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Welcome to "Automated Analytics Podcast," the podcast where data meets automation to transform the way businesses make decisions. Join us on a journey through the fascinating world of automated analytics, as we explore cutting-edge technologies, industry trends, and real-world applications that are reshaping the landscape of data-driven decision-making.

What is Artificial Intelligence? It refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. These tasks include learning, reasoning, problem-solving, understanding natural language, speech recognition, and visual perception, among others.

In each episode, our CEO Mark Taylor dives deep into discussions with thought leaders, innovators, and clients from the field of analytics and automation. From machine learning algorithms to artificial intelligence, predictive modeling to data visualization, we uncover the tools and techniques that are revolutionising the way organisations leverage their data for strategic advantage.

Whether you're a seasoned data scientist, a business leader seeking insights, or just someone curious about the power of analytics, "Automated Analytics Podcast" is your go-to resource. Gain valuable insights, stay ahead of the curve, and discover how automation is driving efficiency, accuracy, and game-changing outcomes in the world of analytics.

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6 Episodes
Embark on a journey into the heart of innovation with Alastair from Dyno-Rod, whose career trajectory has soared from humble beginnings at British Gas to the strategic heights of managing a franchise. Sit down with us, Mark Taylor, CEO of Automated Analytics, as we unravel the story of how Dyno-Rod's embrace of AI solutions, with a little guidance from our team, sparked a revolution in their operational efficiency. Discover the rich history of this iconic company, delve into the entangled cha...
Prepare to be at the forefront of recruitment innovation with our latest podcast episode where we're joined by Jason Peecook, Vice President of the USA for Automate Analytics. We're peeling back the curtain on Indeed's transformational updates to their job matching system, a move that is set to alter the landscape of how job seekers and employers connect. Experience a deep dive with us into Indeed's pivot towards smart match technology, designed to fine-tune the job search experience and elev...
Imagine transforming a struggling pizza joint into a culinary empire spanning across seven states. Heather shares precisely that adventure in our latest podcast, as we explore the legacy of RMC, a Pizza Hut franchisee with a 50-year-old bond with the iconic pizza brand. From humble beginnings, led by Hal McCoy Jr., to their current status as a leading name in the franchise industry, Heather, the Chief People Officer of RMC, recounts the company's strategy for turning around underperforming st...
Unlock the potential of AI in boosting public sector productivity with Mark Taylor, CEO of Automated Analytics, as we dissect the recent spring budget's tech-forward vision. This episode promises to shed light on the monumental investment of over £100 million in the Allenturing Institute and what it means for the future of our workforce. Join us for an insightful discussion that navigates through the complexities of supervised and self-generative AI models, and discover why embracing these te...
Unlock the secrets to a smarter hiring strategy as we sit down with Kristina Gansser from Fourth, the trailblazer in hospitality software solutions. Experience the insider's view on how the world of Automated Analytics is supercharging the applicant tracking game. Discover Kristina's firsthand insights on the challenges and victories in cultivating a robust talent pipeline, where every second counts and every decision impacts the bottom line. From the intricate dance of managing applicant flo...