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A weekly game audio podcast covering news, job postings, tips and tools, and interviews with industry professionals.
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This episode is the first without our fearless leader, Jim Welch, who is working full-time on his new venture, Kinskii... :( HOWEVER, it was my great pleasure to finally get to chat with someone I have long held in great regard. Since hearing her speak at GDC 2013, I have wanted to get to know Jessica Curry better, and she was so generous to take the time to do so. Despite being in the 11th hour of production on "Everyone's Gone to the Rapture," she shares a glimpse of what we can expect in the next couple of months as the game is released. Enjoy!
POST GDC HYPE!!!!11111 Jim and Dave sat down with a group of sound designers, composers, game developers and even fellow game audio podcasters for a GDC wrap-up. During this discussion, we get Joonas Turner sharing sound design tips, Jukio Kallio telling us about a new artist to watch from Wild Rumpus, Peter Gardner pitches his awesome Kickstarter game Cadence, and Matthew Marteinsson defines 3 specific criteria you need to be "legit" in game audio. Between me and Jim put together, we just barely make the cut... Peter's Kickstarter: Joonas & Jukio's current project(among others): Matthew's game audio podcast:
Dave arranged a little guerrilla jam session at the Hotel Zetta on Wednesday night during GDC. This is the last song we did, and you can hear someone from the hotel come in and very politely ask us to SHUT UP AND GET OUT about 2 minutes in. Thanks to all who came out, and especially to Yannis Brown for the recording.
Pardon the poor audio quality for this one...more legit eps coming soon :) Much better audio quality of the panel from Akash, Jacob and Ryan is HERE:
The Voice of Cain is back! Check out his review and stop by his website if you want more Cain. :D
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