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ChildSense offers positive behavioral resources for teachers and parents.

Child behavior authorities and ChildSense founders Jeff Fink and Jon Halpern have developed strategies that help adults raise respectful children who take more responsibility for their own behavior. Recognized as experts in the process of changing children's behavior and known for their entertaining and dynamic style, Jon and Jeff's books and videos have educated parents and teachers nationwide.

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There are a lot of influences on kids today: friends, parents, teachers, social media and oftentimes public figures in the news and media.When public figures dominate the news and send messages that contradict our values and the values we want to instill in our youth, how do we respond? Thanks for listening. Visit our website:
The end of the school year can be an exciting time. However, not all children are excited for summer. It can be hard leaving the comfort of their classroom and grade. In fact, many kids feel anxious about it. This month's podcast will talk about why some kids have mixed emotions about the end of the school year and how parents and teachers can help.Thanks for listening. Visit our website:
Parents, when you tell your kids ``NO," what do they do? Children actually go through some predictable steps to get us to change our mind. Knowing these steps will help us resist their attempts and actually improve our relationship with our children.Teachers: please share this link with your students' parents.Thanks for listening. Visit our website:
"I’ve taken a lot of classes and read a lot of books and know all the tools to use to create a classroom community. What I don’t get is why some years this works and some years it doesn’t. I want to know what else I can do to make this happen.""Listen to an interview with Jeff and Jon about their thoughts on building classroom communities."Thanks for listening. Visit our website:
Teachers and parents often view behavior as a character trait rather than something that has been learned.It's more accurate, however, to view behavioral self management like other school subjects: something that can be taught.Thanks for listening. Visit our website:
A Better Way to Praise

A Better Way to Praise


Praise can be helpful in developing confident and self assured children. However, it can also be harmful. Listen to ChildSense podcast: A Better Way to Praise.Thanks for listening. Visit our website:
My Teaching Regret

My Teaching Regret


Teaching is a very challenging profession. We are continually given opportunities to grow and learn.In this episode, Jeff and Jon from ChildSense share some regrets they've experienced.Thanks for listening. Visit our website:
Have any of you ever been faced with a situation in your classroom when you’ve seen a student do something wrong but they refuse to admit it?Or, you’re pretty sure that they’ve done something wrong but you didn’t see it and they won’t admit to what YOU think they did?Many teachers think that in order to hold students accountable for a certain behavior, the teacher either needs to observe the behavior or there needs to be an admission of guilt. When that doesn't happen, teachers often th...
When teachers are challenged by parents, their responses can become defensive, dismissive or divisive. This often causes situations to get worse. WORKING WITH CHALLENGING PARENTS gives teachers the skills to respond to challenging parents in a confident manner that builds relationships. Designed for general/special education teachers, administrators, and university instructors, WORKING WITH CHALLENGING PARENTS will create a collaborative community between schools and parents to best help the ...