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Faith Over Breakfast

Author: Pastor Eric and Pastor Andy

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Pastors from two creative communities, Andy Littleton and Eric Cepin, discuss the practical and theological dilemmas of ministering in a post-modern world.
148 Episodes
Eric and Andy start the podcast late - one headed towards vacation and the other just back from a great adventure. This meandering conversation touches topics that include the strangeness of church services, marriage getaways, and the importance of rest.
Pastor Eric sits down with Adrienne Crawford to discuss her journey towards seeing herself as an activist, mother, and follower of Jesus.
Guest host Kevin Sommitz discusses the merits of Amazon shopping and the small disruption in the faith Andy Stanley caused recently.
Andy and Eric talk about judgement (How it effects us), Change (How we can), and the Suffering of Christ (The source of Change).
The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God


Eric and Andy talk about Jesus, the Kingdom, and our future hope.
Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias


Eric and Andy talk about the rise and fall of the apologist - Ravi Zacharias.  RZIM (A report on the activities of Ravi Zacharias)
The Return To Church

The Return To Church


Eric and Andy openly wrestle with the struggle of being a pastor in the Covid era.  
The following podcast is a crossover podcast between Healing the City and Faith Over Breakfast.  Pastor Eric explores, with his father,  how Jesus meets us in unique ways when we sit the emptiness that comes with disappointment, rejection, and misunderstanding.  
John Cepin, pastor Eric's Dad, shares his story and offers guidance to those looking to draw close to Jesus.
Pastor Andy Littleton and Pastor Eric Cepin begin the year discussing the sobering events in our nations capitol.
It is the the end of the year, and Eric and Andy turned on the mics and stared talking
Eric and Andy discuss their experience of planting churches in Tucson AZ.
Andy and Eric chat about how to begin the discussion of difficult subjects through a Gospel lens.
This episode was recorded on Election Day
The Best podcast you will ever listen to.
Eric and Andy start the podcast with a discussion of other stuff, and they eventually get to the importance of the Sermon.
Eric and Andy discuss the most recent Netflix documentary - The Social Dilemma.  
Southwest Louisiana was hit by Hurricane Laura. At this point the community continues to  rely on out-of-state help in the wake of the storm. Some of that relief coming from the Tucson Arizona area.  In particular Mission Church.  Andy Littleton details his adventure helping out the community in Lake Charles. 
Andy and Eric talk about discipleship in their usual meandering way. 



Pastor Eric and Pastor Andy discuss the role of the Lament in our modern world.  
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