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Rock Your Book Launch

Author: Aryn Van Dyke

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Rock Your Book Launch is a podcast that teaches authors various book marketing strategies to help them make the most out of their book promotion.

Join host Aryn Van Dyke and other expert guests and discover how you can rock your book launch.

13 Episodes
Readers DO judge a book by its cover, so if you're self-publishing you need to know what's important for your book cover design. In this episode I'm talking with Katia from Miblart about all things book cover design so you can find more success with your book.
In the final episode of the Facebook mini-series Stacy Kennedy shares the best practices for ad targeting so authors can effectively reach their target audience with Facebook ads.
In episode 4 of the Facebook mini-series, Facebook expert Stacy Kennedy breaks down the best practices for creating ad copy that connects with your target audience.
In this 3rd episode of our Facebook mini-series, Stacy Kennedy shares the best practices of ad creative and how authors can determine what type of creative/content is best for them.
In Episode 2 of our Facebook mini-series, expert Stacy Kennedy dives into the organic side of Facebook and tells authors how they can use Facebook to promote their book without any ad spend.
Join me and Facebook expert Stacy Kennedy in episode 1 of our Facebook mini-series, where Stacy breaks down the Facebook basics that authors should know about and have in place when promoting their books.
With the release of Threads in 2023 came the sub-world of Bookthreads. In this episode I’m breaking down what Bookthreads, how it can help authors, and I give my take on whether or not it’s worth it for authors to explore.
Many authors wonder when they should start promoting their book, and when searching for the answer they can hear misleading advice. In this episode I’m sharing a shocking piece of advice an author was told and then giving my take on when authors should start their book promotion.
Are you ready to harness the power of AI to enhance your book promotion strategy? Learn more about Book Blaster here:, use code bookrockstar to get a discount at checkout
In this podcast, we'll dispel some of the myths that people have about Facebook and talk about the importance of using ads in a book launch campaign.Learn more about Red Bird Social and book your free consultation by clicking here:
Super simple and HIGHLY effective Book Launching with a Winning Proposal.If you want to rock your book launch, join the conversation!Learn more about Caroline and the amazing services she provides for nonfiction authors here:
In this episode, I sat down with author and Amazon marketing expert Vincent B. Davis II to discuss how authors can successfully use Amazon advertising and organic optimization. Topics we covered:-The importance of good book covers for Amazon-Different campaign and targeting types within Amazon Ads-Which Amazon ad analytics to look at and how to interpret them-The importance of metadata (keywords and categories) on Amazon-How to come up with a list of keywords/search terms for your Amazon ad c...



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