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Get ready to explore the authentic stories of resilience on "GrowthTales," the official podcast of ConnectCPA, where we unravel the captivating stories of individuals who dared to dream, persevered, and embody the true power of entrepreneurship. This is their journey, their lessons, and their triumphs.
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In this episode, we sit down with Stephen Shedletzky, author and renowned expert on fostering a speak-up culture within organizations. Stephen shares invaluable insights from his book, "Speak-Up Culture," and provides practical advice on how leaders can create an environment where everyone feels safe and encouraged to voice their ideas and concerns.
In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Maxim Marion, the visionary founder behind Vivo Brands, to uncover the journey of redefining health supplements. Max shares the compelling story of how Vivo Brands set a new standard in the health supplement industry and scaled to success through quality, education, and perseverance. Whether you're an entrepreneur, health enthusiast, or someone curious about the science behind supplements, this episode is packed with invaluable insights and actionable advice.  
In this episode, Mike sits down with Shrad Rao, CEO of Wagepoint, for an insightful discussion on leadership, friendship, and strategy in the world of business. Shrad shares valuable perspectives on how to build a company culture based on friendship, the importance of high standards, and the role of strategy in entrepreneurship. From debunking myths about company dynamics to emphasizing the human experience in business, Shrad offers practical advice and thought-provoking insights for entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.  
In this episode, we embark on an inspiring journey with Catherine Choi, the visionary entrepreneur behind SoYoung. She shares her journey of discovering empowerment, resilience, and the value of building a community. She talks about how she overcame self-doubt, embraced transformation, and found purpose through personal challenges. Join us as we uncover Catherine's story, revealing the power of authenticity, connection, and community in both business and life.  
Step into the dynamic world of startup entrepreneurship as we sit down with Daniel Steinberg, the visionary mind behind Lawbrokr. From staying lean to capitalizing wisely, Daniel shares his firsthand experiences, offering invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship.  
Join us for an insightful conversation with Martin Traub-Werner, Founder & CEO of VetBooks and Founder of Vetsuccess, as he shares his journey from facing adversity to achieving entrepreneurial success. In this episode, Martin discusses the financial intricacies of running a business, the art of building a winning company culture, and the valuable lessons learned along the way.  
On this episode of GrowthTales, join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the entrepreneurial journey of Josh Rosen, President and co-founder of Hotspex Media. Josh shares his insights, challenges, and triumphs on the road to building a successful media empire from the ground up.  
Join us in this insightful episode as we sit down with Michael Kravshik, CEO of LumiQ, to unravel the secrets of scaling a business. From effective communication strategies to the value of strong co-founder relationships, Michael shares invaluable lessons learned on his entrepreneurial journey. Discover actionable tips on delegation, networking, and alternative investment paths that can elevate your business growth. Don't miss out on this enriching conversation packed with practical wisdom for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.  
In this episode, we explore the dynamic world of Venture Capital with Alex Baker, Managing Partner at Relay Ventures. Get ready for a wealth of insights as Alex shares his experiences, challenges, and successes over 15 years in the VC landscape.  
In this episode of GrowthTales, Daniel Grima and Greg Rzeplinski from the West Egg Group dive into the journey of building and scaling a multimillion-dollar business in the service industry over the span of 20 years. From the challenges faced to the strategies employed, Daniel and Greg share their insights and lessons learned.  
In this episode of GrowthTales, we have an insightful conversation with Derek Rider, the CEO of Media One Group. Derek shares his entrepreneurial journey, the challenges faced in scaling a business, and the unique approach Media One Group takes in the competitive world of media and advertising.  
In this episode of GrowthTales, Mike sits down with Shane Murphy, CEO of Ownr, to discuss the fascinating journey of legal tech and entrepreneurship. Shane shares insights into the evolution of his career, the founding of Founded Technologies, and the eventual acquisition by the Royal Bank of Canada, leading to the birth of Ownr. Join them as they discuss the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned along the way.  
In this episode of GrowthTales, we explore the entrepreneurial journey of Rami Helali, the innovative mind behind KOTN. Explore the story of building a business with purpose, where authenticity isn't just a buzzword but a guiding principle.  
In this episode of Growth Tales, Mike Pinkus, co-founder of Connect CPA, sits down with Alex Blumenstein, co-founder of The Peak, a Canadian media company. The Peak achieved remarkable success, scaling from nothing to a multimillion-dollar exit in just three years. Alex shares insights into the origin story of The Peak, its growth strategy, and how they successfully monetized their business. He also discusses their decision to sell The Peak and what's next for the company and its founders.