DiscoverCreating a Family: Talk about Infertility, Adoption & Foster Care
Creating a Family: Talk about Infertility, Adoption & Foster Care
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Creating a Family: Talk about Infertility, Adoption & Foster Care

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Creating a Family is the national infertility, adoption, & foster care education and support nonprofit. We interview leading experts on infertility, adoption, and foster care each week to bring you unbiased accurate information. In adoption, we cover how to adopt a baby, open adoption, foster care adoption, international adoption, attachment parenting, transracial adoption, special need adoptions and more. In infertility, we cover the latest advances in in-vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, infertility medications, emotional issues, egg or sperm donation, surrogacy, how to choose a fertility clinic and more. In foster care, we cover how to become a foster parent, parenting children who have experienced trauma, foster subsidies, and more. For more great resources be sure to check out our website at
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Genetic Testing 101

Genetic Testing 101


What must you know about pre-implantation genetic testing when going through IVF and should you consider it? We talk with Rachael Cabey, a Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor and a lead laboratory genetic counselor for Cooper Genomics and Jenna Miller, a Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor and a clinical science liaison for Cooper Genomics. Jenna travels around the US educating clinicians about genomics and genomic testing.Support the show (
What are the common risk factors when adopting a baby in the US and how can adoptive parents evaluate these risks when considering an adoption match. We talk with Dr. Dana Johnson, a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota where he co-founded the Adoption Medicine Program in 1986. Over the course of his career, he has reviewed the medical records of over 20,000 children and counseled potential adoptive parents on the likely medical needs of these adoptees. He is a dad by both birth and adoption.Support the show (
How does prenatal exposure to alcohol damage the brain of the developing fetus? What type of behaviors are typical from children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)? What parenting techniques are effective for helping a child with FASD reach their full potential? We talk with Suzanne Emery, a Nurse Practitioner and Program Director at FASCETS (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Consultation Education and Training Services). She is also a mom to a son with FASD. Support the show (
How can parents help their transracially adopted child transition to college and why can this transition be hard for both teen and parents. We talk with Dr. Amanda Baden, a Professor in the Counselor Education Program at Montclair State University. She is an active researcher and currently leads their Adoption Research Team. She is also a transracial adoptee.Support the show (
The Connected Parent

The Connected Parent


The next step in understanding Trust-Based Relational Intervention is the new book, The Connected Parent, by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Lisa Qualls, with great assistance from Emmelie Pickett. We interview Lisa and Emmelie for this episode.Support the show (
Adopting Siblings

Adopting Siblings


Adopting or fostering siblings presents advantages to both the children and parents, but also presents unique challenges that parents should be prepared for. We talk with Erin Q. Nasmyth, LCSW specializing in adoption, and Executive Director of Adoption Support Alliance.Support the show (
Should you consider adopting a child with Down syndrome? What medical, behavioral, and emotional issues may accompany this genetic disorder. We talk with Dr. Emily Jean Davidson, Down Syndrome Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and Assistant Professor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School.Support the show (
How can white parents raise anti-racist children in this time of violence against people of color and protests. We talk with Dr. Ann Hazzard, a clinical child psychologist who was on the faculty at Emory University in Atlanta and co-author of Something Happened in Our Town:  A Child's Story about Racial Injustice; and Dr. Joy Harris, a Full-time Lecturer at Princeton Theological Seminary and co-author of The ABCs of Diversity: Helping Kids (and Ourselves!) Embrace Our Differences.Support the show (
How does home insemination with donor sperm differ from intrauterine insemination? Who should consider this option and how do you do home insemination? We spoke with Corey Burke, the Executive Vice President of Cryos International Sperm & Egg Bank​. He answered common questions and walked us through an overview of the process, including discussions about the benefits of home insemination, costs,  and other factors to consider.Support the show (
Kinship Adoption

Kinship Adoption


Kinship parenting provides both joy and challenges. Grandparents and other relatives raising their grandkids, nieces, nephews and cousins face unique issues which we discuss with Robin Sizemore, the Director of Hopscotch Adoptions, which specializes in international kinship adoptions; and Jeanette Willis, the Executive Director of Advantage Adoptions - One Church One Child in Fort Worth, TX, which specializes in domestic kinship adoptions. She was also raised by her grandparents and is currently raising a grandchild.Support the show (
Adopting tweens and teens brings special joys and challenges. We talk with Bryan Post, a Child Behavior and Adoption expert and founder of the Post Institute. He is an adopted and former foster child. Support the show (
What do we know about how Covid-19 affects infertility treatment and pregnancy. Are pregnant woman more at risk? What happens if the mom has Covid-19 while pregnant? We interview Dr. David Adamson, a reproductive endocrinologist and surgeon, Clinical Professor at Stanford University, and Associate Clinical Professor at UCSF. He is Past President of the ASRM, SART, AAGL, the Committee on Reproductive Medicine for FIGO and is Founder, of Advanced Reproductive Care (ARC Fertility).Support the show (
How do we apply TBRI during this time of high stress caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We talk with Amanda Purvis, a training specialist with the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development about connected parenting during the shutdown.Support the show (
How can we use this time of isolation to develop resiliency in our children, ourselves, and our family. We talk with Roxanne Thompson, a Licensed Professional Counselor with The Institute for Attachment and Child Development in Colorado. Her expertise is in trauma, abuse, attachment disorders and family systems. She currently serves on the boards of the Colorado State Foster Parent Association and the Colorado Coalition for Adoptive Families.Support the show (
Most of us are trying to juggle so much during this coronavirus shutdown: homeschooling, work, cooking, and so much more. How can we do it all? We talk with Julie Beem, Executive Director of Attachment and Trauma Network, an author on trauma and attachment and frequent workshop presenter. Support the show (
If you are having trouble getting pregnant, what are some things you should consider before starting infertility treatment. We talk with Nancy Harrington, an infertility nurse for over 20 years and a senior specialist of clinical education at AllianceRx Walgreens Prime. Support the show (
Are going a little crazy trying to be your child's teacher, as well as parent during the Coronavirus shutdown. Check out this interview with Heather Forbes, a licensed clinical social worker, the author of the bestselling book Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control: A Love-Based Approach to Helping Attachment-Challenged Children With Severe Behaviors, the founder of the Beyond Consequences Institute, and author of numerous other books, including her newest release, Classroom180: Trauma-Informed Classrooms. Support the show (
Are you stressed trying to figure out how you are supposed to do it all now that we are in self-isolation due to the Coronavirus? How do we deal with challenging behaviors and try to work, cook, teach, and generally survive. We talk with Carol Lozier, a licensed clinical social worker with over twenty-five years’ experience counseling children and families. She specializes in adoption and foster care issues, and is the author of the book The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide.Support the show (
What is it like to be raised by parents of a different race. What can parents do to help their transracially adopted children. We talk with 4 young adults that were transracially adopted by white parents. Katie, adopted from China as an infant. Nathan, who is biracial (black/white), adopted as a newborn in a domestic open adoption. Angie, a black Haitian American, adopted domestically. Jack, adopted as an infant from Vietnam.Support the show (
Attachment 101

Attachment 101


What do we mean by attachment and what can parents do to help their child attach. What can parents do if they are struggling with attaching to their child. We talk with Dr. Casey Call, the Assistant Director of Education at the Institute of Child Development at TCU. She is a researcher and trainer for Trust-Based Relational Intervention.Support the show (
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