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Christian Living For Women Online Bible Study

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Ever find yourself struggling to understand the Bible or finding the time to read it? Christian Living For Women Online Bible Study Community Podcast is designed for women who need a simpler way to learn the Bible. 

Not only will they learn how to apply it to their everyday living, but they will also be in a community with other women who feel like they do. Free live Bible studies, prerecorded Bible studies, and handouts are provided. We also record Bible study videos on our community channel.

5 Episodes
Send us a Text Message.Bad built butch body, and the fake eyelashes insult. It was a horrible version of Cookie Lyons 2.0 from the old show Empire and Housewives of Hollywood. Community YouTubeJoin our social networks and webste sign up.Don't forget to stop by our community website and learn more about me and this community. If you are listening by way of YouTube please can you like. If you are listening by way of podcast please can you leave a review it would help with the algorithm.
Send us a Text Message.Was it a stupid decision or was it Satan? The one thing people love to say is "this ain't nobody but the devil." Is it? Is it the devil, or is it you? Could it be you took it upon yourself to do something silly without consulting God in prayer, asking for guidance and His blessings? Listen to this podcast and learn more about who YOU should put the BLAME on when things go wrong when making life decisions.Sciptures:Proverbs 16:9 Isaiah 30:21 Romans 12:2&n...
Send us a Text Message.For many Christian women, this season holds a deeper meaning - it's a time to reflect, declutter, and rejuvenate their faith. Just as we tidy up our homes, it's also important to take inventory of our lives and clean out anything that may be hindering our relationship with God. In this podcast, we'll explore the concept of 'spring cleaning' for Christian women and learn practical tips on how to simplify, organize, and refresh our spiritual lives.Scriptures:Romans 12:1-2...
Send us a Text Message.How Should Christians Vote or Should They? This is a hot topic in the Christian community. In today's political climate, the political party, Christians, should favor the most is questioned with much debate and discussion. This video/podcast show will discuss Christians and politics and if they should decide to vote things to consider.Scripture:Revelation 3:15-16Deuteronomy 17:18-19Isaiah 55:8-9Samuel 18:11-17Don't forget to stop by our community website christianliving...
Send us a Text Message.Are you a woman who desires to study your Bible and grow more intimately with God? Do you struggle with finding time to pray? Do you understand why sometimes prayers can be hindered? Do you know how to pray? Is God calling you to make a new commitment to prayer?​It would be an honor to have you join this community for "Let's Talk Prayer." "!Please click the link below: you are listenin...