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In this episode, I sat down with Melinda Nickels to discuss her training and her perspective on her profession. Or rather - her professions - as in multiple! Dr. Nickels is a licensed acupuncturist, but also a Naturopathic doctor. Naturopathic doctors have many of the same capacities as MDs and DOs with regards to scope of practice, but come from a different perspective. You can learn more about Naturopathic medicine by clicking this link.Melinda shares the story of how she came to Naturopathic medicine in the first place, including her adventures in fields as diverse as computer programming and natural building. Throughout the story we discuss aspects of natural medicine philosophy, her current interests and continuing education, and more. Please don't forget to rate and share the podcast & send along any comments, suggestions or potential topics via our podcast page on our website.
In this episode, Todd Garrity, LAc, and I discuss the use of acupuncture during end-of-life care. Todd has a keen interest in helping people through this important phase of life and has sought extensive continuing education to help him be of most help to people facing the dying process.Todd discusses the basics of how end-of-life acupuncture works, and discusses some of the theories behind why it is helpful. He also shares a little bit about his training and personal connection with this practice.The links below will help you get the most out of this episode:Certified Providers of Hospice and Palliative Care Acupuncture (CPHPCA) - the professional organization that helps to educate and certifies acupuncturists who want to do this work. They host a directory of available providers as well.Link to a study about the use of acupuncture in palliative care settingsAnother study looking at the use of acupuncture in home hospice careGoverning Vessel 20, or GV-20, or Baihui, the acupuncture point on the top of the head that Todd referencesThe contact form I reference, where you can submit any additional questions
In this episode, we continue the conversation with Todd Garrity, LAc, this time discussing how he approaches pain relief in his acupuncture practice.  While most people know that acupuncture can treat pain, there is a lot more to it than sticking needles into painful muscles. In particular, Todd's use of the Korean Hand Therapy system presents an alternative approach, which we discuss here as well as in videos on our Youtube channel.Don't forget to leave us questions, topics and feedback on the podcast page of our website!During this short discussion we touch on a variety of interesting topics including:What sorts of pain acupuncture can treatHow an acupuncture microsystem works to treat painThe role of burning mugwort - moxibustion - in treatment of painHow surgical procedures can interrupt qi flow, and how treatment can helpHow treating the root of a disease is different from chasing symptomsSome things mentioned on the podcast that you might want to explore further:Acupressure pelletsLion moxa warmersA great book about moxibustion, meant for practitioners and very curious patients
The Watershed Wellness podcast is back!After a long hiatus, we're back to it and start off with a brief introduction to acupuncturist Todd Garrity, LAc. Todd came to the clinic from Colorado just before the pandemic changed all our lives. So, while he's been here a while - we've not been able to hear from him on the podcast. In this episode he discusses what brought him to the medicine - and his early career arc. In future episodes, we will dig into what Todd's most excited about in his practice and what's to come.We recorded a short series of videos with Todd on our Youtube channel. A perfect companion to the current episode of the podcast would be this video where Todd discusses the path that brought him to Astoria.Please do subscribe to the podcast & share with your friends and family. The more the merrier! You can give us suggestions and feedback using the form on this page. Thank you for listening & for being members of our wider Watershed Wellness community.
In this episode, Rowan Everard, LAc and Eric Grey, LAc discuss what an acupuncture appointment actually looks like. While every practitioner is different, Rowan articulates a flow that is fairly similar to most Watershed Wellness practitioners. Rowan answers questions like:What is the intake process like?Does the practitioner leave the room during treatment?What if the patient is nervous or having trouble with treatment?What happens while you're getting acupuncture?and more...Please head over to our podcast archive to listen to all of our episodes and use the contact form there to make recommendations for future episodes! Thanks for listening!
We're back in action with the Watershed Wellness podcast. We'll be releasing episodes every 2 weeks or so, and continuing on with our focus on highlighting our fantastic practitioners while adding some new content types and creative approaches to healthcare podcasting.We've moved our podcast archive over to the Astoria website. You can find the full podcast archive there, as well as here on Buzzsprout.In this episode, we bring Amanda Koennecke, licensed esthetician and WW PDX office maestro back to discuss the finer points of her healthcare approach. She also gives a great report back about her time at the latest Eminence Organics regional skin care conference. We spend a fair amount of time chatting about the difference between a more high end spa facial and the holistic everyday health approach Amanda takes in her practice. It's a fun conversation and features some new intro & outro music from the incomparable Tao Jones.Thanks for joining us again!
The second and last part of this short series, Amanda Koennecke and Eric Grey, LAc discuss common skincare pitfalls in the summer & how to maintain a routine even when things are hectic. Yep, we scheduled this one back around solstice - relive that longest day of the year! ;)
In this first part of a two-part series, Eric talks to Amanda Koennecke, esthetics specialist, and central WW team member, about her skin care practice & Eminence Organics, the skincare line we love so much at the clinic. In this podcast, we discuss how to find a simple but effective skincare routine and the relationship between holistic health and esthetics. Look for the next part coming soon.
In this episode, Amanda Barp, LMT, RYT and Eric Grey discuss a common theme in both their practices - the foundation of non-judgment that lies at the heart of all great healthcare. Body image, social mores, political positions and more can all work to thwart people's desire to seek out the care that they need. At WW we do our utmost to ensure this doesn't impact our patients, and in this podcast, we reveal a bit more about our thinking and approach.
In this episode, Amanda Barp, LMT, RYT and Eric dig into how yoga and movement are approached at Watershed Wellness. We talk about the different types of classes available, why it's so important to have different ways to access movement, and how a nuanced approach to movement allows people to avoid injury. Info about the new upcoming schedule change & our new yoga app!Relevant WW contentYoga and pilates at Watershed WellnessA little tour of the yoga and clinic space in AstoriaBeginning yoga in Astoria - is it for you?The movement class scheduleOur yoga schedule iPhone appOur yoga schedule Android app
In this episode, Eric Grey, LAc ,  Melinda Wheeler, LAc , and  Rowan Everard, LAc have fun chatting about classical Chinese medicine (as opposed to traditional Chinese medicine), autumnal symbolism and the vital function of slowing down & going within during this important season.Relevant linksChinese medicine at Watershed WellnessAn article by Eric on his scholarly website about the Lung organ system from a classical perspectiveAnother autumn/lung post by Eric on his website
In this episode, Amanda Barp, LMT and Eric talk about Amanda's massage practice, especially how she likes to combine more focused and more relaxation-based work. But the bulk of the episode is about Amanda's yoga lineage, how she wants to bring yoga to people who don't ordinarily access it. Enjoy!Relevant WW contentYoga and pilates at Watershed WellnessA little tour of the yoga and clinic space in AstoriaBeginning yoga in Astoria - is it for you?The movement class schedule
In this episode of the podcast, WW co-founder and acupuncturist Eric Grey, LAc discusses the treatment of pain, especially chronic pain, and what surprises patients about that process. Delving into the unique character of acupuncture, the relationship of patient and practitioner and the holistic framework that allows us to resolve pain for good, this is a quick listen for anyone with an interest in the East Asian medicine approach to health.
In this episode, Melinda Wheeler, LAc is interviewed about her path to her own healing & her profession, the sane way to make life changes and more. Note that we had a few sound issues with this episode, but I think Melinda's energy comes through just fine.Relevant WW contentChinese medicine at Watershed WellnessOne of Melinda's recent articles, exploring the relationship of the Heart and StomachThe first of a series of articles about Chinese medicine and digestive health, written by Melinda recently
In this episode, Eric Grey, LAc welcomes back himself (!) to talk about 3 common misconceptions about Chinese medicine and acupuncture. First, he talks about the elephant in the room - NEEDLES! Yes, he's scared of them too. Next, he discusses the education and training of American acupuncturists. Finally, he discusses the idea that acupuncture only treats pain - an idea that runs contrary to his experience in clinical practice. Enjoy!Relevant WW contentChinese medicine at Watershed WellnessArticle about 10 things you can expect at your first acupuncture appointmentOther contentDirect link to recording of Eric's appearance on KMUN's Light on Health with Dr. Allie Evans, ND - a discussion of Chinese medicine, holistic health and Eric's well documented fear of needles.Image comparing needles & other objects to size of acupuncture needles
In this episode, I talk to Watershed Wellness - Portland Naturopathic Doctor DeAun Nelson about what brought her to Naturopathic medicine, what gets her excited about practice and how you can connect with her. But the podcast really takes off when we delve into Dr. Nelson's favorite topic - weight neutral healthcare and Health At Every Size (TM). You'll hear some basic definitions, discussion about weight stigma in healthcare (and beyond) and a few hints about what future podcast discussions might bring with Dr. Nelson.Relevant WW contentThe myth of the Body Mass Index/BMIHealth at Every Size at Watershed WellnessRelevant booksHealth at Every Size by Linda Bacon Body Respect by Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor (this is a newer book and has updates to the movement in it)Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Trible and Elyse ReschThe Health Trap by Chris Sandel, nutritionist (great, short book with great explanations about how undereating can cause health is on Kindle Unlimited too)Relevant PodcastsThe Reclaiming You Podcast with Sarah Vance.This is more of a ditch the diet podcast and she does not mince words about how she feels about the diet industry. She also talks about body positivity and reclaiming body compassion.Dietitians Unplugged with Glenys Oyston and Aaron Flores.Great discussions about diets, HAES, food, culture, etc with two Dietitians. Great interviews too.Every Body with Daria Matza. Host started out as a documentarian who is now using this podcast to explore HAES and the non-diet world. Great interviews!
In this episode, Eric discusses an important aspect of his own practice - helping people to make various lifestyle changes to support their healing. He's seen lots of ways this works and lots of ways that don't, and wants to share a few tips and tricks that he's seen help his own patients make the changes they want, and need, to make.For more about Eric, check out the website at :
In this episode, I take with Dr. Ann Holland, ND, LAc, one of Watershed Wellness' wonderful Naturopathic doctors. Since she holds licenses in both Naturopathic medicine AND acupuncture, she has unique tools and perspectives on the illnesses that people encounter everyday. She briefly discusses a spring and summer scourge - seasonal allergies - and how she looks at that disorder in a nuanced way.For more about Dr. Holland, you can check out her bio on the Watershed Wellness Portland site here!
In this episode, Eric interviews Rowan Everard, LAc, the newest acupuncturist at Watershed Wellness. Practicing in Portland, Rowan has a special interest in the treatment of mental-emotional difficulties as well as in supporting the LGBT community. In this podcast, we chat about that and much more, including the teachers who influenced him, and what he's excited about with his WW practice. Enjoy!
In this episode, Eric Grey discusses what he sees as some foundational principles that lie at the heart of natural medicine as we practice it at Watershed Wellness. In exploring these themes, we provide context for the conversations to come on the podcast, as well as helping you get to know our practice better. Check out the podcast at, share with your friends, and we always love feedback!
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