Blockchain)Chaired by Darshita Gillies, Founder & CEO, MaanchPanel:Edward Thomas, Partnerships Manager for the Enterprise Development Programme, OxfamGreg Davies, Head of Behavioural Science, Oxford RiskHugo McDonaugh, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Perpetual Altruism Ltd, the company behind the Cryptograph, GBM and myNFT.As the biggest cryptocurrencies flirt with record high values, they are potentially becoming a bigger sources of revenue for charities. However, the number of charities accepting the virtual currencies, known for their volatility, remains limited.Cryptocurrencies may be an attractive asset to donate because they allow donors to bypass the capital gains tax. Donors would be subject to that tax if they convert the virtual currency into cash before giving it away, which means less money could go to their selected charity.This session explores the current state of crypto currency world and how charities are adapting to digital donations.
Policies and resources – session in collaboration with Pro Bono EconomicsSpeakers: Ceris Gardner, Partner, Head of Charities and Immigration, Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP; Pippa Garland, Partner, Russell Cooke LLP, Nicole Sykes, Director of Policy and Communications, Pro Bono Economics and Cath Dovey, Co-founder, The Beacon Collaborative.Philanthropy, social investment and ESG/impact investment, along with government activities to address societal issues, are key mechanisms to achieving sustainable societal impact – creating meaningful change.It is essential that policies are put in place to enhance the impact of the above. This session explores the current state of philanthropic giving, social and impact investing; their role in a post COVID society; and the policies recommended to enhance their effectiveness.
Trust in Philanthropy

Trust in Philanthropy


Chaired by John Pepin, CEO. Philanthropy ImpactPanel Rena Greifinger, Managing Director, Maverick CollectiveDerek Bardowell, CEO, Ten Years’ TimeRussell Prior, Regional Head of Family Governance, Family Office Advisory & Philanthropy,  EMEA, and Wealth Planning & Advisory | Private Banking, HSBC UK Bank PLCIt is often said that the first step into Philanthropy and Impact Investing is the hardest and most daunting, and the result can determine how someone feels the impact that they set out to achieve, and whether they continue their donor journey.  In this episode we explore the many opportunities and benefits of giving, the value of trusting the partners you work with, and how Professional Advisors can support their clients to create trust-based philanthropy strategies for real long-term impact.
Philanthropy and Funding in EducationChaired by Dan Corry, Chief Executive, NPCPanel: Dr Lorna Goodwin, Executive Director, First Star Academies UK and Dr Alison Body, Senior Lecturer in Philanthropic Studies and Social Policy, University of Kent.
Listen as John Pepin speaks to Founder of Forsightfully, Eleanor Winston to learn about her journey and hear her views on how exploring alternative futures and building and maintaining a robust and inclusive vision of the future is the key to better business, and how this can be applied to philanthropy and sustainable investing. Eleanor Winton founded Foresightfully in 2017 building on her passion to inspire leaders and leadership teams to imagine a better future for all of their stakeholders. Through her consultancy she works with organisations all over the world, from local charities to global giants. She previously developed and led the Future Institute at a major consultancy.
Transition to Net Zero

Transition to Net Zero


Transition to net Zero – a collaboration between sectors.Chaired by James Broderick, Director, Impact investing InstitutePanel Carl Pratt, Founder & Creative Director, Future Planet; David Hunter, Senior Counsel, Bates Well and Kate Elliot - Head of Ethical, Sustainable and Impact Research, Rathbones Greenbank InvestmentsDuring this fascinating session, we explore why cross-sector collaboration is key to achieving mass decarbonization and how professional advisors can respond to the increasing demands for sustainable investing products and support their donor/social investment journey.  We also ask the question if Net Zero is enough.
The Ukraine Crisis

The Ukraine Crisis


How advisors can support their clients in actioning support in response to the Ukraine crisis.Chair Rennie Hoare, partner and Head of Philanthropy, C. Hoare & Co.Panel: Enver Solomon, CEO, Refugee Council, Konstantin Sivokhin, Trustee, Prospero World, Anna-Louisa Psarras, Prospero World and Laura Kyrke-Smith, Executive Director, IRC UKFollowing the recent and dramatic events, we decided to host a special session of our 'Walk in my shoe' series to explore with experts how advisors can support their clients in actioning support in response to the Ukraine crisis.Many trusts and foundations are already providing collective support to those affected by this crisis, but what has been the response of the philanthropy sector to this crisis, what more can we do, and how can philanthropists help? How can philanthropists, social investors and impact investors approach this complex issue in a strategic way? What is the role of professional advisors?
Chair John Pepin, Chief Executive, Philanthropy ImpactPanel Myriam Vander Elst, Chief Engagement Officer, Epic Foundation; Keith MacDonald, Senior Adviser Wealth Management, EY; Lottie Leefe Founder and CEO The Dura Society.Why would a non-profit, social business or even corporations use an intermediary to reach donors or other potential partners? How can donors use intermediaries to play a powerful role in social change? How far out front should they be on such issues of equity, inclusion, mental health, environmental issues, and social justice? How can professional advisors make use of intermediaries to support their clients on their social impact journey.During this session, we discuss the important role intermediaries play in collecting and distributing funding, and supporting social change.
With Heartfelt Thanks

With Heartfelt Thanks


A celebration of professional advisors’ contribution to addressing the changing needs of clients for investing and giving for impact.Chair John Pepin, Chief Executive, Philanthropy ImpactPanel James Broderick, Director of Impact Investing Institute; Rose Mary Gunn, Founder and CEO of the Fore, and Frank Tobé, Family Office Advisor, Philanthropist and Impact Investor.Since 1998 Philanthropy Impact has been delivering services to professional advisors (private client advisors, wealth management, banking, independent financial advice, tax and legal sectors), to prepare them to meet emerging client demand for philanthropy, and social investment and impact/ESG investment.During these years, we have been witnessed the changing advisory space and how the sector is evolving to respond to the ever-growing demand for more and better philanthropy advice and guidance, and for a new kind of wealth management.During this session we celebrate all advisors who through their effort and dedication, are reshaping the advisory space and are working collaboratively to help clients live their values and achieve their goals.