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Author: Brian Meier

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Block and Lot with Brian & Kate Meier. The no BS, look inside what's actually going on in New York City Real Estate. They answer questions from listeners, gives the authentic, current market condition and each week shares how to tackle the countless challenges and unpredictable situations that are part of an agent's everyday life. Whether you strategize from their experiences or prepare for tomorrow's pitch, this podcast is for those who live and breathe real estate.
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Block and Lot with Brian Meier.Brian and Kate breakdown how Streeteasy's manual listing input and rental charges will affect agents. By showing examples and playing with the numbers, they give an accurate picture of just how it will add to your yearly operating costs as an agents.Brian begs agents to stop the "apartment comb over".2019 takeaways, is buyer confidence back?Sofia asks, who is responsible for her storage unit she thought was conveyed in the sale but found out after closing that it wasn't?Thinking of splurging on that Private Island, Estate or Investment? Our guest international top broker of the Bahamas, Philip Hillier shares all aspects of how ownership is conveyed to point you in the right direction. 
Block and Lot with Brian Meier.Brian and Kate Meier take an in-depth look at the realities of working with your spouse.Whose winning the battle between Streeteasy vs. Brokerages. The scoop on Co-op board application fees under the new rental law.
Block and Lot with Brian MeierLive from Viewing Room 6 at Christie's Auction House Our guest the brilliant art historian, celebrated author, Professor at Christies and speaker at MoMA Dr. Agnes Berecz shares a life in art, the magic of Christies and her latest book, 100 years,100 Artworks: A History of Modern & Contemporary Art. Join us this week where we talk board rejections, overpriced listings and why virtual staging is out of control.
Block and Lot with Brian MeierWhy setting expectations is critical from clients to listings.What are the options if a squatter takes over your Airbnb property?Our guest, one of real estates most affluent entrepreneurs Andrew Heiberger of Buttonwood Development shares his market predictions and why teams are leading the industry.
Block and Lot with Brian Meier.Fall Market Predictions.What can you do when the buyer has issues with their loan? Specific strategies for when the mortgage contingency is expired and no one seems to want to give the buyer a loan. Our brilliant guest Michael Nerenberg, Esq. partner at Borah, Goldstein, Altschuler, Nahins & Goidel, P.C. gives vital insight and a breakdown of the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019. 
Block and Lot with Brian Meier.Why clean data, great photos & fast response rate is vital in this market.Strategies on what to do if a coop board keeps rejecting your buyers. Our guest the Queen of Ulster County, Amy Crossfield of Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty.
Block and Lot with Brian Meier. How legislation is affecting the industry.Why the rental market is so hot right now.Is it a good time to list?Our illustrious guest Alexandra Whelehan of Leman Manhattan Preparatory School shares her insightful expertise on Leman and private education in New York City. 
How the snickers rebrand attempts is relevant to the current market. The developments offering incentive and are there deals buyers should jump on? How do you handle your neighbor's smoking that turns your apartment into an ashtray?Our guest one of Brooklyn's most distinguished, funny and savvy top brokers, Heather McMaster.
Block and Lot with Brian Meier.What percentage of properties actually succeeded in selling last year?When your clients are in contract in a new development and prices drop, what are your options?Does an owner have to warn a potential buyer if the house is haunted?We love to support our clients, especially when they create an empire for luxury products that give back actual profits from each purchase to charities! Our guests this week Michael Yang and Doug Morris are the incredibly talented co-founders of 5=Ten, a luxury athletic wear and underwear for Men. 
Block and Lot with Brian Meier. The Spring Market, does all this rain bring bidding wars?Tips on how to handle a listing agent who blows you off.Fresh perspective from our invigorated guest Juan Barreneche, the CEO of the Gold Bar Team at EXP Realty.
Block and Lot with Brian MeierHow I got my start, from a graduate from the Culinary Institute of Education to running a top team in the New York City Real Estate industry. Is it risky closing on a property using a 5 Year ARM?Have I ever had to let go of a client?Our guest, one of the top restaurateur's in the world, Wine Director and owner of Yono's and DP's in downtown Albany Dominick Purnomo. 
Block and Lot with Brian Meier Coversion Vs. Ground up Buildings.Why listings don't move.Our listener Patty's question on a grandfathered washer/dryer that isn't installed yet for a sponsor condo purchase. Our listener Ilya's question on the differences of residential vs. commercial real estate.Our guest the Stunner of of Sales, senior agent Kane Manera.
Block and Lot with Brian MeierWhy Bill #1423 is flawed and destructive for tenants, listing agents and the art of a co-broke.  Defining what exactly is a CEMA, how it can be used and how I use it to save my clients money. The most important room in the house for $$$ value. Our guest the exceptionally astute Matthew Fotis, Senior Managing director at Marcus and Millichap who shares his insight about commercial real estate, why rent laws and keeping abreast of changes is vital. 
Block and Lot Pocast with Brian Meier.2018 takeaways.The danger of buying tomorrow's value, today.Service dogs. Our guest the distinguished Matt Lesser, partner at Leslie Garfield.
Block and Lot with Brian MeierWhy the market has shifted. So you want to be a Real Estate Agent? The reality behind the profession.Online Bank vs. Brick & Mortar One of Brooklyn's top brokers, the one and only incredible Judith Lief. 
Block and Lot with Brian MeierThe benefits and downsides of opportunity zones and our guest Frans Preidel from the Terrace Experts reveals his in depth approach to evaluating all New York City terraces.
E3 S3:

E3 S3:


 David Stephenson the Director of organized delay management of the MTA and how transportation can affect a homes value.
Block and Lot with Brian MeierTalking the current market with the CEO of Urban Diggs, Noah Rosenblatt and COO John Walkup
Did Taylor Swift make good buying decisions? More With Mark David Fromm.
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