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The Leadership Crossroads with Tim Hicks
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The Leadership Crossroads with Tim Hicks

Author: Tim Hicks

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Every leader's career is defined by the moments where they stood at a crossroads with a critical decision to make. With the pressure and power for these decisions to make or break, we are now rewinding the clock and unpacking those moments.
3 Episodes
Bevan has enjoyed a fascinating career journey beginning as a graduate with the Ford motor company with successively more senior roles to his present role as  CEO of Novated Lease Australia. Key to Bevan's success has been his drive and ambition, being both strategic and opportunistic in making bold career moves and exemplifying a leadership mindset focused upon people and culture. An insightful conversation touching on pivotal moments, successes, challenges and lesson learnt along the way that should inspire and motivate others.See for privacy information.
In this episode, Tim Hicks interviews Dan Rosen about a pivotal career decision to prioritise family over a new job opportunity. Dan reflects on trusting his instincts and consulting trusted advisors. He discusses lessons learned around mental health, teamwork, and balancing personal and professional commitments when making important choices. Tim and Dan explore how past experiences shape wise decision-making and leadership focused on empowering others.See for privacy information.
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