DiscoverWhiskey Alpha Pilot :: Learning to Fly - One mistake at a time
Whiskey Alpha Pilot :: Learning to Fly - One mistake at a time
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Whiskey Alpha Pilot :: Learning to Fly - One mistake at a time

Author: Wayne Allen

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One mans quest to learn to fly. Or not.

Join me as I chat about the ups and downs of learning to fly from the perspective of an older student pilot. From my near misses to my big mistakes, from what not to do's to things you should do, I have probably cocked them all up. 

 This podcast could also be titled 'how not to gain a PPL'. So learn from my mistakes, but do not do what I tell you - I am not a flight instructor.

Never use the internet to learn to fly, it will only teach you how to crash!

5 Episodes
Send us a Text Message.Have you ever had those days when the universe seems to conspire against you, grounding your plans and testing your patience? Well, strap in and tune in, because that's been the theme of my life recently! I'm Wayne from Whiskey Alpha Pilot, and it's high time we caught up. I've been dodging business curveballs and wrestling with the British weather gods, which sadly means my trusty C172, and I have been spending more time apart than I'd like. Guess what happens whe...
Send us a Text Message.Ever wondered how heavy your wallet needs to be to take to the skies? Buckle up, as I take you on a financial voyage into the world of pilot training. From the adrenaline-pumping trial flight that kickstarts your logbook to the nuanced selection of an aircraft that suits your stature and budget, like my trusty PA-28, I try to cover it all. I offer practical tips on how to navigate payments to flying schools while keeping your investment secure, and offer my take on the ...
Send us a Text Message.Have you ever dreamt of touching the clouds and commanding the skies? Your journey to the captain's seat begins here, as I help to unfold the map to your flying aspirations. The runway to the skies is paved with crucial decisions—starting from your trial flight to selecting the right flight school. With a blend of personal experiences and not an expert advice, I navigate through the essentials of financial preparedness, and why a heart-to-heart with your potential ...
Send us a Text Message.Top tips that every student pilot should know before starting learning to fly.There is lots of advice out there, but these are a few tips that I found hightly useful in my quest to learn to fly - I hope you do too!!My podcasts may be edited for brevity and entertainment I am not a flight instructor. If in doubt consult a qualified instructor. The internet will not teach you how to fly.https://www.whiskeyalphapilot.comI'm a UK based private pilot (PPL(A), who started to ...
Send us a Text Message.Learing to fly is great until you find you cannot fly at night - for that you need a 'Night Rating'. 5 hours of instruction, cross country, navigation and a few full stop landings is all you need - who am I kidding. This is a personal podcast from my experiences of learning to fly, and flying in the UK. I am not a flight instructor. All details have been edited for entertainment and may contain errors and inaccuracies. If in doubt consult your own flight instructor...