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Author: The Jewish Independent

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Are you ashamed to admit you're not across the big issues and events affecting Jews in Australia, Israel and around the Jewish world?

In this new podcast from online publication The Jewish Independent, Your Third Cousin Tami Sussman and TJI's Dashiel Lawrence tackle the week's 'Chewiest and Jewiest' topics. 

7 Episodes
Are Australia’s Jews rich and powerful; pulling the strings of government and business to favour their interests? In this episode, Dash presents an anxious Tami with some statistical evidence as they attempt to unpack the first part of this conspiracy that's been gaining traction online post-October 7. Plus, Australia’s first Jewish postie and a GIVEAWAY! TJI articles discussed in this episode:
In their sweariest episode yet, Tami and Dash have Eurovision expert Alon Amir answer all your ignorant questions about the epic and surprisingly political song contest. Plus, Yom Hashoah, the university protest encampments and a Hebrew pronunciation faux pas. SHOW NOTES TJI articles discussed in this episode:
In this week’s episode, Tami and Dash ask TJI’s Jerusalem Correspondent Ittay Flescher all the questions you’re embarrassed to ask about the Ultra-Orthodox exemption from the IDF, which could end in the coming months. Plus Jewish Anzacs, a family curse and we receive unpunctuated feedback from a ‘passionate’ listener of the show. TJI articles discussed in this episode:
In this week's episode of ATA, Dash (the wise son) and Tami (the simple son) interview Jerusalem-based journalist, educator and peacemaker Ittay Flescher (aka. The Aussie Eliyahu Hanavi?) about Passover and his experience on April 14th when Iran launched drones and missiles towards Israel. Plus Tami shares 10 reasons why the 10 plagues need trigger warnings and they manage to squeeze in everyone’s favourite segment … kvetch of the week! SHOW NOTES TJI articles discussed in this epis...
With tensions increasing between Israel, Iran and Lebanon, in this week's episode of ATA, Dash and Tami interview Dror Doron. Dror is a senior advisor at the United Against Nuclear Iran organization, he previously served for 17 years in Israel's government where he regularly briefed senior decision-makers on developments in the Middle East, particularly on Hezbollah. They also reveal some incriminating information about Tami’s ancestral pickle empire and share some admissions made by (anonymo...
In this week's episode of ATA, Tami reveals the tangy tagline of her great-great-grandparents' pickle factory, Palata Pickles. Is "Penny Wong good or bad for Israel"? We examine the Foreign Affairs Minister's approach to the Israel-Palestine conflict. And, in the spirit of preparing ourselves for (nasty) audience feedback, we reprise one of Tami's all-time favourite pieces of hate mail. TJI articles discussed in this episode:
In this debut episode of Ashamed to Admit, Tami and Dash introduce themselves and explain the idea behind AtA – the show tackling the week's 'chewiest and Jewiest' topics making the rounds in the Australian JComms. Since October 7, we've heard much more from Jewish community leadership than in previous years. Who speaks for Australian Jewry in 2024? And what claims do they have at representativeness? We discuss this and the annual 'URGENT' parental crisis posed by Purim costumes. ...
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