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Author: Northern Territory Government

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Welcome to the Territory Environment podcast where we discuss everything about what it takes to lead and support the conservation, management and sustainable use of the Territory environment. 

We deep dive into managing water, mapping and managing soil and vegetation, regulating industry that operates within the environment, protecting biodiversity and our work to manage weeds and feral animals to allow native species to survive and thrive. 

Maybe it’s the science and work behind bushfires and what fuels Territory fires in your region or what it takes to manage the conservation and visitation across the Territory parks and reserves estates that interests you.

No matter what the topic, if it’s got to do with managing and protecting the Territory’s natural resources and environment, then subscribe today.

The Territory Environment Podcast is brought to you by the Northern Territory Government, Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security.

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6 Episodes
Every year our Park Rangers have a huge job to prepare and get the Territory’s national Parks and Reserves ready for the locals and visitors with the tourist season.There is so much more to preparing parks then you would ever imagine. It’s not just about cleaning toilets and BBQ’s but also cleaning up after cyclones and bushfires, water quality testing and croc monitoring.We talk with Louise the District Manager for Darwin Urban Parks and Andrew, the District Manager for Top End Parks about j...
The rainy season is coming to a close in the Top End of the Territory and as it starts to dry out it signifies the time for rural Top Enders to prepare for the impeding bushfire season.We talk with Tom from Bushfires NT about what you need to do and how to prepare your property and plan for fire safety in the Top End. Simon from the Bushfires NT Central Australia team also joins us to provide a wrap up of the Central season, as it comes to a close, and go over a bit about the Barkly complex f...
Gamba grass, originally introduced as a pasture grass and is a declared weed in the Territory. Gamba is highly invasive, burns up to eight times hotter than native grasses and has a significant impact on the environment. On this episode we chat with Russel and Emma from the Weed Management Branch about how to manage gamba and the work the department does through programs like the Gamba Action Program. We also celebrate the countless volunteer groups working to bring gamba grass under con...
This year the NT Cattlemen’s Association celebrated their 40th anniversary of the NT Cattlemen’s Conference, held in Alice Springs.Some of the Rangelands team attended the conference to meet with industry and colleagues to talk about how we can help with all their pastoral, land, soil and vegetation questions.Your host Monica talks with Alana Mackay, Director Pastoral Branch, Rebecca de Vries, Director Development Coordination and Christine Plewinski, Land Development Facilitator as they take...
Welcome to the very first episode of the Territory Environment Podcast, proudly brought to you by the Northern Territory Government, Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security.This April will see crocodile experts from across the country come to the Northern Territory for the 27th Working Meeting of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) Crocodile Specialist Group.On this episode of the Territory Environment Podcast we discuss how these prehistoric animals are protected, their ro...
In the Top End where there is a regular seasonal rain, often referred to as the wet season, the department uses an adaptive management tool that allows the volume of licenced water extraction to be varied in response to water availability each year.Announced allocations are released every year, in line with the water accounting year, on 1 May by the Controller of Water Resources.Your host Phillipa is joined by Dale, Chief water modeller, Peter, Senior Hydrologist and Andrew Johnson PSM, the C...