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742 Coffee Cast is your ultimate destination for insightful conversations, thought-provoking ideas, innovative strategies and fascinating personalities in the St. Cloud Area School District.  

New podcasts will drop the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Learn more about St. Cloud Area School District 742 at

8 Episodes
Ever wonder what it's like to shape the future, one student at a time? Krisi Lain and Rick Larson, seasoned school counselors from the St. Cloud Area School District, join us to weave a tale of their life's work. Their stories capture the heart of education and the art of guiding young minds through the labyrinth of academic and social challenges. Their conversation is a treasure trove of wisdom for any educator, shedding light on the pivotal roles counselors play within the school ecosystem....
Ever wonder who's at the heart of our children's daily journey to school? Today, we're tipping our hats to the heroes of the morning rush—school bus drivers. Our very own Ayan Omar, joined by three of District 742's finest, Abdi Kaarshe, Abdul Abdi and Paul Burris, steers us through the laughter and challenges that paint the world of those who drive our students. Their shift from long-haul trucking to navigating school routes unfolds tales of precious family moments and the immeasurable impac...
Embark on a transformative journey with Holly Nelson, media specialist at Kennedy Community School, as she reveals the secrets behind pioneering school libraries that spark a love for reading and foster innovation in today's tech-savvy students. Over three decades, Holly has seamlessly led the charge in integrating digital tools and evolving traditional computer labs into hubs of creativity. Our heartfelt conversation unwraps the layers of her experience, highlighting the pivotal role of medi...
"If I could choose to be somewhere right now, I'd choose this place." - Jean VoigtEvery child walks into a classroom with a unique story, but it's the rare educator like Jean Voigt who ensures they all leave with a shared feeling of triumphant self-worth. As we chat with the Minnesota Teacher of the Year semifinalist, Jean unravels her heartening journey through the educational landscape, unveiling the personal touches that make her classroom at Kennedy Community School a haven of growth and ...
Director of Elementary Education Laura Steabner joins Coffee Cast and talks about all things literacy, including transformative changes throughout the nation in philosophy and pedagogy, and LETRS, the professional development program recently adopted by St. Cloud Area School District that focuses on the science of reading. This episode also celebrates the parent and community’s role in a child’s reading life through programs like PAKRAT and One District One Book. Join us for an enlightening c...
This week meet Tech High School students Zam Zam Hashi, Romeriah Ellis and Umayma Abdi, the driving and powerful force behind the Tech Morning Show: hosting, producing and editing each weekly segment. And we will also hear from Dr. Matt Keil, their mentor and advisor. Have a great podcast idea? Submit your idea to Subscribe and thanks for listening!
Today on Coffee Cast we are going to talk about what a Modern Classroom looks/feels like, what’s up with Artificial Intelligence, and even Keurig coffee makers! Apollo High School science teacher Devon Bowker is going to cover it all. Sit back, grab your cup and enjoy the show!Have a great podcast idea? Submit your idea to Subscribe and thanks for listening!



St. Cloud Area School District is excited to launch Coffee Cast! Listen in, grab a cup and subscribe.Watch for Episode 1: Modern Classroom, Artificial Intelligence and Even Keurig Coffeemakers to drop Tuesday, Feb. 13!Have a great podcast idea? Submit your idea to Subscribe and thanks for listening!
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