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An interview style video and audio podcast where business and sporting leaders share their knowledge & experience to help create confident leaders. I also take the opportunity to offer my perspective on the guests' ideas by closing each episode with 3 key takeaways to create confident leaders based on my reflection from the interview.

If you are a business owner who wants to lead with confidence so that you can maximise your performance, your team's performance and your business's performance, this podcast is for you!
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Unlock the secrets of a self-made business maven as Belinda, a woman with a four-decade entrepreneurial legacy, shares her story of determination and the power of a strong work ethic. Her journey from breaking gender norms to becoming a business leader is a beacon for anyone looking to ignite their own entrepreneurial spirit. Listen as Belinda divulges how customer service excellence and her transition from musician to business powerhouse have not only shaped her success but also influenced her children’s approach to their careers and passions. Distractions are the nemesis of productivity, and in today’s episode, we tackle them head-on with strategies that every entrepreneur should arm themselves with. From the ‘Power Hour’ to dedicating just 15 minutes a day to income-producing tasks, we cover practical ways to build momentum and make consistent progress toward your business goals. The art of goal setting takes center stage as we delve into the psychological challenges entrepreneurs face, sharing anecdotes that celebrate the triumphs of clarity and persistence. Wrapping up, we dissect the art of sales and the foundational pillars of business success, underscoring the essence of commitment and resilience. We highlight Belinda’s experiences and my own insights on identifying client needs, the indispensability of business analytics, and the power of organization. Moreover, we discuss the value of empowering leadership through collaboration and the celebration of victories, big and small. Whether you’re a burgeoning entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, this episode is laden with wisdom to propel your business and personal growth to new heights. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Unlock the secrets to forging deep business connections with our latest episode, featuring a renowned hospitality and events professional who turned the aftermath of 9/11 into a catalyst for his career. Explore the intersection of authenticity, trust, and the hospitality mindset that this expert believes are critical for any business’s success. From the power of remembering names to the importance of aligning your company with likeminded businesses, this episode is brimming with actionable insights that will help you create lasting impressions and build stronger relationships. Dive into the subtleties of networking and customer engagement as our guest outlines the transformative effects of mentorship and the significance of a service-centered heart in the workplace. Discover how even the most introverted among us can captivate customers through the art of listening and asking the right questions. Learn how mentorship shapes business strategies and personal development, drawing upon wisdom from industry giants like Walt Disney and the Ritz-Carlton. The conversation also reveals how to enhance experiences in settings as diverse as live events, casual lunches, or even a massage clinic, further proving that the essence of hospitality can thrive in any environment. Wrapping up, we grapple with the challenges and opportunities presented by social media in modern business practices. Our guest reflects on the importance of maintaining privacy in an age where our digital footprint is ever-expanding, offering a sincere appreciation for the ability to influence and guide others through shared expertise. With personal tales of success and stumbling blocks, this episode is not only an education in hospitality but also a masterclass in leveraging your past to enrich your business’s future. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Listen in as we explore the essential facets of human-centered leadership in healthcare, inspired by the groundbreaking work of Dr. Bill Maples and his colleagues, Dr. Bridget Duffy and Dr. Ron Paulus. My journey in healthcare has been revolutionized by their insights into creating a culture that cherishes human connections, both within our teams and with patients. We unpack the profound impact of leading with empathy, presence, and vulnerability, and discuss the ripple effects of this leadership style on small and medium businesses, underlining the power of building trust and respect in every interaction. This episode also zeroes in on the significance of being fully present in business settings. Apologizing for tardiness and giving someone your undivided attention can change the entire dynamic of a meeting. I share actionable strategies to help leaders foster an attentive and focused team environment, and the transformational effects of cultivating gratitude in the workplace. You’ll learn how these practices not only increase personal efficiency but also deepen the trust and connection you have with colleagues, shifting workplace dynamics from the brink of burnout to a state of thriving. Wrapping up, our conversation with Jennifer delves into the blend of technical acumen and human-centered leadership. She sheds light on the development of a people operating system that champions character, competence, and connection. We also discuss the shift from traditional feedback methods to a forward-looking approach that capitalizes on individual strengths, and how these methods can be applied to enhance both leader and patient experiences. Join us as we reflect on the joy of leadership that comes from seeing others succeed and the anticipation of Jennifer’s contributions to the field. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Growing up amidst the hustle of cattle sales and the wisdom of a financially savvy mother, Ben Law, our Financial Bloke, knows a thing or two about life’s wealth beyond the dollar. With heartwarming candor, Ben recounts how his rural roots and a confrontational health scare steered him from the familiarity of farm life to the dynamic realm of finance. This episode is a tapestry of tales, from the hard-won lessons of entrepreneurship to the pivotal changes that come with life’s curveballs, all threaded together by the common theme of discovering true prosperity. Leading a team and building trust don’t come from textbooks; they’re learned in the field, which is precisely where Ben has cultivated his expertise. He reveals the nitty-gritty of transforming The Financial Bloke from a one-man show to a thriving advisory, navigating the complexities of leadership, and fostering a team ethos grounded in authenticity. The conversation, often punctuated with laughter, takes us through the intricacies of aligning with the right professionals, the strategic game of wealth creation, and the art of embracing “I don’t know” to evolve as a trusted leader. But it’s not all business; we’re exploring the balance beam of life. Delving into the planning needed for a worry-free retirement, the rigors of setting up generational wealth, and the pressing need to prepare the heirs of family legacies. Ben passionately shares why prosperity isn’t just about financial security—it’s about crafting a life rich in experiences, relationships, and health. So, join us as we unwrap the lessons from Ben Law, the man who wears the financial truths of his past as a badge of honor, and learn how to navigate your own journey to holistic success. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Tax maven and mentorship advocate Marna Ricker sits with us to demystify the world of global tax and share the vibrancy of her journey from Ohio State to EY’s global vice chair of tax. A beacon of intelligence and enthusiasm, Marna encapsulates the essence of dynamic leadership, breaking down the stereotype that tax professionals lack excitement. She generously pulls back the curtain on the intricate balance of professional growth and the personal life challenges she’s faced, showcasing how mentorship has been a cornerstone of her success and the success of those she’s guided. Our conversation with Marna branches out into the universal importance of mentorship across diverse fields, from sharpening the skills of collegiate athletes to fortifying family dynamics. It’s the candid stories of triumph over vulnerability, such as a career-defining mistake turned into a valuable lesson, that highlight the significance of transparent communication and strong relationships. Marna’s anecdotes inspire business owners and professionals alike to embrace mentorship as a tool for learning, resilience, and empowerment on their paths to achievement. In the latter half of our dialogue, we explore the art of nurturing talent to the pinnacle of partnership and the subtle navigation of office politics with authenticity and empathy. Marna’s journey is a testament to the enduring value of mentorship at every career stage and the profound impact of authentic leadership. Her reflections remind us that growth often lies in the courage to step beyond the familiar while holding steadfast to our values—a lesson as poignant for seasoned professionals as it is for those just beginning to carve their path. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Unlock the full potential of your leadership skills as Agile expert Angela takes us through the essential art of prioritization. Peel away the layers of productivity myths, especially multitasking, and learn why sequencing tasks could be the secret to your team’s success. Angela’s insights on gender dynamics in task switching and the cultural variations in understanding priorities provide a fresh perspective on managing workloads effectively. Join us for a deep dive into the power of trust and communication in leadership. Discover how these cornerstones shape the prioritization process within teams and directly influence performance. By exploring customer impact, regulatory compliance, ROI, and other industry-specific factors, Angela illustrates how leaders can strategically determine task order and adapt priorities. This episode is a treasure trove of strategies for fostering collaboration, reducing the risk of project misalignment, and turning every meeting into a productive powerhouse. Embark on a transformative journey that challenges conventional time management and embraces structured conversations and time boxing. Hear firsthand how Angela’s personal experiences with Agile principles radically improved her workflow and how these lessons can be applied to your leadership style. We wrap up with a candid look at the growth opportunities that stem from tackling unfinished tasks and learning from failures, gearing you up for a streamlined and focused approach to leadership in 2024. Check out the episode on YouTube:
As a seasoned leader with a remarkable journey through the realms of football, military service, and the corporate world, our guest this week has garnered invaluable wisdom from commanding teams on the field and in the boardroom. His candid storytelling transports us from the disciplined lessons of the Marine Corps to the challenges of adapting to the digital landscape in his current mission—coaching aspiring leaders. With his Stronger U program, he sheds light on the pressing need for tailored leadership development, revealing how the character and actions of leaders deeply influence organizational culture. It’s a conversation that unpacks the uncomfortable truth that many leaders fall short of embodying their company’s values, and how fear and a deficiency in formal training contribute to this shortfall. Throughout the episode, we peel back the layers of leadership, examining its simplicity yet profound impact on decision-making and talent management. Our guest emphasizes the potency of discipline and character—forged in his early years and honed through experiences in martial arts and military service—in shaping one’s approach to both business and personal growth. We navigate the complexities of instilling these qualities, reflecting on how a leader’s clarity and transparency can simplify strategies, and why nurturing self-trust is essential to embodying one’s values amid organizational pressures. Closing out our enlightening dialogue, we tackle the resilience necessary to lead through crises, an aspect our guest knows all too well from his leadership during the tumultuous times of COVID-19 cutbacks. He shares the poignant challenges faced by war veterans and the dire need for support systems paralleling those provided by St. Jude’s for children. Concluding with insights on mentoring and building confidence, our guest leaves us not only with strategies for climbing our own leadership mountains but also with the profound realization that shaping the leaders of tomorrow is a commitment that extends well beyond the boardroom. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Have you ever wondered what lurks behind the glossy veneer of recruitment ads and smooth-talking headhunters? Join us as Marnie Jones and I unravel the ethical conundrums of the recruitment industry, shedding light on the commission-based models that might just prioritize cash over compatibility. Marnie Jones of TalentX, is flipping the script, putting a premium on retention and role performance, ensuring that the recruiter’s success is intrinsically linked to the candidate’s thrive and the client’s satisfaction. Crafting job advertisements is an art form she has mastered, one that invites truly passionate candidates to step into roles that challenge and excite them. Moving beyond listing benefits to spotlighting opportunities that tap into the candidate’s drive for problem-solving and growth. In the same vein, Marnie’s approach to hiring is about precision—a meticulous process that evaluates potential hires on every front, from knowledge to personality, leaving no stone unturned and no client dissatisfied. Finally, she tackles the nitty-gritty of reference checks, a step too often glossed over but pivotal in the quest for authentic talent representation. It’s a dance of connecting the dots, understanding past performances, and projecting future success. Our conversation is candid, our approach is unyielding, and our results speak for themselves—confidence in our recommendations is paramount. Each story shared, each strategy discussed, is a step toward redefining recruitment where integrity isn’t optional—it’s the foundation. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Cooking under pressure can feel like a high-wire act, but when our guest, a personal chef with a past in engineering and butchery, faced the ultimate test of feeding Harry Styles and his crew on short notice, he found his true calling. This episode unwraps the layers of leadership and authenticity in the culinary world, guided by our guest’s journey from the logical realm of engineering to the sensory-rich trenches of butchery and beyond. His tales of resourcefulness, like catering in incomplete homes, underscore the adaptability and quick thinking that are the secret sauce to culinary success. The kitchen isn’t just a place for preparing food; it’s a melting pot of memories and emotional bonds. We stir into the narrative the transformative experience of families cooking together, transitioning from wariness to a symphony of collaboration. The episode serves up advice on involving everyone, from the market to the dining table, enhancing family ties and confidence along the way. Through our guest’s reflections, discover how the shared ritual of meal prep can fortify a family’s unity and turn dinner time into a treasured event. Leadership can be found in the most unexpected places, even in the rhythm of chopping vegetables or the ritual of handwashing. We savor the joy that comes from embracing the simple tasks that, when done with presence, become meditative practices fuelling gratitude and connection. Our guest plates up his philosophy on team building and customer service, carving out how a leader in the food industry can transform challenges into opportunities for growth. Closing the episode, we’re left with a lasting taste of how staying true to oneself is the ultimate ingredient for success, in the kitchen and in life. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Does the word ‘spirituality’ make you skeptical, especially when mentioned in the business environment? Well, our guest, Rachel Rider, is here to break those barriers. With her refreshing take on executive coaching and leadership development, Rachel intertwines the seemingly disparate realms of spirituality and leadership. Listen in as she recounts her personal journey from the tough task of handling dismissals to becoming an advocate for inner exploration. With her, we demystify the intriguing intersection of spirituality and leadership, which is often met with skepticism in the corporate world. Trauma is an invisible monster that often goes unnoticed in the hustle of the professional world. This episode won’t let it lurk in the shadows, as we discuss the often overlooked subject of trauma in the workplace and the transformative power of trauma-informed coaching. We understand that personal struggles can masquerade as professional hurdles, and acknowledging these can lead to personal growth and eventual success. We also delve into the power dynamics and relationships in the workplace, underscoring the critical role of candid and strong team relationships in fostering organizational triumph. Are you making decisions under the influence of urgency? It’s not uncommon, but it’s not always healthy. We explore the impact of these ‘workplace demons’ on decision-making and team dynamics. We provide insights into how understanding and managing these factors can change the game. We also touch upon how biases influence our actions and the role strong relationships play in overcoming them. We round off our enlightening discussion with a focus on visualization and its transformative power, as shared by our cricket-loving guest, Rachel. So buckle up for this journey of introspection and understanding, and learn to thrive not just professionally, but personally too. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Can your face reveal deeper truths about your personality, your relationships, and your future? The answer is more fascinating than you might think. On this enlightening episode, we tackle the fascinating subject of facial profiling and how it impacts our relationships, workplace dynamics, and even our understanding of ourselves. We’re joined by a seasoned expert in the field, Alan Stevens, who generously shares insights from his two decades of experience. Listen in as we discuss the historical roots of facial profiling, its application in the modern world, and how our own masks contribute to anger and insecurity. Our guest also offers personal anecdotes and strategies for overcoming these issues. We also take an intriguing look at how understanding facial traits can affect communication in relationships and leadership, and how it can even be used to improve sales by understanding customer motives. Along the way, we touch on topics as diverse as building confidence, the significance of body language, the impact of biases on our perceptions, and the role of facial recognition technology. Listen in as we also highlight the importance of authentic male friendships and emotional expression. In a particularly interesting segment, we use the techniques of facial profiling to analyze the traits of notable personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Joe Rogan, showing how their facial features reflect their unique personalities. Finally, we underscore the importance of addressing mental health issues and fostering stronger relationships in our society. Don’t miss out on this rich discussion that blends psychology, history, and personal growth in a unique and enlightening way. Check out the episode on YouTube.
What if emotional intelligence held the key to effective leadership? What if it could be the differentiator in conversations and interactions, more significant than cognitive intelligence? Join us as we navigate these intriguing questions with our special guest, Robin Hills, a veteran in the pharmaceutical industry and the founder of EI4Change. In our engaging conversation with Robin, he shares his unique perspective on how emotional intelligence shapes our interactions and relationships. From his experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, he reveals how emotional intelligence impacted his conversations with doctors. As we move into leadership, Robin discusses the essential role of emotional intelligence in adapting to changing relationships and circumstances. He shares personal anecdotes and insights, elucidating why it’s crucial to develop this skill and its emerging prominence in the age of artificial intelligence. As we wrap up our discussion, we delve into practical strategies for improving emotional intelligence, emphasizing the need for continuous development. Robin shares his journey of learning from mistakes and the importance of self-awareness and reflection. We also explore the potential pitfalls of low emotional intelligence and highlight the significance of being open to different perspectives. This podcast episode underscores the immense value of emotional intelligence, not just in leadership, but in all aspects of life. Tune in to learn, reflect, and grow with us in this enlightening journey. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of corporate social activism and how organizations respond to social events that may impact their employees’ well-being. Listen as our guest from Genesys, Eric Thomas, shares how their company navigates these often tricky waters, discussing the importance of aligning with corporate values, credibility, and the potential impact on employees. You’ll gain insight into the decision-making process behind choosing to speak out or remain silent, and the potential ripple effects that these choices can have. In this engaging dialogue, we also dig into the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. Eric shares how his immersion in emotional intelligence (EI) has recontextualized past experiences and shed light on the importance of a growth mindset in DEI work. We also touch on the responsibility that comes with being a minority in a predominantly white and male environment and the importance of approaching social issues with empathy and understanding. Our conversation continues as we navigate the complex landscape of addressing social issues within a company. We explore the perception of activism in the corporate world, discuss systemic marginalization and its impact on society, and address the challenges of confronting biases in leadership. You won’t want to miss Eric’s insights on integrating inclusion into corporate culture and decision-making processes, and how acknowledging and atoning for past injustices can pave the way for a more inclusive future. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Can you imagine navigating the cut-throat world of corporate leadership as a woman? What if you had the tools to not just survive, but thrive? Our recent chat with leadership expert Dana Mahina, offered an insider’s glimpse into the towering struggles, and remarkable triumphs of female leaders in the corporate industry. We covered a range of topics, from the uncomfortable realities of inequality and privilege, to the importance of active allyship. Dana’s insights on the Strength Finders assessment tool and its role in understanding individual strengths and blind spots were particularly illuminating. The conversation took an interesting turn when we grappled with the fiercely competitive nature of women in corporate spaces, especially in places like Silicon Valley. Dana shared her candid observations on the often-expressed need for women to mimic male behavior to stay competitive. We also delved into the curious dynamics of confrontation in the workplace, where Dana offered invaluable advice on maintaining assertiveness without aggression and fostering curiosity during challenging discussions. Most importantly, our engaging chat with Dana shed light on the essential role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Drawing from her experience at a rally in Northern California, Dana underscored the importance of making a difference and how she’s seen the women’s movement shake up the corporate bureaucracy. Wrapping up, we indulged in a sneak peek into Dana’s new book ‘B is for Burnout, Not Bitch – From Overdrive to Thrive,’ and explored the importance of self-love in the demanding environment of corporate leadership. This episode is a goldmine of wisdom for aspiring leaders, don’t miss out! Check out the episode on YouTube:
On today’s show, we’re elated to welcome Hari Murali, the head of marketing for Zoho One. Together, we traverse the intricate landscape of approachable leadership and a unique concept: transnational localism. Through engrossing stories and candid anecdotes, Hari reveals how Zoho cultivates an ecosystem that propels its employees. This helps them be ambassadors of the company in their local communities, while firmly grounding the company’s cultural roots. This episode is a treasure trove of insights on managing effective teams and fostering environments of trust. Hari’s sagacity shines through as he shares his strategies, from small conversations and delegation to handling conflict. This is aimed at creating a trusted milieu within his team. Unravel the importance of open communication, learn about the power of idea sharing, and discover how having trusted team members who can provide candid feedback is crucial for course correction during challenging times. As we wrap up, Hari underscores the vital role of listening as a leadership skill. Discover the art of connecting with team members by engaging in their personal interests before transitioning to work discussions, and gain valuable insights into navigating tough conversations in a team with diverse gender dynamics. You’ll also hear about the detrimental impact of unapproachable leadership and the strategies for establishing trust within a team, emphasizing the significance of giving people the benefit of the doubt and encouraging them to explore different opportunities to find the best fit for their skills and interests. Check out the episode on YouTube:
Stepping into the entrepreneurial world can be a daunting journey, riddled with uncertainties and the fear of the unknown. Just as I did, today’s guest, Sangeeta Mulchandani, founder of Jumpstart Studio, faced these challenges head-on, transforming from a corporate stalwart into a successful businesswoman. Sangeeta unfolds her intriguing voyage from working at banking to becoming an influential mentor and entrepreneur, shedding light on the captivating charm of steering your own ship and the essential role of dependable allies in the business ecosystem. Sangeeta’s relatable story of being an international student in Australia, with aspirations of securing a corporate job despite limited local experience, is a testament to her resilience. She narrates her triumph reaching the pinnacle of her corporate career, only to realize the need to contribute back to the community for her success to bear meaning. The episode further delves into her journey, as she transitioned from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, overcoming challenges, and embracing the power of a shift in mindset to take control of her life and effect a change. Towards the end of our conversation, we delve into the crucial role of networking in the startup ecosystem, and Sangeeta generously shares her nuggets of wisdom on finding the right mentors and advisors. Don’t miss out as we explore her journey of self-discovery as an entrepreneur, discussing the importance of cultural intelligence and curiosity in managing multicultural teams. Get ready for an episode jam-packed with practical insights and inspiring tales of entrepreneurial transformation. Tune in now! Check out the episode on YouTube:
On this riveting episode, Chuck Knabusch, a seasoned expert of process improvement, joins us to share his invaluable insights on how to develop an efficient process. As the author of the book, “Hope is Not a Business Strategy,” Chuck emphasizes the significance of planning and consistency in creating a productive business environment. Listen in as he explains the concept of processes, how they are a series of steps that should produce a product or service consistently, and his experiences with process mapping in various business contexts. As the discussion continues, Chuck delivers practical advice on the right mindset and structure needed to enhance your business processes. He emphasizes the need for having the right team, one that understands the process, and can effectively make necessary changes. He further underscores the importance of having feedback loops, performance metrics, and creating an environment of continuous improvement. Hear about his hands-on experience of engaging with workers at one of his plants to improve the process, reduce strain on the workers, and how he used visual cues, like post-it notes and bright colors, to aid process improvement. Towards the end of our conversation, Chuck touches on managing crisis situations and the role of proactive planning in preventing them. He shares a real-life experience where he had to navigate a crisis situation at one of his previous workplaces. Lastly, Chuck reflects on the importance of confident leadership in process improvement and shares three key takeaways: having a business strategy, focusing on process improvement, and measuring improvement. So tune in, learn from the expert, and start implementing these process improvement strategies in your own business today! Check out the episode on YouTube:
Discover the art of delegation and supercharge your leadership skills in our enlightening conversation with Kevin Stansfield. We promise to break down the complexities of this overlooked but crucial aspect of leadership and business management. Experience the power of learning how to delegate efficiently and avoid the pitfalls of being the busiest person in the team. Join us on this exciting journey as we discuss the importance of assigning business responsibilities to the right people, for the right roles, to drive profits and success. We also touch on the potentially disastrous consequences of outsourcing key roles to the wrong individuals. Our guest expert, Kevin Stansfield, with a background in finance, offers unique insights into understanding the big picture of a business and the skills required to run it successfully. We wrap up this episode by distinguishing between abdicating and delegating, and how abdication often results from immature behavior. Learn about the importance of setting the right goals, creating a safe environment for team members to express their thoughts, and motivating everyone towards achieving a shared objective. Let’s get ready to become a master delegator and elevate your leadership game! Check out the episode on YouTube: Quotes from the episode: 1. “Delegation is very much a learned thing and if you stay in one organization and work your way up, your teachers are the people that are above you, and those teachers are never being taught. So what happens is we just talk bad habits.” 2. “If the manager is the busiest person amongst the team, then something’s wrong. Yeah, if the manager sitting at their desk with nothing on their desk, sitting twiddling their thumbs, then they’re doing something right because they’ve delegated and their team are working.” 3. “Abdication is easy, you know, I don’t have to think about it, I don’t have to plan, I don’t. I don’t have to worry how good Brendan is, yeah, in order to abdicate stuff to you, it’s basically right, I’ve cleared out of my head and I’ve got rid of it, so it’s not bogging me down anymore.” 4. “The key focus one is to make sure the fives that they’ve got are the best they can have at that particular time. Okay, that they are developing each one of those people and moving them forwards, supporting them, holding to account because everyone needs to be held to account, yeah, and given the resources they need to deliver the job.” 5. “Trust is at the heart of management of teams. Yeah, If we don’t have trust, then we can’t have a team. And the best book on this was Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team.” Resources: Brendan Rogers LinkedIn The Culture of Leadership Website The Culture of Leadership YouTube Channel The Culture of Leadership LinkedIn The Culture of Leadership Podcast The Culture of Leadership Facebook The Culture of Leadership Instagram  The Culture of Leadership Twitter If you have any questions for Brendan around this episode or generally around culture, leadership, or teamwork, feel free to contact him here
In this episode, renowned diversity and equity expert Dr. Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey discusses the concept of inclusion and its importance in the business environment. The conversation dives into the challenges organizations face regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Brendan and Jonathan examine the pitfalls of superficial initiatives and underscore the need for evidence-based inclusion. Jonathan focuses on data-driven inclusion strategies, and shares his insights on fostering a more inclusive culture. The episode concludes with an exploration of the Lindy effect and the importance of moving beyond generic solutions to achieve a truly inclusive organization. Dr. Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey is the world authority on Evidence-Based Inclusion, featured in the FT, Bloomberg and BBC. He is the host of The Element of Inclusion podcast, a weekly podcast that informs and educates using applied research and thought leadership. Clients include Aviva Insurance, Sony Pictures, Conde Nast, John Lewis, Natwest Bank, and Meta. He is on a mission to help a million people to make their workplace inclusive through his writing, courses and other resources. Tune in and subscribe to future episodes of The Culture of Leadership  Check out the episode on YouTube: Discussion Points What is the definition of inclusion? Defining diversity, equity, and inclusion  Common misconceptions about diversity and inclusion Pitfalls of superficial initiatives in organizations Evidence-based inclusion  Data-driven inclusion strategies Time-tested practices and the Lindy effect  Importance of specificity in creating an inclusive environment Challenges of focusing on trivial vs. real issues The power of gap analysis in inclusion The concept of racism and its perception in society Re-thinking best practices and creating unique inclusion strategies Discussion on the Lindy effect and cultural artifact creation Power of giving and data-driven inclusion 3 Key Takeaways:  Confident leaders create an environment where everyone can perform Confident leaders create an environment where everyone can belong Confident leaders creat an environment where everyone can reach their potential Feel free to leave your feedback about the show Resources: Dr. Jonathan LinkedIn Elements of Inclusion JA Lamptey Twitter The Lindy Effect Brendan Rogers LinkedIn The Culture of Leadership Website The Culture of Leadership YouTube Channel The Culture of Leadership LinkedIn The Culture of Leadership Podcast The Culture of Leadership Facebook The Culture of Leadership Instagram  The Culture of Leadership Twitter If you have any questions for Brendan around this episode or generally around culture, leadership, or teamwork, feel free to contact him here In this episode, former naval warship captain and current change consultant, Dr. Karuna Ramanathan, provides valuable insights on how leaders can better manage transitions in their organizations. Drawing parallels between military ‘fog of war’ strategies and change leadership, Karuna emphasizes the importance of empathy, emotional intelligence, and respect. The conversation further explores the role of empathy in leadership, the concept of adaptive leadership, the intricacies of change management, and the differences between military and organizational attitudes toward change. The discussion highlights how cultural differences can affect change adaptation and the significance of confident leadership in navigating organizational change, using a ‘cheat sheet’, and role-playing as methods to handle these conversations.  Dr. Ramanathan is a transformational leadership expert with nearly three decades of experience in supporting senior leaders and organizations through difficult transformations. Karuna is currently the Principal Consultant for KR Konsulting, bringing with him deep experience gained from designing and facilitating more than 2500 sessions. He is a Marshall Goldsmith Global Certified Coach, Global Coach Group Certified Leadership Coach, and a trained Erikson Executive Coach. Dr. Ramanathan spearheads key leadership development projects including Action Learning Process, Organisational Storytelling, Thinking Skills, Building Adaptive Leader and Team Learning and Team Building. He has been featured as “Top 10 Organisation Development Consultants 2023” by the Asia Business Outlook and nominated by the CEO Insights ASIA, a business magazine, as one of “Asian Leaders & Achievers-2023”. Tune in and subscribe to future episodes of The Culture of Leadership  Discussion Points Karuna Ramanathan background and intro Importance of empathy, emotional intelligence in managing transitions  Military ‘fog of war’ type strategies in change leadership  The role of empathy in leadership and creating connections Adaptive leadership and influencing others  The Adaptive Leader Program for transitioning managers  Complexities of change management and understanding team capacities Differentiating between military and organizational attitudes towards change  Exploring cultural differences affecting change adaptation  Characteristics of a confident leader navigating organizational change  Biases, prejudices and stereotypes Developing empathy and emotional intelligence  Pace vs. flow in change management  3 Key Takeaways:  Confident leaders respect people Confident leaders understand context Confident leaders control the pace of change Feel free to leave your feedback about the show Resources: The Change Leader KR Konsulting Dr. Karuna Ramanathan LinkedIn Brendan Rogers LinkedIn The Culture of Leadership Website The Culture of Leadership YouTube Channel The Culture of Leadership LinkedIn The Culture of Leadership Podcast The Culture of Leadership Facebook The Culture of Leadership Instagram  The Culture of Leadership Twitter If you have any questions for Brendan around this episode or generally around culture, leadership, or teamwork, feel free to contact him here