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Sharing The Way

Author: Greg Turner

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Sharing The Way shares knowledge given by the Holy Spirit that is backed by the bible.

14 Episodes
Fear of the Lord.

Fear of the Lord.


Is it really necessary to be afraid of God?
Does it really matter if a feel-good story is devoid of morality and ethics?
It's absolutely crazy to think that suffering can possibly be a good thing we should embrace. Or is it?
James is a short but powerful epistle. Notice in particular how he stresses the necessity of both faith and works.
Learn from mistakes as you walk with Christ. Grow from them but don't beat yourself up. It's a journey that hopefully lasts your entire life; and beyond.
What does the bible say about becoming a Christian? What scriptures and stories show us the way? Some are discussed in this podcast.
This podcast talks about the never-ending need for the flesh to have more. How can it change?
Children are being abducted every day. What can you do?
A reading of 1st Peter

A reading of 1st Peter


In this episode Dave Pulcsak reads First Peter.
A lot of churches believe that once you are saved then you are always saved, and nothing can change it. In this podcast I explore the scriptures around this subject. Listen in and you decide.
If you have been content sitting in a pew for 45 minutes on the occasional Sunday, it's time to wake up and ready yourself to engage the enemy. Make no mistake, anyone with eyes can see the influence Satan and his demonic forces are having on our world. Christ followers need to stand in opposition to the devil.
The churches have the passion with certain events defined. But are those from the bible or manmade? This podcast explains the events that are recorded in the bible and the proper sequence of them, and you might be surprised how different they are from the holy week that the churches teach.
I was a very committed agnostic. I even had my own phrase: "agnosticism, it just might be the answer." Turns out, it's not. This podcast explains the reason why.
There is a soon coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will be similar to all that happened during the first century start of Christianity and it will go across the whole world. The whole world will know about God and have a choice to repent and follow Christ or to continue rejecting God. List to this podcast to see how it plays out.