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CrushBank - AI for MSPs

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All things AI related that are relevant to Managed Services Providers.

5 Episodes
Reset your expectations for AI. David Tan discusses the current state of AI technology with Evan Leonard. He focuses on the importance data management and the need for governance, with excellent advice for MSPs for their AI journey.
Discover the critical lessons from Google's AI misadventures with their Gemini service. In a week that shook the tech giant to its core, we unravel the PR nightmares and technical missteps that led to a hasty retreat and a hit on their stock value. We're pulling back the curtain on the governance and oversight—or lack thereof—that businesses must implement when venturing into the frontier of AI development. Get ready to find out how Managed Service Providers can apply these insights to avoid ...
Learning about the benefits of AI image generation. But also how it can go badly wrong!
Host David Tan brings back some all-time great play calls and gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the AI that was used at the US Open Tennis tournament and how it could help an MSP.
CrushBank CTO, David Tan, connects the dots between early days of fantasy football and the ChatGPT hype of today. Along the way, he co-founds a company to help bring AI sanity to MSPs.