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Weekly sermons from Golden Bible Chapel.
24 Episodes
Gabe Cleator preaches on the picture the kinsman redeemer, Boaz in the book of Ruth is of our own kinsman redeemer, Christ.Recorded on 5.19.24
Andrew Godipelly teaches on spiritual principles we can learn from the story of Israel's battle with the Amalekites.Recorded on 4.28.24
Gabe Cleator preaches on the glory of Christ and how we transform into his image as we behold him. Recored 4.21.24
Grady Dollar preaches on the vanity of the Christian faith, if Christ did not truly rise from the grave and the surety we can have that He really is victorious over death.
Aji Baby teaches on Mark 16. Sunday, 3.10.24
Nate Paine teaches on forgiveness. Sunday, 2.25.24
Gabe Cleator preaches on Psalm 23. Recorded Sunday, 2/18/24
Andrew Godipelly looks to answer the question, why should Christians care about the Old Testament today.
Andrew Godipely preaches on the seven things that are abominations in the eyes of the Lord as found in Proverbs 6.
Gabe Cleator teaches on humility and pride. Recorded Sunday morning, 10.08.2023
Gabe Cleator preaches on abiding in the word of God. Recorded on Sunday morning 9/10/23.
Grady Dollar preaches on the pictures of Christ found in Isaiah chapter 42. Recorded on Sunday morning September 3rd. 2023.
Grady Dollar preaches on the seventh beatitude of Mathew chapter 5.
Gabe Cleator teaches from Romans 8 and fleshes out the context of an often misinterpreted portion of scripture.
Grady Dollar preaches on the sixth beatitude. Recorded on July 30th, 2023.
Grady Dollar continues to preach on the Beatitudes of Matthew 5.
Grady Dollar teaches on the fourth beatitude. Recorded on 5.14.23
Grady Dollar teaches on the third beatitude of Matthew chapter 5, "blessed are the meek" and explores what it means to be meek. Recorded Sunday morning on 4/30/23.
Video version with accompanying graphics available here: Andrew Godipelly speaks on why each of us should live our lives for Christ. Recorded on 4/23/23