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Author: Steve Bretzke & Jerry Fochtmann

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For existing, interested, and future independent consultants with the Watkins company. This podcast answers questions sourced from members to help them build a successful Watkins business. Learn about having a profitable home business using the network marketing (MLM) compensation plan that has made Watkins a household name for 150 years. Hosted by Watkins Platinum Executive Steve Bretzke with assistance from Timeless Integrity Leader Jerry Fochtmann and others.
12 Episodes
30:53 - Company A says they are better because you can join for free. Company B says they are better because you can earn $100 on every new person who joins. Company C says they are better because you get a 30% discount. Company D says they are better because they have an awesome recruiting website. Company E says they are better because their products are unique and magical. Company F says they are better because they pay out 65% to members. Etc. etc. etc. What factors should you consider when comparing opportunities? Company background. Age? Experience? Unique Products? Compensation Plan? Support and Systems? Listen to this podcast to learn why none of these factors are as important as ...
12:56 - You've got a question. Do you call 1-800-WATKINS? Do you call your upline? Do you call Watkins Customer Service? In less than 13 minutes, you'll learn everything you need to know about calling Watkins or your upline.
45:18 - Many Consultants ask a variation of this question and usually the answer falls into one or more of these three categories: They either have the wrong expectations, are taking the wrong steps, or have the wrong attitude. This episode we will explore this question and give some guidance on how to sync your actions with your expectations by taking the right steps to build your Watkins business. In addition, we will talk about how to develop a strong confidence in yourself which will lead to a positive attitude for your business.
26:25 - Watkins is a Network Marketing company. What exactly does that mean and why should members be excited about this? On this episode, we discuss what being a Network Marketing company means and how Watkins members can benefit.
16:38 - In this episode, Jerry Fochtmann visits wtih Barb Birch about Watkins Vanilla. Why is it better than store brands? What's the difference between Pure Vanilla, Baking Vanilla, and Clear Vanilla? Plus many more questions all about Vanilla.
34:56 - In Episode 7, I took you back to 1994 to help answer the question of how to make a serious ongoing income with Watkins. Several people replied that I didn’t give any clear advice on the actual strategy and tactics for building a successful business. But what I wanted everyone to recognize was that the strategy and tactics are meaningless if you don’t have your head screwed on straight. So getting your head straight is REALLY what is necessary to build an ongoing residual income with Watkins. But in this episode, we will also review the strategy and tactics on what you will actually need to do to win with Watkins.
49:39 - Not everyone wants to build a serious income with Watkins. Many are happy to just earn a little here and there. But anyone CAN earn a significant part of full time income with Watkins if they take the right steps. This episode will help put you on the right track to achieve long term financial success with Watkins.
41:11 - There are six common mistakes that can cause well-intentioned Watkins members to fall short of the success they want in this business. In this episode, you'll learn about these pitfalls. More importantly, you'll learn how to flip those mistakes on their head, so that you can significantly improve your results and achievements.
17:51 - It's bound to happen sooner or later. A product you love will be discontinued by Watkins. In this podcast we will talk about how those decisions are made by Watkins. You'll also learn why some products are only in the United States and not Canada and vice versa.
26:58 - Watkins offers its products through many different sales channels including the Internet, Direct Sellers / Network Marketers and Retail Stores. This sometimes causes confusion related to pricing and availability. In this podcast, we will discuss how Independent Watkins Consultants who are Traditional Sellers can best understand and profit from these issues.
14:46 - The bottom line is that Independent Watkins Consultants get paid on the movement and sale of Watkins products to the end consumer. The overall sales that you are responsible for will dictate how much you make. But how exactly does that work? This episode will address questions like the following: 1) What do I make when I sell a product to a customer? 2) When do I get that money? 3) How do I get paid when a customer orders online on my JRWatkins website? 4) How do I get paid when I sponsor a downline Consultant?
9:47 - In this first episode, Steve Bretzke answers the first question - What is this podcast all about? Who is it for and what kind of questions will it answer.
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