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ACP: The Amazon Connect Podcast

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This is The Amazon Connect Podcast - the show that focuses on Amazon Connect and related technologies. Find out more about CloudInteract at

On ACP our experts meet once every 2 weeks to discuss the latest news and deep dive into topics such as CRM integration, AI, Scheduling & Forecasting, Training & Development and lots more.

If you're a contact centre supervisor, a service owner, and IT Admin or an AWS Developer there's something for you here. Increase your knowledge and understanding of Amazon's popular customer service application.

We'd love to answer your Amazon Connect questions on the show so if you have something you'd like our experts to discuss email us at

ACP: The Amazon Connect Podcast is created and produced by CloudInteract and is not affiliated in any way with Amazon Connect.

9 Episodes
9: Project Management

9: Project Management


In this episode of the Amazon Connect Podcast (ACP), we talk to Saffron Archer and Veronica Larena, both delivery leads at CloudInteract, about the key aspects of successfully managing Amazon Connect deployment projects. We delve into the importance of project management, the challenges of coordinating with multiple stakeholders, and the benefits of agile methodologies in ensuring adaptability and continuous improvement in contact center deployments. We also covers the significance ...
In this episode of the ACP, we dive into the intricacies of workforce optimization (WFO), workforce management (WFM), workforce engagement management (WEM) with Scott Budding and Rich Pennington from Calabrio. As experts in this area, they discuss the evolution of traditional workforce management practices towards a more agent-centric approach, emphasizing the importance of engaging and empowering call center agents for both efficiency and quality service.The episode also explores Calabr...
7: PCI Compliance

7: PCI Compliance


In this episode of ACP we delve into the world of PCI compliance with our guest, Dmitri Muntean, managing director at SequenceShift. Dmitri brings his extensive knowledge in PCI compliance and telephony to discuss the challenges and solutions for businesses using Amazon Connect. The episode explores how Dmitri's company, SequenceShift, specializes in providing PCI compliance solutions specifically designed for Amazon Connect, including agent-assisted phone payments and self-service IVR option...
In this special episode of ACP, we explore the latest announcements from Enterprise Connect as they relate to Amazon Connect. Discussing features that were just announced, this episode is a real-time analysis, less polished but filled with genuine reactions to the breaking news.Key highlights include:Third-Party App Support for the Agent Workspace: Now generally available, this feature allows for enhanced productivity by integrating third-party applications directly into the agent workspace. ...
In this podcast episode, Tom Morgan and Alex Baker discuss how to set up and manage an Amazon Connect Contact Centre. They highlight the importance of planning before starting the deployment process and determining how exactly you want to use Amazon Connect. Alex states the importance of understanding the technical side of things and emphasizing the need for proof of concept which involves proving the technology, getting staff to use it, and checking if the business case makes sense.The ...
In this episode we are joined by John Ing, Independent Cloud Contact Centre Consultant. John is an entrepreneurial and forward thinking technology leader with over 40 years experience in the industry who was an early adopter of Amazon Connect . He led the first UK Bank onto Amazon Connect 5 years ago and has since helped a number of other organisations transform to Amazon Connect. We started off talking about the very first days of Amazon Connect and how the product has evolved since the...
In this episode Tom & Alex were joined by Bentley Paton - Platform Engineer at CloudInteract - to discuss some of the newest innovations in the Amazon Connect communications widget.We first discuss the existing chat widget capabilities that Connect has had for some time before moving to talk about the addition of audio and video. We spent some time talking about whether the world was ready for this - both customers and companies.After that, we headed into the technicalities of how everyth...
2: CRM Integration

2: CRM Integration


In this week's episode, we discuss CRM integration, starting with what that actually means and why you might need or want it.We talk about the CRM that's built right into Amazon Connect with Customer Profiles and Connect Cases. For lots of people (especially if you don't already have a CRM in place) this could be a GREAT solution as there's really good integration with the rest of Amazon Connect already built in. We discuss some examples of the sorts of great customer service experiences this...
Welcome to the first episode of the CloudInteract Connect Podcast! In this episode we introduce ourselves and cover the basics of Amazon Connect: its capabilities and features. We discuss who Amazon Connect is for, how to get it and pay for it, and the pitfalls of "just turning it on". Alex has a great example of a customer that saw significant savings using the auto-scale capabilities that Connect can bring to the contact centre. Next week we're going to be talking about how to integrate Con...
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