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Two best friends sift through the Internet's most compelling stories to offer listeners a unique blend of laughter, self-discovery, and therapeutic insights. The pair's engaging tales of humor and healing make every episode feel like an insightful conversation with friends.
6 Episodes
Episode 7: Sealed Fates

Episode 7: Sealed Fates


Share your confessions and stories.In this episode, we explore secret affairs, jar lids, and second chances. First, a man faces guilt after his affair partner’s tragic death. Next, a woman decides to divorce her husband over his obsessive jar-tightening. Lastly, a woman reconnects with her ex-boyfriend after discovering her friends orchestrated their breakup. Tune in for these compelling stories of love, deception, and the struggle to rebuild trust.Share your confessions with us at secondhand...
Share your confessions and stories.In this episode, we explore two stories of trust tested by emergencies. A young man suffering a severe medical crisis is ignored by his girlfriend, which forces him to face his pain alone. Meanwhile, a pregnant woman stages a birth emergency to test her husband's commitment against his mother's influence.Share your confessions with us at or on Instagram.
Share your confessions and stories.In this episode, we unravel three gripping tales of boundaries pushed to the brink. Witness the fallout of a roommate feud sparked by clashing views on acceptable home attire. Experience the chilling betrayal of a man manipulating his girlfriend's diet in secret. Brace yourself for a casual game night turned shocking threesome, leaving relationships shattered. These raw, unflinching stories expose the tangled web of caring, control, and betrayal, compelling ...
Episode 4: tl;dr snake

Episode 4: tl;dr snake


Share your confessions and stories.In this episode, a romantic plan takes a jarring turn. A man, on the verge of proposing, enlists the help of his girlfriend's best friend to choose the perfect ring. But a shocking text from his girlfriend throws everything into disarray. She claims to be out shopping with the very same friend who's sitting right next to him. Caught in a web of deceit, he must decide whether to expose the lie and jeopardize his proposal or keep the secret and face the growin...
Share your confessions and stories.In this episode, we explore the turbulent waters where love collides with personal boundaries. Witness a bride's battle against her controlling, affluent mother-in-law, as wedding dreams clash with familial expectations. Feel the frustration of a woman grappling with her partner's chronic unemployment, testing the limits of love and ambition. Experience the heartache of a jiu-jitsu enthusiast whose passion inadvertently injures his girlfriend, forcing a reck...
Share your confessions and stories.Join us as we explore the heart-stopping excitement of breaking up over political apathy, the excitement of excluding your significant other from work dinners, the thrill of religious ultimatums, and the romance of a prenuptial agreement.Share your confessions with us at or on Instagram.