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Welcome to The Big Mig Show’s official podcast, where we explore the world of current news, politics, and global events like never before! Join charismatic hosts, Lance Migliaccio and George Balloutine, as they take you on a thrilling journey filled with laughter, thought-provoking discussions, and a whole lot of charm.

Their mission is to educate and unify the country one episode at a time, using their unique blend of humor, investigative journalism, and wit to captivate you as they delve deep into the most pressing issues of our time. As they say, The Big Mig Show is ’The Tip of The Spear’.

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Federal Judge Orders Liquidation of Alex Jones’ Personal Assets The 2024 Presidential Election Is Going To Be The Largest Landslide In World History CALLS FOR JUSTICE: Criminal Referral Requests Against Anthony Fauci,
Matt Bracken served on east coast UDT and SEAL teams, taking a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut in 1983. Mr. Bracken left active duty after Lebanon, upon completion of his obligated military service, but he remained in an active reserve status through the remainder of the 1980s.
Daniel Brigman is a Patriot, he is the author of the book Forever 1776. He is a former National Radio host discussing everything from Giants to GMO's. His family are the founders of NuManna food Storage. A nationally trusted brand and innovator that started in their family's basement.
Tristan Leavitt who is the president of the group Empower Oversight is representing an anonymous FBI whistleblower who was suspended indefinitely without pay after the Agency discovered he attended January 6, 2021 at the Ellipse and US Capitol.
 Six Suspected Terrorists With ISIS Ties Arrested in New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia – Top Target Previously Released at Southern Border. The targets had all crossed the southern border and initial vetting by federal authorities didn’t turn up any negative information tied to their names,
Doctor Jane Ruby Joins The Big Mig Show Live at the Reawaken Tour to discuss the New 9th Circuit ruling on why the courts ruled that the Covid Vaccine is not a Vaccine.
PELOSI LIED! Former Capitol Police Chief Sund Testifies He Had 3 Calls with Pelosi on Jan. 6 – Pelosi Said They Never Spoke – But Sund Says He Has the Receipts!  Border Patrol agents in the San Diego sector have been directed by the Biden administration to RELEASE illegals right onto the streets. Fani Willis’ YSL RICO Trial Goes Off the Rails After Rapper Young Thug’s Attorney Arrested Mid Trial!
Supreme Court Petition FILED TODAY by Trennis Evans  to stop the New York Trump Case! We The People Are Being Disenfranchised As Voters. Treniss Evans is the founder of Condemned USA. He was a defendant of his own prejudicial prosecution from the Department of Justice following the events of January 6th. Treniss has been diligently combating the DOJ inside the courts since 2021 and has spoken to roughly 400+ January 6th defendants.
Ann Vandersteel with The Big Mig Take Back Our Country
Join us with a one-on-one interview with General Michael Flynn at the Reawaken Tour in Michigan.
House Republicans Refer Hunter and James Biden for Criminal Prosecution For Lying to Congress Georgia Court of Appeals Halts All Proceedings in Trump RICO Case Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Testifies on His Reckless Drug Use Hunter Biden’s Ex-Girlfriend Drops Bombshell
Justin Leslie, a scientist turned whistleblower and journalist, worked on Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine platform from March 2021 to April 2022. Leslie uncovered controversial information about Pfizer's activities Leslie resigned and began producing "Project Whistleblower," a documentary recounting his experiences within Pfizer and the alternative media landscape since August 2023.
The globalist elites are in a panic. Trump is the greatest threat to their power over humanity in the civilized world. Something must be done. Alex Soros, the son of the infamous leftist financier George Soros, has made an appeal to Democrats.
In this thought-provoking new book, Dr. Fleming challenges us to navigate the murky waters of history, exposing parallel programs developed over the last 170 years in the United States. This riveting exploration unearths ancient civilizations that embraced slavery, sterilization, and eugenics, drawing chilling parallels to our present reality. Dr. Fleming confronts the uncomfortable truth: are we repeating the mistakes of the past while expecting different outcomes?
Judge Merchan has ruled against him again and again. Finally, Donald Trump lost his temper and said, “What a moron!” The judge, flushed with anger, shouted, “$1,000 fine!” “$1,000 dollars?!” Trump said. “I said three words.” “Those three words were contempt of court,” the judge said, “and that’s a $1,000 fine.” Mr. Trump got out his wallet and started looking through it. Thinking there’s been a misunderstanding, Judge Merchan calmed down a bit and said, “you don’t have to pay now.” Mr. Trump, “No, I’m just checking to see if I have enough cash on me for two more words.... just two more!”
January 6 Political Prisoner and founder of free speech Social Media Platform, Jake Lang host daily news podcast focused on topics of Family and Freedom. Recorded Live from Alexandria Jail. Support J6”s
Jan. 6 Revelation: Officer Describes Secret Symbols Undercover Gov't Operatives Wore During Operation: Video in the new documentary film “Capitol Punishment 2: The War on Truth,” apparently shows a U.S. Capitol Police officer stating the identifiers that undercover agents in the crowd would use during the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol protest.
Death To America We Paid $71.02 billion For This Millions of Iranians in the Imam Reza Shrine, where Ebrahim Raisi's body lies, are chanting "Death to America.” Hamas Leader Thanks Student Protesters For Being Part of ‘Flood’ to Annihilate Jews  FBI Knew Joe Biden & Hunter Met with CCP Connected Business Partners Feds secretly knew for years Joe Biden met with Hunter’s Chinese partners on official trip.
Ivan Raiklin Shares his Plan for a legal peaceful, constitutional, law abiding path forward for the United States!
Ivan Raiklin served as a Green Beret Commander countering ISIS in the Middle East, Taliban in Afghanistan, MS-13 in Central America, countering Russian aggression as a military diplomat in the Republic of Georgia. He Served 25 years in the DOD, Intel and Special Operations Communities and DTRA as an enlisted, officer, civilian, contractor on active duty, reserves and national guard across five states and five continents in five languages.  After observing the illegally certified 2020 election, Ivan used his skills and expertise to investigate this constitutional violation and all Federal Government and State Actors involved.