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Author: Wayne Allen

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Building a manufacturing business from a shed to a million plus turnover, with a worldwide customer base and continuing to grow over the past 20 years should count for something, right? 

I went up against companies who spend more on advertising in a day than I earnt in my first year of trading, and I still came out on top.

From that shed, working 24/7 8 days a week, I have been there ,I have experienced what you are going through. From those initial ideas, to the 'where do I go from here?' I can help.

You are not alone, I want to help you. for free!!! No sales pitch here!

I talk business for  new business creators, people who use their own skills to create something tangible. No matter how niche or specialised your or your product is, you can take on the world, one step at a time.

From custom clothing, to artists, from cake makers to mask builders I have been involved in helping to build businesses beyond selling to friends and family. Take what you do and sell it to the world, enjoying the journey.

This is a business podcast based my own experiences and ramblings. It is not here to sell you anything, but it will hopefully help you do so!!

4 Episodes
Are you ready to transform your social media presence from lackluster to lively? Discover how to turn your business's social media channels into hubs of genuine engagement and authority. We promise you'll learn how to shift your perspective, seeing social media not just as an advertising platform but as a space for meaningful conversations. We delve into the power of sharing behind-the-scenes content, compelling anecdotes, and valuable information, all while maintaining a professional appeara...
Welcome to my podcast! In today's episode, we will be discussing the topic of competition for small businesses. Many new businesses view competition as a negative force that they must overcome in order to succeed. However, I believe that competition is actually a good thing for small businesses. In this episode, I will share with you how I deal with having competition and how it can be used to your advantage.As a small business owner, you may feel overwhelmed by the presence of competitors in...
Start at the Beginning

Start at the Beginning


Thinking of starting a business, but don't know what do to do? I go though some of the stages of the things you need to consider at the start of your journey.From the idea to how to make it, then advertise and sell, picking up key points along the way This podcast will hopefully help you to take the first steps along the way to creating a successful and popular business.I have been running a successful award winning niche manufacturing business here in the UK for the last 20 years, sell...



The start of every podcast has to have a start. Like your business any journey starts at the beginning and now is the time to begin your journey. Join me in a quest on how to bring your creative and artistic skills into the realms of a viable and growing business.Building a business from scratch can be fun and is ultimately rewarding. I have been running a business from a single creative idea for the last 20 years, and I have helped others with ideas and advice. Now I have taken that one...