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Author: Patty Bonsera and Keith Hessel

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Continuity Conversations is where we bring big business resilience to your small business. 

We're Patty Bonsera and Keith Hessel and we are committed to the resilience of small businesses. 99.9% of all companies in the U.S. are small businesses. Nearly 1/2 of all employees in the U.S. are employed by a small business. 

Small businesses are the ones that are directly involved with, hire people and make the most impact for their local communities and their families. Resilient small businesses create resilient local economies which create resilient cities, counties and so on. 

They are the most valuable, yet are the most vulnerable to losing their business and their livelihood without contingency plans for disruptions. 

Don't let unexpected challenges hold your small business back. Join the conversation and elevate your resilience today.

10 Episodes
Ever wondered why small acts of kindness can turn a customer's day around? In this episode of Continuity Conversations, we explore the extraordinary power of empathy and human connection in business.Tune in to discover how empathy, kindness, and human connection are more than just buzzwords—they are the lifeblood of resilient businesses and cherished community spots.
Do you remember when appliances from a generation or two ago outlasted its modern counterparts? In this episode of Continuity Conversations, Keith and I explore the significant relationship between quality, accurate data, and business resilience. We share personal stories, like the reliability of a Frigidaire refrigerator from the 1950s, and examine the shift in product quality and customer service over the years to today’s planned obsolescence. We journey through the evolution of produc...
Ever wondered how the principles from movies like "We Were Soldiers" and "Apollo 13" apply to business resilience and retention? Is it time to rethink the old adage "If you want a job done right, do it yourself"? Join us on Continuity Conversations as we explore how relinquishing control can actually foster business growth and resilience. We share personal stories and practical insights on why trusting your team and having well-documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) are crucial for e...
Ever wondered how a simple act of tipping can summarize a world of cultural and economic differences ? Listen in as we navigate the intricate, and sometimes controversial, landscape of American tipping etiquette. Our discussions shed light on everything from the warm fuzzies of homemade gifts to the cold hard cash considerations businesses face with rising labor costs.
Join us as we open up about our personal journeys through parenthood, the lessons learned, and how those experiences parallel the challenges and triumphs of running a business. We discuss everything from celebrating family milestones to the critical importance of strategic planning and resilience in business.
Join us as we unravel the complexities of small business resilience, with a special focus on the harrowing effects of proprietary information theft. We share candid conversations with business owners who've faced the dire repercussions of such breaches, both financially and emotionally. They highlight the urgent need for safeguarding sensitive business data, and we discuss actionable strategies to protect your hard-earned intellectual property. Alongside these critical insights, we weave in r...
There's something about small businesses that tugs at our heartstrings. Perhaps it's the personalized service, the unique products, or the way they make our communities feel like home. In the latest episode of the "Continuity Conversations" podcast, co-hosts Keith Hessell and Patty Bonsera invite us to fall in love all over again with the charm of local shops and the irreplaceable value they add to our lives.What stands out in this episode is the emphasis on the social aspect of small busines...
Join us as we unravel the significance of morale and leadership in sculpting a resilient company culture. This conversation kicks off with a jaw-dropping tale about a school principal who ignored the critical role of staff morale, prompting us to reflect on how such attitudes can ripple through a business's success. We dissect the direct link between high morale and reduced staff turnover, and how a toxic work environment can be detrimental to business continuity. Drawing from Patty’s pe...
Welcome back to Episode 2 of the Continuity Conversations podcast! In this episode, Patty and Keith dive deep into the crucial aspects of business success - the Net Promoter Score and contingency planning. We start by discussing the significance of understanding the "why" behind your business and how it can drive your success.We explore the concept of Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a key metric for measuring your business's referability. NPS provides an objective measurement of how likely your c...
Ever faced a storm so severe you feared your business might not weather it? Unlock the secrets to a bulletproof small business as I, Patty Bonsera alongside my co-host, Keith Hessel, guide you through the maze of customer and employee retention, and the critical need for contingency planning. Patty shares insights from her roots in a family-owned business and how that spurred her passion for guiding small businesses in building resilience through contingency planning. With Keith’s extensive e...