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The Cutting Room

Author: Gordon Burkell

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The Cutting Room is a podcast from The Art of the Guillotine Network. Each episode we interview editors from around the world about their technique and approach to film editing.
255 Episodes
Jody McVeigh-Schultz and Lane Farnham discuss tackling HBO's documentary series McMillions, a series that explores the fraud in the 1990's McDonald's Monopoly game. We discuss editing the series and the scenes that got cut.
Gordon sits down with cinematographer James Kniest to discuss his work on The Haunting of Bly Manor. Including hiding people in the background, lighting an entire episode with candles, and more!
Gordon sits down with documentary editor and producer Kathryn Robson to discuss storytelling and her work on the hit Netflix documentary Circus of Books.
Gordon sits down to talk to Emmy Nominated editors Kate Sanford and Tim Streeto to discuss their work on the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
Gordon sits down with Wade Barnett(Supervising Sound Editor) and David Barbee (Sound Designer) to discuss their work on Amazon Prime's hit show The Boys.
Gordon sits down with Shawn Paper to discuss Crashing, editing, and the new film The Broken Hearts Gallery.
Gordon Sits down with Arielle Kilker and David Nordstrom, the Supervising Editors of Netflix's hit documentary series Cheer. They discuss the detective work required to structure a doc and the character they didn't want to cut but had to.
Gordon sits down with German Cinematographer Sebastian Thaler to discuss his work on the Joseph Gordon-Levitt vehicle 7500. Sebastian talks about tackling shooting in tight spaces and lighting in a small cabin for a jet.
Kyle Gilman discusses the editing of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. The Reverend. This film is a "Pick your own adventure," and its final cut is over three-hours long! Using custom made technology, Kyle worked with the producers to find the story and bring together the multiple strands for comedic timing.
Doug Abel (Tiger King)

Doug Abel (Tiger King)


Doug Abel sits down with Gordon to discuss editing Netflix's hit, Tiger King. They discuss getting through the mounds of footage, dealing with the different versions/cuts, the various stories they worked over, and much more!
Paul Leonard-Morgan joins Gordon Burkell to discuss composing with Philip Glass for Amazon's Tales from the Loop.
Celia Haining, editor of The Crown, joins Gordon Burkell to discuss editing for story.
Gordon sits down with Ivan Victor to discuss his work editing 68 Whiskey.
In this bonus episode, Gordon sits down with Dan Deleeuw, the visual effects supervisor for Avengers: Endgame.
Jinmo Yang (Parasite)

Jinmo Yang (Parasite)


Gordon sits down with Jinmo Yang to discuss the editing of Parasite, the hit Korean film and a must see for everyone.
Gordon sits down with Jeffrey Ford and Matthew Schmidt to discuss the editing of Endgame.
Gordon sits down with Spencer Averick to discuss editing "When They See Us" and his working relationship with Ava DuVernay.
For the first half of this episode, Gordon sits down with Roger Barton to discuss his work on Godzilla King of Monsters. After that, Roger and Gordon are joined by Brad Thomas to discuss their venture Evercast, a tool for reviewing cuts live over the internet. Check it out at
Lawrence Jordan joins Gordon to discuss editing, 2-pop, and his new venture Master the workflow.
Tom Ohanian is legendary; he helped create Avid and make it the industry standard in post-production and now, he has released a book where he interviews the top editors in the world! He sits down with Gordon to discuss his days at Avid and his new book.
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