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Author: Jason Paul Hendricks

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The Digital Downshift Podcast is about building success online, for a better offline.

We’ll explore business strategies and ideas, and meet others that have tapped into the online economy to build happier, more secure lives.

Jason Paul Hendricks hosts Digital Downshift, to share ideas and insights from over three decades of entrepreneurship and career-hood, with experience ranging from bootstrapped solo startups to roles at publicly traded, Fortune 500 companies (and everything in between).

With a winding work-life path that includes the creative arts, travel, parenthood, entrepreneurship and the corporate world, Jason combines an eclectic mix of ideas and innovators with an obsession for business building and continuous learning.
4 Episodes
Manage and Leverage Your Full Life Portfolio With this episode we start a new series, called “Bring It”. Taking Inventory of Personal Life Assets The Five Types of Personal Life Assets Origin Stories and Your Starting Capital Skills, Education and Continuous Learning Work, Career and Business Experience Personal Experience, Milestones and Activities Community and Legacy That’s a Wrap
Episode 2: How Not To Launch a Podcast? Digital Downshift aims to provide valuable content and ideas to its listeners, even if it means bucking conventional podcast standards. I seek to prioritize high-quality ideas and information, and exploring useful themes and concepts in an engaging way. And I’ll do that in a less rigid and predictable way that permits…flexibility. Ultimately, this is about helping entrepreneurs, career professionals, ‘shifters’ that are transitioning jobs/roles, and anyone looking to leverage their existing skills and knowledge to build or grow online ventures. To do that, we’ll step off the “main road” and explore fresh […]
Pilot Episode: Can, Start and a List This episode explores a variety of ideas, and gives you a flavor of one approach I’ll take in this podcast. This episode is also the first in an ongoing series entitled Personal Scatter Plot, which will cover various stories from my 3 decades of business and career experience. The episode encourages listeners to take action and get started on pursuing new opportunities amidst rapid changes in technology and the economy. Everyone possesses valuable skills, knowledge and life experiences that can be leveraged, despite any perceived limitations or negative self-talk. Topics covered in this […]
Mindset Downshift to Digital Abundance Digital Downshift is a podcast that explores how to thrive and grow amidst rapid changes, technological disruption and job market uncertainties. The podcast is for both established professionals looking for a career reboot and young adults struggling to get their footing. Host Jason Paul Hendricks explores strategies for monetizing your current knowledge and experience through online platforms and digital entrepreneurship, to build success online for a better life offline. With a background spanning finance, music, startups and corporate roles (despite never finishing college), Hendricks understands the obstacles people can face but also sees an abundance […]
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